Surprise After Work

Surprise After Work

It was about Ten o’clock at night and I was telling my wife goodnight. I work the 5 pm to 5 am shift, four nights a week and we always talk and tell each other goodnight before she goes to bed. Before we got off the phone she told me, “don’t be late, I have a surprise for you when you get home in the morning!”

My mind started thinking about what she might have planned, because sometimes she would set the alarm and wake up before I got home, where she would be waiting for me to crawl under the covers and have sex, before she had to get up with our two year old son.

Work wouldn’t go by fast enough as I was thinking about Kim laying in bed, naked, stroking her nipples and slipping her fingers into her tight wet pussy. I love the way she waits for me and it turns me on when I get home to see her playing with herself. Her pussy gets so wet that I can’t wait to run my tongue between her lips and nibble on her clit until she cums for the first time in my mouth.

I arrived home about 5:15 that morning and it was still dark outside as I made my way through the house, shedding clothes as I stumbled down the dark hallway to our bedroom. By the time I reached our bed, I was out of my clothes and my cock was hard, anticipating what was about to come.

As I lifted the covers to crawl in, I thought it strange that she appeared still asleep, as she had her back to me and was still wearing some sort of silk top. I started sliding in under the covers next to her, when I felt the presence of someone behind me. It was my wife, as she was sliding in behind me, she put her finger to her lips and said, “Don’t say anything, Alexis spent the night here last night and she wants to repay us for our kindness.” Now Alexis is my wife’s best friend and she has been having marital problems and is in the process of getting a divorce. She is a beautiful woman; she is from Polynesian ancestry and has a beautiful copper toned body, long black hair, 36D breasts and someone that I had fantasized about every time she came over to visit my wife.

Alexis turned over and I now found myself between two beautiful women. Alexis said, “She hoped I didn’t mind, it had been along time since she has had sex and she couldn’t think of a better way to repay us for all that we had done for her.”

Kim and I had often talked or actually fantasized about having someone else join us, and although I never really figured it would happen, I couldn’t think of anyone sexier than Alexis to share my wife with and have our fantasy fulfilled.

As I lay back trying to let reality sink in, I started feeling hands caressing my chest and another stroking over my cock and balls. I reached over and started to stroke Alexis’s breast as she leaned in and started kissing me. As I felt her breasts and rubbed my thumb over her nipples, I could feel them becoming more and more erect under my touch. Kim slid down and took my cock in her mouth as I touched and felt all over Alexis’s body. I slid my hand down to find her completely shaved as I ran my fingers over her slit and felt the wetness beginning to seep out. I took her wetness and ran it over her lips and teased her clit. I started flicking her clit between my fingers and took one of her nipples between my lips and started nibbling causing her to moan her approval of what I was doing.

While Kim was giving my cock a superb workout, I withdrew my dick from her mouth, and eased Alexis over onto her back. Alexis drew me to her and held me close while she found my stiff rod, fully erect and throbbing. I drew her leg up over my hip opening up her sex. She pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy, parting the folds and lubricating the tip. Then she drew me into her juicy cunt and thrust her hips forward engulfing my cock and sinking it deep into her twat. I started thrusting in and out and as I increased the tempo, she matched my rhythm and became intensely aroused.

Kim came around and got her mouth down on Alexis’s cunt lips so that she could lick Alexis’s cunt and my cock at the same time as it pistoned in and out. Alexis moved her hips a little more to get a deeper, faster stroking motion. I responded to her rhythm with a stronger thrusting, as her juices flowed and lubricated her channel. Before long we had accelerated to a furious pace as we both approached a shattering orgasm.

When I shot my load deep in her pussy, she went into her climax, with her cunt muscles squeezing and milking my cock. Kim was right there to lap up the mixture of our cum as it oozed out of Alexis.

I got up and helped Kim move over astride Alexis in the sixty-nine position. As Kim continued to lick Alexis out, she lowered her own pussy down over Alexis’s face. Alexis sank her tongue deep into Kim’s cunt and started to give her a thorough tongue lashing. In this position, Kim’s uplifted ass was an open invitation.

I leaned over, cupped her ass cheeks and splayed them wide apart until the dimpled hole of her anal entrance appeared. I licked her puckered brown opening. Her ass rim shimmered with my wetness. Kim bucked her butt up in open invitation for me to ream her ass. I positioned my cock head against her tiny rear hole and began pressing my prick up Kim’s butt.

She whimpered softly when my cock crown forced apart the elastic-like ring surrounding her asshole, and it slowly spread, allowing my wide prick head to pop into her. Then I spiked my shaft a few more inches deeper into her back bottom-like butt opening.

Kim took several deep breaths, and I paused about halfway through her back door while her ass path adjusted to the thickness stretching her clinging anal wall. I cupped her back cheeks and hard jerked my hips, pushing my entire cock into her ass.

I paused and the snugness of the interior of her bottom squeezed and massaged my hard-on. She was working her ass muscles around my manhood, and her butt twitched and shuddered. I could feel Alexis run her tongue over my nut sack as I sank my cock into Kim’s ass and when she would flick her clit, it would make Kim’s butt hole constrict around my cock.
I butt fucked Kim with a hard, driving series of long stabs into her bottom. My cock pulled back until just my knob was nestled in her asshole, and then I slammed all the way down into her deepest anal depths.

Kim whimpered and moaned into Alexis’s pussy, as I kept up a steady pace of rump- reaming. Her tight ass grasping and then releasing my probing prick. I wanted to fuck her ass forever.

