Super Sex Machine

Super Sex Machine

Several years ago, I had just gotten out of my first marriage which had been a total loss; the girl, also her first marriage, nagged so much I almost couldn't bring myself to have sex with her in spite of her natural good looks. I guess it's true what they say, that "Looks aren't everything."
As is usually the scenario, I started looking for new partners in the Bar Scene. One night, I was out on the town with a male friend of mine named Chuck. We went to a local country & western bar in the next town to see what we could find.

On entering the bar, there was a line of people on both sides of the hallway, as though both guys and girls were inspecting cattle at market. The last girl in the line was a somewhat homely looking gal with a huge set of knockers and a big wide, but well shaped ass. I remember thinking she resembled some sort of dog, the kind they say "…so ugly it's cute". Well, you know what they say happens to girls at closing time.

A couple of hours later, my friend Chuck comes over to the table with a drop-dead gorgous brunette and along with her was the dog-faced chick. Her name was Louise. She sat down next to me and we started to talk, I can't remember about what. By this time, I had downed a few and I was easier to please than earlier in the evening, and the pickings had been pretty slim. It was obvious that Chuck was going to pair up with the Baby Doll, leaving the other one for me. I guess I rationalized that it was my duty to do this for Chuck, and it wouldn't hurt me either. And besides, I was starting to get turned on by one of the biggest set of jugs that I had ever seen except in magazines.

I let my hand drop down into Louise's lap, and eased it between her thighs, just to let her know where my mind was going. She squeezed her thighs against my hand, as if to indicate she liked having it there. In a few minutes, we had decided to go to Louise's trailer just out of town, to drink some beer and party. After a quick beer stop, we arrived at Louise's trailer; we had to climb in through the window, but I can't remember why. Once inside, Louise brought me a beer and about halfway through it, she excused herself to make herself more comfortable. When she returned, she had on a long satin nightgown in a light yellow color. Nothing could have helped her face, but I must admit everything else about her was a turn-on. Everything that had anything to do with sex was bigger than what I was used to. Furthermore, she was not fat, just big. Her large physical features were all in proportion and gave her a bigger than life sexy mystique that turned me on even more every minute. Those tits must have been 44DD and I had never had my hands on anything like that until now, that is.

She sat down on the couch next to me and we immediately started kissing passionately, tongues and all. It was refreshing to be able to get passionate with someone not into games and not wanting me to jump through a bunch of hoops for sex. My hand went inside the nightgown and just barely found enough room inside the tight-fitting nightgown to get down under one of those monster jugs and lifted it up, feeling the sheer weight of it. Her hand was in my lap feeling the size of my erection.

It was about this time that the other couple, Chuck and the Baby Doll, showed up. I had almost forgotten that they were coming over too. I found them an annoying distraction at this critical time, but what the heck? After a beer or two, Chuck and his ladyfriend were getting passionate, and not interested in watching them, I suggested to Louise that we retire to her room. She led me to a small bedroom with a double bed in the back of the trailer. At the bed I gave her another wet sloppy kiss and she started removing my shirt and pants. Louise had me to sit on the side of the bed and lean back. In no time at all my shaft was disappearing in her mouth and she was taking the entire length with no trouble. After a few minutes of this treatment she positioned me on my back in the middle of the bed. She produced a couple lengths of cord and asked if it would be OK if she tied me to the bed posts just for a little extra fun. "Sure, why not?" I replied. I was into almost anything at this point and if it turned her on, then so much the better. Once both hands were tied to the bedposts, I lay spreadeagled; Louise threw one of her big, meaty thighs across me and positioned herself. Our frenchkissing already had her turned on and she was able to sink down slowly but surely on my rockhard cock. She started a slow motion rocking back and forth savoring every movement, then she started bouncing up and down the entire length of my cock.
Her big breasts sagged down close to my face, and I was able to suck on her tits without having to even raise up off the pillow. She was still bouncing excitedly and making comments on how good I felt and exclaiming "It's sooo biiiggg! I've needed this for so long"! Her monstrous tits were banging against each other in rhythm to the pounding she was giving me. Her pussy was surprisingly tight and satisfying in spite of her large size. I did well to keep from cumming in her before I was ready. After a few minutes, Louise rolled off of me, "Oh, Baby, that was so good. I loved that." I told her to untie me so we could move onto the next phase. She obediently undid the ropes which bound me to the bed. Once freed, I rolled her over onto her back and buried my still hard cock into her. There was only one way I wanted to fuck her: Hard. I grabbed both her legs and threw them over her head, pinned her knees close to her head and thrust my hips against hers, balls, slapping her big ass. It was a real turn-on just to watch her grit her teeth, squint her eyes shut and groan in ecstasy, "It's sooo bigggg! That's it Honey, right there, OOOOH my god, what are you trying to do? AAAAHHHHH, AGHHHHHH! HMMMMMMMMM,
HMMMMMMMM, We both came simultaneously and I collapsed on top of her almost completely winded. My cock shrank back to normal and slipped out of her sopping pussy.

