Shaving My Sis Christy

Shaving My Sis Christy

**Again, one of my first stories, but i think that this is one of my best ever! Hope you like it, comments appreciated! VERY HOT!! :)**

My names Kelly, I’m 15 years old and live a mostly ordinary life style. My breasts are about 36C. I’m very fit and my entire body is baby smooth. My butt is perfectly round and relatively large. I have curly brown hair with blonde highlights. I’m nicely tanned.

My dad moved away a few years ago and it’s only me, my mom and my younger sister who is 12. She’s very cute also.

The unpleasant ringing of my infernal alarm clock stabbed my ear drums. I reached above my head and hit the alarm clocks snooze button for the 7th time. The clock read 6:22 and I’m almost late for school. The bus comes at 7! I glance across the room at my wide open door. Damn! My dog knocked it open again. I laid in bed in just a small pink thong wondering how I was going to make it to my door so I could get dressed without someone walking by. Mornings were very chaotic at my house, With my sister and my mom running around trying to get ready for work or school. I stood up with the comforter still wrapped around me as I walked over to my door.

“Oh, hey Kelly” My sister says to me as she walks by the door “It’s like 6:30 Kel, Your so going to be late!”

“Its only 6:20 and no I’m not!” I said in a angry voice. I was always grumpy before my shower. I shut the door and dropped my blanket and walked to my dresser. I pulled out a pink bra and strapped it on. I wasn’t too shy in my underwear around my mom and my sister so I grabbed my robe and walked outside my room. My mom was sitting on the toilet seat sideways with a mini mirror on the sink counter doing her makeup.

“Mom! I need to take a shower, I’m late.” I sighed.

“Oh go ahead, Dear, I don’t mind” She said in a sarcastic way trying to piss me off.

“Come on mother, Hurry!”

“Ok, ok. But hurry up because I need to get ready.”

I shut the door and hung my robe on the back of the door. Then I unsnapped my pink bra and tossed it onto the other hook behind the door. I walked to the bathtub and twisted the knob to the correct temperature. Then I slid off my pink thong and jumped into the shower.

When I was done I put on my silk robe. I didn’t plan to wear the pink lingerie today so I went completely nude underneath the robe. My vagina was completely shaved and the silk felt good rubbing against my bare pussy lips.

I trotted down the stairs to the kitchen table for breakfast. Kelly was also wearing a robe. Hers was Cotton. She didn’t have to go to school until 7:40 so she had plenty of time. She was very sexy in it because it was so revealing to her 32C breasts. It was very amazing how matured she was for 12 years old.

We always joke because we say she is going to become a mutant when she is older at the rate she is growing. It was very tight and she left her rope dangling. It wasn’t tied. You could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her bare chest between her breasts.

My mom was wearing tight jeans and a white striped T-shirt with a collar. She was a teacher. As I ate my bacon and pancakes my eyes were glued to my sisters beautiful breasts. After dinner I went upstairs to Get my hair done and get dressed. I was just going to get my mom to drive me because it was already 6:50 .

When I got to my bedroom I tapped the door shut leaving it open a little as I dropped my robe. My clit was burning from the attraction I had to my sister. For some reason I wasn’t as confidential to who saw me naked right now because I was so horny. I didn’t even care if my mom saw me.

I dropped my robe and groped through my drawer for a sexy pear of panties. As I could feel the cool breeze on my freshly shaven vagina and exposed nipples my clit burned even more. I heard creaking coming from people walking around upstairs, most likely from them walking around outside. I heard a knock on the door.

“Yes, who is it?”

“It’s me, Christy, can I come in?” This was odd that she would even ask because usually she just barges in, she must have seen that I was naked.

“What do you need?

“Just let me come in, I want to talk” This is my chance I thought. My chance to get to a level of sexual comfort with my sister. What was I saying?! She’s my sister. I honestly didn’t plan on having sex with her. I just wanted her to get some attention.

“I’m naked, Christy. I’m trying to pick out some panties.”

“That’s ok. We are both girls. Nothing you have that I don’t.”

“Ok come in” I told her “I need to pick out which panties I wanted.” I had my back to her and was facing the dresser on the opposite wall from the door.

She wondered in and sat on my bed “Hey Kel, Did you miss the bus?”

“Duh, its past 7 isn’t it?” She couldn’t see my pussy but my nipples might have been visible, so I covered them up with my arm and turned my head and top of my body towards her so I could see her. She was still in her cotton robe that was open straight through the middle now. But she was sitting down so I couldn’t see below the waist. I dropped my arm and picked out a black thong. I slipped it on and turned toward her with my arm over my nipples again.

