I have a lovely mother and although nearly 70 years old she has quite a figure and the most amazing pair of floppy tits. I know some of you my think this is sick but she really turns me on and I have noticed that I always seem to get an erection when I am at her house. I remember when I was at home I would often look through her pantie drawer and even sift out a pair of her soiled panties from the laundry and smell them and wank my load into them.

Well I now live in my own my own little flat and make it my duty to pop by most days seeing as she is own her own and has been since mum and dad seperated when I was 8 years old.Also I am her only child so she doesn't have anyone else.

Anyway mum had a fall a few weeks back and fractured her wrist and bruised her knee badly and the doctor had given her some strong painkillers to subdue the pain.Since then she had been complaining that the drugs were making her really sleepy and that once she was asleep nothing would wake her.

It was a normal Saturday and I thought I would call on mum as usual. I had left it until 3.00pm as I know she always showers herself around 2.30pm and this would give her ample time.As normal I rang the doorbell even though I still have a key in case of emergencies. After three attempts there was no answer and thought that maybe she was out or even worse another fall, so I hurriedly opened the door.

" Hi mum its only me " I called to recieve no answer.

"Mum its me are you there? "

Well she was not downstairs or in the garden, so I climbed the stairs. Reaching the top landing I could smell shower gel so I knew she had been in as she had taken her shower.Approaching the bathroom I could see she had left her clothes in a heap, which was very much unlike mum.I picked them up and headed for the laundry basket noticing her white cotton panties and black pantyhose all coiled up together. The memories of childhood came flooding back as I lifted them to my nose and inhaled, some how mums panties smelt different to how I had remembered them, still it got my cock twitching and semi-hard. I put her dirty clothes into the laundry basket and walked towards her room.Tapping on the door " Mum are you in there? " Again no answer, so I walked in.

Mum was fast asleep on her bed wearing her short summer nightie.She was on her side with her ass right on the side of the bed almost hanging off and her nightie had rose up round her waist to expose her ass cheeks. My cock twitched in my jeans looking at her full plump ass, this was so wrong, I was getting hard over my mums ass !!

I went round to the other side of the bed and gently called out "Mum are you ok? " I could tell she was breathing as her chest was rising and dipping.I put my hand on her shoulder and gentley rocked her " Mum its me" She didn't stir at all and I was sure her drugs had taken full affect and she must have showered then layed down to sleep them off. I thought it would be best to leave her and go back home then call her later.Walking back round the bed I just couldn't help but notice that ass again, by this time my cock was fully erect in my jeans.

Now I know this wrong of me but what an advantage I had here, my mother fast asleep, semi-naked, a hard cock and in her words "Nothing would wake her up" As I knelt down my heart began to beat so fast and my cock began to ache.

MY GOD !! Mums cunt is shaven I thought as I looked between her thighs, her large outer flaps hanging out her gash like two bits of crinkley ham. I just had to touch it as I reached out my hand, my fingers touching her warm moistness. She must have been really asleep as she didn't move when my finger slid into her vagina. Her cunt was so warm and damp as I pumped my finger in and out and still she didn't move a muscle. I withdrew my finger and opened her cunt with both hands, she was so pink and moist that I had to taste her. As my head moved nearer I could smell the shower gel, but there was still that distinct smell of cunt juices. I tilted my head as my tongue came into contact with mums cunt, she tasted so good as I sucked and licked at her, flicking my tongue between her flaps . Still mum didn't stir as I parted her cheeks wider and flicked my tongue around her anus whilst pumping her blood engorged cunt hole with two fingers.

As I released my cock from my jeans mum began to stir. Slipping my cock back into my jeans ready for a quick exit my mum murmered something. To start with I wasn't sure but im sure it ended with George, that was my dads name. Again alot clearer now " Make love to me George "
No way !! Mum obviously could feel my tongue licking at her cunt and in her drugged state she must have been dreaming it was my dad or something.

" Please George put it in me "

Could I do this? What if she woke up? How would I explain to mum what I was doing with my cock inside her?

Walking back to the bed mum had pushed her ass out even more. I pulled out my cock again and began to lift mums leg into the air exposing more of her fuckhole. " Oh yes put it all in me George" I placed my now pulsing cock at the entrance to mums hole and rubbed my helmet between her swollen cunt lips, pushing a little harder as I began to enter her. I was surprised that she was as moist and juicy as she was as my full length was now embedded in my mums cunt. I began to pump slowly in and out building up a steady rhythm my balls slapping against her ass cheek.

I began undoing the buttons that fastened the top of mums nightie and reached inside, her tits felt as good as I thought they would as I eased the right one out of her nightie and pinched at the nipple. Mum let out a litttle moan, " Oh fuck me honey"

I mashed my mums tit in my hand as I pumped in and out and I knew I was going to cum. Mum was moaning well now and little out little squeeks and I knew she was cumming too. I pumped really hard now thrusting into mums cunt, her cunt muscles began to clamp my cock and I knew she was orgasming. Oh yes I thought as my first squirt of sperm shot deep inside my mums tummy, FUCK!! another one and another till I had flooded my mums cunt with my hot sperm.

I withdrew my now wilting cock and was sure mum would wake up now, but no she murmured " I love you darling" and drifted back into sleep. I popped mums tit back inside her nightie and did the buttons back up.I knew my cum would now be oozing from my mums cunt and wiped her clean with a tissue from the bed side cabinet and readjusted her nightie.

Leaving her house I couldn't believe what I had done although it felt fucking great and I was pleased inside that I had finally got to fuck my mum. It should have happened many years ago when she was a little younger and maybe while she was fully conscious too.

It took me nearly an hour to get back to my flat as there was an accident and the police diverted all traffic. As I approached my door my phone was ringing, so hurriedly I opened the door.


" Hello darling I thought you were coming to see me today ? It was my mum.

" I did call in mum but you were fast asleep, so I thought it was best to let you sleep" I replied.

" Yes it was those damn painkillers again, I told you that they sent me sleep and dreams too, I dreamt of your dad and it was just as if it was real "

" Was it a good dream mum ? " I asked

" Oh yes, just like I always remember him darling, I could do with a few more dreams like that "


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