Hey everyone. I am changing my sister's name in this story so if someone I know is reading this, they won't know it was my sister. I am going to call her Sarah today.

It all started when I was 15. She had just turned 13, and she was turning out to be one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. I mean, she could walk by you if you were 30, and you would pop one. Anyways, after she started "growing up", I always wanted to see her nude. Let me just throw in that at this time, we lived in a 1-story house.

Well, my parents went out to their annual Christmas party. So, we all went outside and played a game called man hunt. Anyways, we went inside after that, and even though it was cold outside, we were all hot and sweaty (I have a younger brother and a younger sister). So, I toldd them we all have to take a shower, and then go to bed. Since we all have our own rooms, my younger two siblings took a shower first then went to bed. I then told Sarah to go take a shower. I knew this would be a perfect night to see my sister nude. My parents were gone, it was dark, and she would be getting out of the shower. She took a pretty quick shower, and before I knew it, she opened up the bathroom door, came into the leaving room in nothing but a towel, and told me the bathroom was empty. Seeing her in that small of a towel got me hard fast. I know she saw it because it looked like the middle tent pole. She looked at it and left to go to bed.

When she closed the door to her room, I ran out the back door as fast as possible and went to her window (before she got out of the shower, I adjusted one of the blinds so I can see in). I got to the window just in time. She just took off her towel and started looking at herself in the mirror behind her door. She grabbed her tit and started to play with it. I wanted to jack off, but would hold it to see where this led. I don't know why she stopped, but she slipped on her barely see through pajamas. She then got into bed, and started to play with her cunt (her bed is right below the window). All of the sudden, she looked up and saw me. I didn't know what to do, so I ran to the back door as fast as possible, but when I opened it up, she was standing there.

"Oh, my god, I am going to tell mom and dad!", she said.

"Please don't. I will make it up to you. I will do anything you want!"

To my surprise, she took my hand and started to walk to her room. Her hand was a little damp, and I started day dreaming. I was brought back to reality when she pushed me on her bed. She climbed on top of me and put her groin into mine. She then bent over and kissed me, moving her hand toward my already hard on. She stopped kissing me, one of the most passionate kisses I ever had, and moved down to undo my jeans. She undid the buckle and started to slide them down. My cock bursted out of the opening to my boxers, and she was amazed at my 8 inch dick, but ignored it. She then slid her hands up and took of my shirt. I couldn't take it anymore and slid my bokers off and took of her pajamas. She layed on the bed and opened her legs so I could see her swollen virgin cunt. I got onto my knees and off the end off the bed and licked around the inside of her thighs tempting her. She couldn't take it any longer, and pushed my head into her cunt. It was the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. I did my special move, "The Tongue Tornado", which some of you probably know. She started to reach her climax so I grabbed the pillow and put it over her head, and she cummed all over my face. Remember, I have to kids already sleeping.

It was my turn to get pleasured. She pulled me up and layed me on the bed, and started to tongue the tip of my cock. Damn, it felt so good. She slowly started to put a little of my shaft in her mouth at a time. She only got about 5 inches in her mouth, then pulled out. That was it. It felt so good, I started to face fuck her, till I creamed into her throat, and she swallowed.

I then layed her on the bed, and since it was er first time, slowly stuck my Big Johnson into her cunt. She moaned and I stopped, but she begged me to keep going. I slid in slowly until I popped her cherry. I got a Kleenex from next to her bed, and cleaned it up, then went back to what I was doing. I started off slow and soft, but then she kept begging me to go harder and faster.

"Oh shit little sis…your cunt is soooooooo tight!"

"Fuck me big bro, buck me….!"

"Oh shit! I'm about to cum!!!!"

"Me tooo!"

We both had our climax at the same time. Just then, we heard the car pull up, so I grabbed my clothes and ran to her bedroom door. I looked at her, smiled, and said "Merry Christmas Sis.", then ran to my room.

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