“What?” I asked as in what do you want and why are you staring at me get dressed.

“Nothing, I’m just bored I guess.” I looked down at my panties and realized they were transparent.

I could see her glance her eyes down to my vagina every so often to get a glance of it through the see through panties, even though it was kind of difficult to see through.

“Are you shaved?” She asked. I was very shocked that she would ask me this.

“Yes, can’t you tell? Are you?”

“No, I don’t really know how. I’m scared I will cut myself”

I Turned back toward the dresser and pulled out a matching black bra. I put it on and turned back toward her. I then walked over to my closet that was next to the door, and I scanned through the clothes I had available.

“Can you show me how to shave my pussy” She questioned in a curious way.

“You’re like 12. Have you even gone through puberty yet?”

“Yes! I have a little bit of hair down there.” She said while standing up with her robe released. She was wearing pink cotton panties. I could see the edges of her nipples now from the release of the robe. She took off the robe and laid it on my bed. Completely releasing her gorgeous bare breasts into my view. Her nipples were very erect. She then slid her panties down and dropped them to her ankles. Her small bush was now exposed to my virgin eyes. She was right, it was hairy. It had a little bit of fluff but nothing major. She must have just started growing hair a year ago or less.

“Your right, it is a little hairy.” I told her “I got to go to school. I will show you how to shave it tonight.. Maybe”

“Ok, Thanks Kel! I guess I have to get dressed too. I asked mom if she would shave it for me, but she said I wasn’t old enough.”

“You talk to mom about stuff like that?!”

“Yeah, all the time. I’ve shown her it but she doesn’t think I even have enough hair to shave, but what does she know, she has a big bush too.”

I giggled, “Well, err, I got to go.” I said as I slipped on my tight low cut jeans and a purple T-shirt and headed out of the room.

When I arrived at home after mom had driven me this morning, I walked upstairs to talk to my sister. She was all I could think about all day. I was so horny to touch her pussy and see what it looks like all cleaned up. It was now 5:04 because I had to stay after school for cheerleading practice.

“Hey Christy, what you doing?” I asked, she was wearing a very short mini skirt. With a pink T-shirt that showed her belly button. That shirt made her breasts look gigantic.

“Homework, Can you help me with my math. I’m doing equations.”

“Sure what do you need help with, Hun?” I said sitting down on her bed next to her. She was lying on her stomach facing the door. I glanced over at her homework.

“Number 12” She informed me.

“Oh, ok… That’s easier than it seems, just find out what that x equals and—“I was interrupted by my mom at the door.

“Come eat dinner girls, were having pizza.”

We both trotted down the stairs following our mom. There was a large pepperoni pizza sitting on the center of the table. We gathered around the table. And grabbed some slices.

“How was school, Kelly?”

“It was o.k.”

“How about you, Christy?”

“Same” Christy responded. It was obvious that there was only one thing on me and Christy’s mind. That was each other.

“Mom, Remember when we were talking about shaving my vagina last month, can I get that done now? I have a lot more hair since then.”

“I don’t care, Sweetie, whatever makes you happy. Personally I don’t understand why you need to. I mean whose going to see it? Your not planning on having sex or anything like that are you?”

“No mommy! Of course not, It would just make me feel better and Cleaner. Plus Kelly’s is shaved.”

Damn it! I was hoping she wouldn’t bring me in this conversation! I feel so uncomfortable talking about stuff like that to my mom.

“Well she’s a big girl, Kelly is almost 16. She probably does have boys looking and touching her vagina. Kelly, will you supervise her to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself?”

Before I could even reply Christy burst out “Yeah she is, she showed me hers this morning and told me she would help me with mine. Hers is completely shaved and its all tanned.”

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe my mom and my sister were all having this conversation.

“Ok, that’s fine. Kelly can help you with that then. I just recently trimmed mine so it wasn’t such a large bush. Ron wanted me to.” My mom told us.

Ron was her boy friend. He was a big macho muscle man.

“Ok, mom.” I said I was feeling very uncomfortable with this conversation. At this time we were finished with our pizza and were just relaxing at the table.

“Kelly, can I see yours. I want to see how good of a job you did.”

“Aw mom, I feel uncomfortable showing my mom my privates.”

“Kelly! You showed Christy. What’s the difference?”