We talked a while, laying side by side; she told me that she had two grown children and that her husband had commited suicide four years ago and how hard it had been living alone. I could see why she would have a problem living alone and craving sex the way she did. About this time, the door opened and Chuck stuck his head inside. "Heh, what you'all doin'?" Without even asking permission he entered the room pulling Baby Doll along with him. There was just enough room on the bed for the four of us, but we were all friends by now.

After a few minutes of meaningless conversation, Chuck turned Baby Doll over on all fours and positioned his dick at her already well-fucked opening. As he inserted his organ and commenced pounding this beauty, I positioned my head under hers and kissed her passionately on the lips, and without even thinking, found her clit with my right hand and started massaging it as Chuck thrust his hips hard at her asscheeks. After a few minutes of this action, Chuck tensed and started moaning as he emptied his second or maybe third load of the night into her sweet pussy. I knew what her pussy smelled like by now from sniffing my finger.

We all lay on the bed pressed closely together; fortunately I was in between the two girls, not being eager to rub thighs with Chuck. The conversation explored sexual interests. Chuck inquired of Baby Doll if she liked it in the ass. She replied no, but that Louise would do it. Now there was an idea. I had never done anal, but I had read about how good it was. None of he stuck-up bitches I knew would have ever tolerated a finger in their ass, much less 7 inches of hard cock.

I rolled Louise over on all fours and grabbed a bottle of baby oil conveniently located next to the bed. My cock was full length and hard from playing with the Baby Doll. I lubed the head and spilled a little on Louise's asshole too. In the next instant the head of my cock was disappearing into Louise's ass slowly but surely. She strained forward a bit, not wanting it all at once. "Easy, Honey, it's tight in there. I, I, haven't done this……in a while. OOHHHH, OOOOOHHH, damn that's bigggg!. HHHHMMMMM, AAAHHHHH, Okay, Lover, go ahead. I started applying pressure, watching my rod disappear into her ass; just for luck, I smacked one of her big asscheeks a couple of times with my open hand and left a slight red mark. Chuck, not to be left out, smacked the other one with his hand, leaving a mark on that cheek. Baby Doll just squealed with delight at seeing her friend get her butt pounded. And pounded is the right word, I let myself go and pretty soon, It was like I was drilling for oil, going deeper with every stroke and picked up the pace. Louise wasn't making any sounds much except an occasional grunt or groan, mostly she gritted her teeth and hung on to one of the best sex romps she had had in a while, and I'm sure this wasn't the only time she had picked up a guy in that bar. I came hard but probably didn't squirt much of a load, having cum so much in her pussy.

This time, I knew I was spent. Chuck wanting to do Louise, inquired about swapping, but I wanted to make Louise feel good, so I declined a chance to get on top of Baby Doll. I've cursed myself over the years for not climbing on the stunning brunette just to save the feelings of a girl with a dog face, but she had a dynamite body. It was all the tits and ass I ever wanted at one time and in one place.

When we left the trailer, Louise showed me to the door. Baby Doll was passed out on the couch and Chuck was leaving with me. It must have been 4:00AM. It had been a hell of a night for everyone involved. Louise shoved a piece of paper into my hand with her phone number on it. She lamented that she would probably never see me again–I guess one night stands was what she was used to. "I'll be back," I said. "No you won't," she replied. She was right.

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