Kim’s butt tightened around my cock like a screwed down hard vise, and her body rumpled and shook when an intense orgasm trembled through every one of her nerve endings.

As my cock swelled deep in her bottom, I felt my balls swelling to the bursting point, and with a final fury of rapid thrusting, Alexis asked, “Are you going to cum?” I moaned and nodded as she grabbed my cock and withdrew it from Kim’s ass. Slowly she stroked down my shaft and then gave two quick up and down pumps. Cum spurted out of my cock, flying onto her face and Kim’s ass. Alexis rubbed my cum into Kim’s ass and dipped her finger into the pool of cum that was along her cheek and brought them to her lips licking as much of my spunk off her face that she could get.

We all lay in a row, gasping for breath, our bodies glistening in the bright sunlight that started to pour through the window. Kim suggested we get up and shower together, because she wasn’t done yet. Alexis agreed, saying that she just got a taste of my cum, she wanted to feel my hard cock in her mouth and feel my cum shoot down her throat.
Just hearing that started to bring my cock back to life as Kim and Alexis rolled out of the king-sized bed and made their way into the bathroom, where Kim started the shower. When it was warm, the two girls and I stepped under the flow together.

Alexis took the bar of soap and lathered up her hands, until there was a good deal of soap on them. She caressed Kim’s body with the lathered hands, rubbing her gorgeous perky breasts until they were slick and covered with the white froth.

Down Kim’s belly Alexis went, circling around the belly button, and soaping up the small strip of pubic hair. Then her hands delved between Kim’s legs, into her warm slit, still wet with her own fluids from the excitement caused earlier. Alexis lingered at the clit, coaxing it out of its little hood, rubbing the soft pad of her finger about that little nub of flesh where so many pleasures started. Kim moaned in pleasure, reaching up with her arms to grip the curtain rod.

Alexis kneeled down, resting on her knees, her hands still moving underneath Kim. One of her fingers found its way inside her warm cunt, and Alexis's head moved closer to the taller girl. Sticking out her tongue, she started to bathe Kim’s sweet warm flesh. She followed the same path she had with the soap, around the belly button, over the trimmed pubic mound, and on down to the pussy lips.

Thrusting her finger in and out of Kim’s pussy, Alexis placed her mouth on the clit and started caressing it with her warm tongue. She petted the clit with her tongue, sticking her tongue all the way out and dragging it towards her mouth, lapping. She sucked the clit in, and started lightly rolling it between her teeth, while easing a second finger inside her cunt.

Kim moaned, and started to move her hips in time to Alexis's thrusts. It took no time at all for her to reach her own shaking orgasms.

Standing back up, Alexis finished washing Kim, lathering her hands up again and moving to her back. She ran her hands down Kim’s back, over her shoulders, and then across her pert buttocks. Alexis ran her soapy hand between the buttocks, lightly fingering the puckered opening there. Kim, still recovering from her orgasm, moaned again. Alexis stuck her middle finger into Kim’s smaller, sensitive hole, wriggling it a little bit. Kim tightened around even so small an invasion and, reaching down with her own hand to caress her own clit, achieved another orgasm.

Alexis cleaned her fingers off in the water and rubbed Kim down again, rinsing her of all remaining soap.

Kim took the soap and rubbed Alexis's body with the entire bar. She followed the curve of her breasts, circling around them and running it over the sensitive nipples. She ran the bar through the crevice between the breasts, down the belly, down the legs, and then up the back. She paused at Alexis's bottom, and gave her a small kiss on the left cheek. Then she moved up and ran the bar over her back.

Reaching forward with her mouth she caught Alexis on the neck in a sloppy kiss. Alexis turned around, grabbed Kim around the waist, and pulled her towards her lips. Their lips embraced while Alexis inched her tongue in to Kim’s mouth. She accepted it and caressed it with her own tongue.

At the end of their kiss, the two girls smiled, and stepped out of the shower, leaving me to wash myself with a hard-on that wouldn’t go away.

I came to my knees beside my Alexis's head and aimed my hard cock at her lovely face. She smiled when she realized what I wanted. Her mouth was warm and very wet. She sucked most of my cock in, drew a vacuum, and then pulled slowly off. The vacuum caused her cheeks to cave in around my cock. The soft linings of her mouth gripped me tighter the closer her lips came to the head. At the end of that first suck I realized that I was in for an unprecedented struggle to control my inevitable orgasm. It didn't help that I was now fondling her luscious breast. My hand was drawn to them like iron to a magnet.

Alexis's moans were the icing on the cake. They made every nerve in the head and neck of my cock tingle. She had her hand on the back of her Kim's head and was humping her mouth. We were both coming down the home stretch together. I was determined to shoot my load right down Alexis's throat, but, at the last second, I changed my mind. I gave her just a sample of my broth before I pulled my cock out and sprayed her tits. Could it have been my jism against her nipples that triggered her orgasm? Perhaps. All I can be sure of is that my Alexis and I were cumming together.


The five-star cum-shot all over Alexis's heaving tits was worthy of a porno star. I divided the ten spurts equally between tits, and then used the dribbles to decorate her swollen nipples. I felt a little queasy when Kim moved higher and lapped at the fresh semen. She is one of those rare women who love everything about cum.

The sun was now shining brightly through the windows and as I lay between two beautiful women, I knew life couldn’t get any better than this.

Alexis has divorced her husband and now lives with us. I am fortunate enough to get to enjoy these little get-togethers on a regular basis.

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