“Well, you’re my mom, and I didn’t really run up to her and flash my pussy at her, I was changing when she came in on me.” I exaggerated.

“Just show me dear. I will show you mine. Plus we are all girls its not like your showing a guy.”

I sighed as I stood up and unbuckled my belt. I glanced at my sister as she had a large smile across her face. She definitely wanted to see. I unzipped my pants and dropped my jeans to the floor exposing my see through panties, then I slipped them down to my ankles as well releasing my beautiful young pussy in the cool kitchen air in front of my mom and my sister. This was the first time my sister has seen it without panties over them. My vagina was picture perfect, It was nicely tanned and there were no tan lines at all. It was freshly shaven, no stubs or anything because I had just shaved it this morning in the shower. Its lips were very sexy and perfect and my clit was half swollen from the excitement.

“Wow, very beautiful, Kelly. Its so perfect. Where did you get that perfect tan?” My mom asked while my sister stared with her mouth opened.

“It looks a lot better without panties over them, Kel.” Christy added.

“Uhh thanks, and I tan in the back yard sometimes completely naked. No one ever goes out there anyway.”

I pulled my panties and pants back up and zipped them and sat down. My mom then stood up, Oh god, I thought that’s the last thing I want to see, my moms hairy crotch.

“Heres mine” she said as she dropped her pants to the ground and thong as well. Eww my mom wears a thong! It was sexy actually. Even though it was pale. Her pussy lips were nicely shaved and she had a small triangle of hair above it.

No one said anything as she pulled her pants back on and sat down

“Are your nipples that tanned too, Kelly?” She wondered “Show me”

“Ok then” I stood up and slipped off my shirt and tossed it onto my chair. My bra was very tight so my breasts were popping out. I unsnapped the bra from the back and dropped it to the floor. My young soft breasts have now been exposed in front of my family. My nipples were perky and fluently tanned like my vaginal area.

“Wow, its so perfect” She said as she reached over and cupped my breast in her hand. It surprised me and I jumped back, not to mention that her hands were very cold.

“Geez you sure are tense. Loosen up babe, were all family here.” Her hand returned to my breast and began to rub and massage it. It felt very good and my nipples got super hard.

“They are very soft dear, and smooth. Do you lotion them?”

“Yes I lotion my entire body” I informed my family. She removed her hand. After a quick pinch of my nipple.

“Well its getting late, Go help Christy with her shaving.”

After I put my shirt back on. Me and Christy went upstairs to the bathroom. She sat on the bathtub edge and I sat on the toilet seat. I pulled out a razor and some shave cream.

“Take off your clothes" I ordered her


She pulled off her shirt and her pants. Leaving her silk panties and white bra to my view. She must have changed panties since this morning.

She then unsnapped her bra and slowly pulled it off, exposing her young, pale breasts.

“Mine are kind of small, aren’t they?” She asked me

“No of course not, they are very cute infact” I put the razor and stuff on the counter and stood up, I put my hands on her breasts and rubbed them. Not realizing what I was doing.

“They aren’t small at all, They are very soft” I could feel her nipples getting very erect in my hand, I rubbed my fingers over her nipples.

“Don’t stop, that feels so great!”

I giggled, “Lets get onto the shaving.” I slid my hands down her body from her stomach to her thighs and pulled her panties down. Her small bush was now released. I tossed the panties on the floor and grabbed the shave cream. I put a little on my hand and started to rub it on her pussy. It was very warm and damp underneath all that hair. After all the hair was covered in cream I got the razor and slid it over her pussy lips a few times, removing the little amount of hair she had.

“There you go babe, you now have a bald pussy.”

“Ah, it burns.”

“Oh sorry, Let me get some Lotion to soothe that for you” I said as I searched in the medicine cabinet for some lotion.
I squirted a little on my hand and rubbed it into her burning bald pussy. It felt so good to have my fingers rubbing around her pussy. I could hear a few small moans from her.

“There baby, Its all done.” I told her in a sexy voice. I squirted a little more on my hand.

“Here, let me rub a little of this on you so you can be as soft as me.”

I Rubbed it on her legs down to her ankles. My pussy was burning so bad it feels like my cunt is going to burst. I rubbed it all over her stomach.

