Sluts Night Out

Sluts Night Out

Well what a first meeting, a women I had been chatting to on the internet was coming for a holiday to meet us. She sounded just my type, a real slut. We meet her from the station and took her to our house to freshen up and get unpacked. Amy had long black hair and large breasts, something Chas couldn’t keep his eyes off.

That night after an evening of drinks and chat we made our way to our rooms. Amy on noticing our large super king bed half jokingly said “enough room in there for three of us I recon”, “Why don’t we find out,” Chas replied, with a wide grin. Late into the night Chas fucked the ass off Amy and me, taking it in turns with each of us and fucking all our holes. Amy and myself even put on a show for the him using all the variety of vibrators and dildoes that I have on each other and licking all the cum out of each other’s cunts in the 69 position.

The next day we all went into the city to do some site seeing and shopping. We both tried on lots of clothes and were teasing Chas and other men by leaving the curtains on the cubicles open a bit so they could watch us getting undressed, showing glimpses of our naked bodies to them, and also several times to other shoppers that were around. It all became to much for them when they pulled open the curtain one time and found us naked and kissing and stroking each others cunts. Chas came in and very soon was fucking Amy while she had me bent over giving my cunt a good fingering. I’m sure several people must have heard the noise in there.

That evening we girls wanted to go clubbing but Chas said they he was tired out and anyway he wanted to watch some football on TV and have a few beers. We wanted to show off our new clothes. After a few exchanges of opinions it was decided that Chas stay at home and we go for a girls night out clubbing.

We tarted our selves up in our new sexy dresses, underneath we were wearing stockings, suspenders, tiny thongs and half cup lift up bras which pushed our tits up and on show even more, especially Amy with her large tits, and high heel shoes. We rang for a taxi and when it came said our good byes leaving Chas to there football.

We had a good night at the clubs, dancing with a lot of men and getting touched up a lot, hands groping our asses and stroking our stockinged thighs until we decided to head back home and have some fun with our men. Outside the club there was quite a queue for the taxis and not one in site at that moment, so we decided to start walking home.

We had been walking for about twenty minuets when we heard people shouting comments behind us. We hurried on quicker around several corners not watching where we were going. On turning the next corner we were confronted by several more men. They were all shabbily dressed and dirty and were obviously down and outs who lived rough around this area, a rough derelict area that we had strayed into.

We tried to get away but were caught by several of the men. “What have we here men,” one of them said. His breath smelled of stale cigarettes and alcohol. “Looks like we have a couple of tarts to play with tonight,” he said, grinning all over his face and to loud murmurs from the rest of them. His hand reached round and started mauling Amys tits, she struggled, “Lets have some fun shall we boys,” he shouted.

We were both dragged over to a piece of waste ground. We were both shouting. “No one to hear you here, well no one who cares,” he said. Hands started pulling at our clothes. The thin material ripping under the onslaught. The remains of our new dresses were thrown onto the ground, as were our bras and thongs, which were the next to go. We were now only in our stockings and shoes, our near naked bodies on show to all these rough, dirty, smelly men. “Look at the fucking tits on this one,” one of them shouted . “Yea, and this ones cunt is shaven smooth,” another said. Hands began to paw our tits; grubby fingers were inserted into my smooth shaven and Amy's hairy cunts, and up our ass holes. “We’re going to have some fun with fucking the shit out of these slags tonight,” one of the bums shouted.

Even though we had been forcibly stripped and were going to be gangfucked I was soon getting those feelings from the attention my cunt was getting, and a quick glance at Amy I could see she was the same, her moth open moaning as she was grinding her hips down onto the hands that were molesting her intimate parts.

“I recon these fucking sluts are enjoying this,” I heard a voice say. “Lets get started then,” said another voice. We were dragged over to a dirty smelly mattress that was lying on the ground in the dirt. “Get down on your backs and open your legs you filthy cunts,” we were told. We lie down side by side and spread our legs wide. Soon two of the men had their ragged trousers down and we could see two large hard cocks pointing towards us. It was obvious they had not washed for a long time and their cocks looked dirty and slimy and were smelly. This seemed to turn Amy on even more as she started to shout to them to fuck us now, to fuck us both hard.

They both shoved their cocks in hard to the hilt, their balls slapping our Asses as they ploughed into us. As soon as they had cum two more cocks were soon pounding away into us. The first two had moved to the top and had ordered us to suck their cocks clean. The smell was pretty bad, but in our heightened sexual state we couldn’t of given a fuck and were soon sucking and licking hard on these smelly slimy cocks and around their balls. Amy was also licking around their ass holes, poking her tongue up into the hole.

Word had got around the neibourhood about these two nympho sluts taking on all comers and by now there must have been some where between twenty to thirty men there. One after the other cocks were rammed into us. Amy seemed to enjoy having them wipe their filthy cocks and slimy balls around her face or they would grab a handful of her long black hair and wipe their cocks clean in it. I had cocks squeezed between my tits and wanked off until they shot their load over them or in my face.