“Here, lets go in my room to do this. I feel a little claustrophobic”

She walked out the door completely naked to her bedroom on the other side of the hall. Naturally I followed bringing the lotion.
She lied on her back on her soft bed. I climbed over her and sat on her legs, facing towards her and leaned over her rubbing the lotion all over her stomach then slowly going up to her breasts, I rub it on the bottom, avoiding the nipples, trying to tease her as much as possible, I do it very soft and light to make her pussy burn so bad. I finally reach the nipples and rub it around all over them giving them a little twist and pull. I rub it up and down her arms.

“Oh my god, This is unbelievable” She tells me.

“Ahh I know, my pussy is burning so bad!”

She is now fully lotioned and very soft.

“She gestures for me to get off of her, we both stand up. She puts her thumbs under my shirt and lift it off of me. I wasn’t wearing a bra, because I took it off on my way to the bathroom. My young sexy breasts were now exposed to my younger sister.

She unzips my pants and pulls them off, I step over them and kick them to the side. My clear panties are now exposed once again. She slides them down to my ankles and I kick them off to the side by my pants. She puts her arms around me and her lips move closely towards mine. Her soft wet lips touch mine for the first time. I put my arms around her waste and one on her back. She was a very good kisser, she must have had practice with boys. Our mouths open slightly to a french kiss. This experience was fantastic. My body was rubbing against hers. My breasts were even to hers so our nipples rubbed together. I slide my leg between hers and rubs against her pussy lips. Her hand gropes to my butt. I roll my tongue around her mouth.

I push her onto the bed and I’m now laying on top of my beautiful young sister, smothering her lips with kisses. I start to kiss her soft neck as her hands rub my back and my butt. I move my kisses lower to her collar bone. Then finally to her soft breasts. I swirl my tongue around her nipples and suck them like a baby.

“I love you, Kelly” She told me. Her words meant so much, It wasn’t any ordinary bye, I love you type thing. I could tell she really meant it.

I stopped sucking for a second and looked into her eyes. “Christy, I—I.. I Love you too.” I hesitated.

We paused and looked into each others eyes. My heart was filled with true love for my sister.

I finally stared to kiss her soft stomach. And moved down to her soaked pussy. I licked her pussy lips exceeding my tongue between her lips. I then swirl my tongue around her burning clit that was very swelled. And so was mine. Her hands were now sliding through my hair.

I stood up, now you do me. I laid on the bed as she went and kissed my neck. Her kisses were very soft and gentle. She kissed her way to my breasts as her fingers rubbed them very gently and kissed on my nipples. Then gave them a few sucks and licks. Its was so great!

She then licked below my belly button all the way up to my breasts again. She now moved her soft, young lips to my vagina. She gave it a soft kiss right on my vagina lips and on my clit. Then she began to rub my clit with her fingers. She rubbed it so good. It was extremely gentle, I was so close to cuming. I could feel it. My legs began to get weak.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked me

“Yes, I almost had sex once. But never got far enough.”

She continued to rub, then she slid her fingers inside my pussy. And started to finger me. She started out with just 2 fingers and then started doing three.

“I have an idea” I told her, pushing her off of me. I walked out of her room, butt naked. I assumed it didn’t matter anymore who saw. My family has seen my secrets now. I walked into my bedroom and looked in my bottom drawer. I got a banana off my dresser. I often masturbated with them.

“Hunny, Can you come here?” My mom called from downstairs.

“Ummm, Ok mom one sec!” I yelled back I tossed the banana in my room, told Christy that I would be right back and went downstairs. She was in the living room.

“Kelly, What are you doing walking around the house naked?” She asked me curiously as she stared at my breasts and my pussy. “And your clit is very swollen! Were you masturbating?”

I giggled, and thought, I didn’t want her to know what I was doing with Christy, and the only other possible explanation would be masturbation. “Yeah mom, I was”

“Oh gosh, Hun. I didn’t know girls did that at your age.”

“Mom I have been masturbating since the 7th grade." I sighed.

My mom looks shocked

“Well, Run along then and go masturbate.” She kissed my lips and left me on my way. I grabbed the banana from my room and went to Christy’s room.

“What took you so long—Oh my god! What are you planning to do with that banana?”

“Were going to fuck” She was now in her chair. I sat in her lap with my pussy touching her leg and gave her a long kiss on the lips. “Do you want to use this, Because I want to lose my virginity with you, tonight.”

“Well, yea, I guess I will use it. You are worth losing it to.”

We kissed again and I sat on her bed with my legs spread and handed her the dildo. She looked at it in confusion and turned on the vibration.

She started to giggle, and soon rubbed the head of the banana against my clit. She rubbed it around my clit massaging it. The time was now, I have been holding my cum for so long and this was the last bit I could take. I started to cum all over her bed and all over her hand.

“Oh my god, what is that?”

“Its cu- cu- cuuuum, AHHHH” My pussy started to have convulsions and my legs got very weak.

“Oh my god I've never cumed before, Make me cum Kelly!”

“Keep fu-cking me wi- with the banana! DON’T STOOOP!!! AHHHHH!!”

She rubbed it around my cum covered clit and then slid it deep into my pussy, I could feel my virginity being taken by this banana. I started to bleed out of my pussy. It gave me a sharp pain deep inside.

“AHH Whats happening, Did I hurt you?!” She looked very shocked like she was going to pass out.

“No, silly I- I just lost my Vi-Virginity.”
“Does that hurt?”

“Just fo-for a sec.” I stuttered. "Be gentle!"

She then started pumping it into my pussy slowly., leaving a bloody, cummy mess all over the bed.

“FUUUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!!!” I screamed

Then suddenly I heard the panicky footsteps of someone running up the stairs and I suddenly realized what I had just yelled out. My life is over, Christy realized it too as her face suddenly turned pale as she removed the banana from my pussy.

The door jerked open as my mom's scared face turned confused. No one said a word. Me and Christy just stared blankly at mom as she stared back at us.

“What are you guys doing?!” She said confused.

“Mommy, Me and Christy were having sex.”

Incest! That’s wrong!"

“No its not mom, we are in love with each other… Sexually.”

She walked over to the bed and sat down next to me and Christy.

She looked like she was trying to think of what to do.

“Well, If this is what you both really want. I cant stop you.”

She put her hand high on my leg, and rubbed it a little. In a comforting way. She held it there for a few seconds

“Mom, your hand is on my leg, that’s weird.”

“And its not weird to fuck your sister?” she said as she removed her hand and gave Christy a teasing pinch on the nipple.

"Maybe you could use that banana on me?"

"Sure, Mom, you can join us." Christy replied. I was just to scared to move. What was going on here?

"Goodness, look at this bloody mess? Well don't worry about it now, we will clean it up in the morning. But for now, its time to get a little freaky with that banana." Christy handed mom the wet banana. First of all, we are going to have to warm this up. A cold banana is far from the real thing. Be right back." She walked out of the room and out of the stares. We patiently waited for her to get back.

"Ok here we go, a fresh warm one." She handed it to me. "Ok fuck me with that, dear." She took off all of her clothes exposing, once again, her pale breasts and vagina.

She lied down on the bed and spread her legs and wet pussy. "Don't worry about lubrication, I'm wet enough already. She laughed. I slid the banana through her slit smoothly. It wasn't nearly as tight as Christy's pussy was. "Come on baby, put some elbow grease into it, fuck me hard and fast. Really get into it." I nodded and started rubbing the banana in and out of her pussy faster and harder. Eventually she started to burst. She ejaculated all over the bed like a fountain.

Mom started to moan like crazy and twitch her legs. I continued to pump in and out. She started screaming and running her hand through my hair.

"Ok a little board over here!" Christy sighed. I took the dildo out of my mom and looked at my sister. She was frowning.

"Oh I'm sorry, Dear. I suppose I ruined this experience for you two. You didn't really want me to join did you?"

"Well mom, not really." I answered.

"Oh, ok I'm sorry. I will leave. Just remember if you guys ever need some attention I will always be here. Good night. She got her clothes and left.

"Well now that she's gone I guess we can continue." I looked back at Christy. " She was standing in a sex position, tilted to one side with one hand on her hip. She licked her lips. Then she bent over the bed, ready to be fucked doggy style.

"Fuck me, Kelly! Take my virginity, just like I did to you."

"You got it, here it comes." I said as I rubbed the banana against her pussy and anus. I then slowly pushed it into her pussy. She screamed out in pain and excitement. She started panting and sweating as I shoved it in and out of her pussy. Rubbing and caressing her ass and thighs with my other hand. Blood started to stream down her leg as well as cum. She started to sob.

"Oh my god! Are you ok, Christy? Oh my, I'm so sorry." I pulled out the banana and put it on the bed. She sat up and I wiped the tears from her face. "Maybe that should be all for now?"

"Yeah, I think I'm finished. It felt so good but hurt so bad." We laid down on the bed and I put my thighs against her butt and put my arm around her stomach. She switched off the lights and we were soon fast asleep.

**END hope you liked it ;P

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