“Both of you bitches get on all fours, about time we gave those cute asses a good fucking,” we were ordered. We complied, turning over and getting on our hands and knees. A queue formed behind us and I felt the first cock being pushed deep into my ass. Amy was getting the same and she was moaning loud and shouting at them to fuck her ass good, make her cum. “We’re going to whore, don’t you worry we’re going to fuck you ass good,” he growled back at her. “Oh god, I’m Cumming again, yes, Ohhhh YESSS, FUCK US HARDER YOU BASTARDS, UHHHHHH AHHHHH,” we screamed out together as we both cum violently. "GET YOUR FUCKING DIRTY COCKS IN US," I screamed at them.

“Let’s see how many cocks these whores can take at once,” I heard. We were positioned so that a cock could be inserted into both holes at the same time. I heard Amy cry out as two cocks were pushed into her cunt at the same time, another man was squeezing her tits and pulling and pinching her nipples hard. Her cries were soon stifled as two more were shoved in her mouth to suck. I had my ass and cunt filled and was sucking on two more cocks and wanking two others. All the bums were enjoying watching this show and couldn’t wait for their turns with these two nasty dirty sluts.

Cock after cock reamed our ass holes making us cum over and over again. They were smacking the cheeks of our Asses hard as they fucked us, which only added to the sensations making us cum even more. On seeing this they wanted to punish us more. Amy begged them not to hurt her too much. I said they could do what they liked to me if they left her alone. “Your decision slut,” one said, and I was pulled up and bent over the bonnet of a derelict car. I cried out as I felt the sting of a leather belt across my ass, then another. The crack of the leather on my naked flesh as well as my cries echoed around the building and into the night. Amy was made to watch as she sucked on more of the cocks. She was then dragged over and given a belt, “use it, “ she was commanded. She brought the belt down across my ass several times until I was pulled away any thrown back onto the mattress. “Whip the slags tits and cunt,” Amy was told. “No,” she shouted back. One of the men grabbed Amy and pushed her on her hand and knees then whipped her ass hard with the belt making her cry out loud. “Do it, or you will get it even more bitch,” he said menacingly to her. I nodded to her, “It’s alright,” I said to her, “Go ahead, It’s nothing I haven’t had before,” “You heard the fucking cunt, do it,” one of the replied. Amy brought the leather belt down across my tits, then again, I cried out. “Whip her cunt,” they shouted the belt came down between my open legs and onto my gapping cunt. I screamed out, they all laughed; again and again she whipped my cunt, I orgasmed hard and pissed myself, and screamed out loud as I cum. “That’ll do, you can kiss it better now,” they said to her. She got down besides me and kissed me, poking her tongue deep into my mouth. I’m sorry,” she said, “It’s ok”, I replied as I responded crushing my lips against hers.

We went down on each other licking and probing each other, drinking all the slimy cum out of each other cunts and squeezing and pinching each other’s breasts and nipples. A couple of large empty beer bottles were thrown down to us. “Here, use those on each other,” we were told to a round of laughter. We took the bottles and pushed them up each other’s cunts. They slipped in easily into our well-used gapping cunts. “Fucking hell, those two sluts can take the whole bottle up their big cunts,” some one shouted, “Yes look at them bringing each off with them, fucking filthy slappers,” another replied. “Lets fucking wank and piss over them while their at it, “ we heard a voice say. They all got out their cock and began to wank over us. Cum splashed down all over us as we lay there masturbating each other. It went in our hair over our faces, tits, every ware. Then after that we felt the first splash of warm smelly piss. Soon everybody was pissing over us. “Open your mouths slags, Let us piss in it,” they shouted to us. Their streams were directed to our mouths, filling them with the warm liquid to over flowing. Splashing over our faces in our hair. They pissed over our cunts where we were still using the bottles on each other and we massaged the slimy sticky mess into each other’s naked bodies. The mattress was soaked and the piss formed pools around us as we writhed around on it.

When they had finished pissing over us they still wanted to humiliate us more. “I know, how about letting the dogs fuck the whores,” one of them shouted. “Yea, lets get them,” came back a torrid of replies. “Get on your hands and knees you filthy slags,” we were ordered. “Fuck you,” we replied. With that several belts were laid across our naked bodies whipping our tits and cunts. We screamed out as the leather stung our bare flesh. “Fucking get in the doggy position,” we were told again. This time we complied moving onto our hands and knees side by side our asses stuck up in the air. We both saw some of the men leading a large pack of dogs. “That’s it, bring them to the bitches,” he laughed. We started to move but another couple of wacks across our upturned asses soon stopped us. I felt one of the dogs paws climb onto me, then it lurched forward impaling me on it’s large cock then fucking me fast like dogs do. "YES,YES, COME ON GUYS, LET THE DOGS SEE THE BITCHES IN HEAT," I shouted. It Pounded into me, UHH, UHH, AHH, AHH, I was grunting like an animal, like the dog slut that i was. I could feel it's cock swelling in me ready to empty it's hot cum into my waiting cunt. I could feel the sensation building up inside me. "UHHH, YES, I'MMM CUMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGG AGAINNNN," I screamed out, as it shot a large quantity of hot thick cum deep into my cunt. It tied with me for a while, then as it pulled out I was soon mounted by the next dog waiting to take it's turn with it's bitch.

I heard Amy grunting and moaning as another dog was well into fucking her. Her mouth was open and her head held back, her large tits swinging underneath her as it did so. She was obviously enjoying this. As soon as one dog had cum inside us another took it’s place. All the men were cheering at this spectacle of two grown naked women down on their hands and knees in the dirt being fucked by a pack of dogs. I must admit I was loving it. I had fucked a horse and donkeys before but never dogs and now I had a pack of them straining to fuck me. I was enjoying the sensations of their larger cocks in me, and watching my friend getting the same treatment. Listening to the crowd of filthy down and outs laughing at us, calling us whores, slags, and sluts.

By the end Amy and I had fucked all the dogs and were lying there rubbing our dripping cunts. “Fucking hell, the dirty cunts want more I recon boys,” one of the men said. “What about the donkeys in the field,” somebody shouted. “Yahoo, lets take big tits and her slut friend to the donkeys,” they all shouted.

Several of the men took hold of Amys and my arms and dragged us through the dirt into the field where we were lay over two large creates on our backs and held there. I was made to face Amy and watch. The donkeys were lead over and all of them were soon smelling around Amys and mine soggy cunts. In no time at all it was mounting us. Amy screamed out as its mammoth cock slid into her several inches, then several more on its next lunge. Amy was making animal grunts and moans as she was fucked by the donkey. Soon she had relaxed and was bucking back and forth taking in all its length. “YES, YES,” she was shouting. “I LOVE THIS BIG COCK, UHHHH, UHHHH, I’M CUMMMIINNNGGG, OH YES, FUCK ME FUCK ME,” she was shouting. It was such a sexy sight seeing Amy being fucked hard by this donkey, watching its huge cock disappearing up her cunt. Her tits and ass cheeks wobble as it reamed her out. I watching all this as another donkey was reaming me out with it's big cock, streaching my already slack cunt even more, finally shooting it's cum deep up my gaping cunt, only to be replaced by another animals cock. I was screaming out and my naked violated body squirmed and contorted as these cocks pummeled into me. I was soooo turned on, so sexed up, and my cunt now so slack that it's cock easily went in, as I took it's full length up me. It heightened my feelings even more watching the other donkey fucking Amy, and that all these men were seeing us naked, our most intimate parts being violated and used first by all the men, then the dogs, and now donkeys.

Amy,s was soon shooting large amounts of sticky cum into her and over her back, only to be replaced as soon as it got down by the other. This time it had no trouble as Amys cunt had been bored out by the first, so it was soon shafting her with its full length pummelling into her. Amy was once again groaning and crying out as she cum over and over again. Some of the men were mauling her tits and pinching and twisting her large nipples which excited her even more. All of them were crowding around us as not to miss seeing these sluts getting a good fucking by the donkeys. Once more it shot large amounts of cum into and over Amy. I gasped out loud, moaning as a third donkey mounted me, the last two,s cum squirting out as it pummelled me with it over sized cock.

Finally, all the donkeys had fucked us, and as the animals were lead away all the men were commenting on the size of our now wide gapping cunts. “Hell, look at this,” one man said as he shoved his fist into Amys cunt. “Not touching the sides,” he said to a laughing crowd. When he pulled his hand out it was covered in donkey cum, so he walked around and pulled Amys head up by her hair. “Fucking lick this off cunt,” he shouted at her. Amy sucked and licked until all traces were removed from his dirty hand. Another man done the same to me. Amy and me were then thrown together, and I was then told to scoop all the cum out of her and her do the same to me, then rub it into our tits and faces, then lick it off each other. We both put on a good show for them doing this caressing and licking every bit of each others bodies. Our tounges exploring each others cunts, poking them up as far as we could and licking and sucking the gooey mess out. Sucking and biting on each others tits, licking each others body clean.

Finally, they had all had enough. They all said they had enjoyed fucking and humiliating us two slut whores, and disappeared leaving us lying exhausted in the mess on the ground. We got up and found the remains of our dresses, we couldn’t find our bras or thongs, they must have taken them as souvenirs we reckoned. I found our handbags, which thankfully hadn’t been touched, and my mobile was still inside. I phoned Chas who turned up about fifteen minutes later. He could hardly believe his eyes at the sight of us,most of our bodies on show through the torn dresses and smelling of cum. We told him what had happened and he wanted to go to the police. We said not to bother as it was over now, there was nobody around and it was nothing I hadn’t had before, I didn’t know about Amy though. She said it was a first for her, but hell she had enjoyed it. She laughed, and said that she had had quite a lot of orgasms that night. “What a pair of fucking sluts you two are,” Chas said. “Yea, but you love it, don’t you, “ we both replied. “I'd better get you two home for a shower, you both stink,” Chas said. “You’d smell to if you had just been fucked, pissed and wanked over,” I said.

After we had showered and tided ourselves back up, we had to tell Chas all that had happened and what had been done to us. He loved the part about us being fucked by the animals. Of course after, Chas had a raging hardon, so we had to let him fuck us as well, although he slipped in easily into our enlarged cunts, so he fucked our ass and had blowjobs from each of us. Amy would remember this holiday for a while.

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