Tender Beginnings

Tender Beginnings

This a true story, the names have been changed to protect all parties concerned..

My name is not important, but for the purpose of the story call me Jane. At 13 years old I was rather developed for my age, my budding breast filling out my B cup bra. Small waisted and a nice firm ass. Mostly men trying to talk to me often mistook me for an 16 year old. I am the baby of the family, with two older sisters. Mary, who is the oldest at 18 and Sue who is 16 years old.

It started one day when I came home from school, as I walked in the door of my family home stopping to kick my shoes off at the door. Thinking I was home alone, I headed for my bedroom to start on my homework, as walked past the bathroom I heard the sounds of someone moaning. I pause for a second trying to make sense of it, the noises continue, I heard my oldest sister Mary say, “ Oh yes! Fuck me!” “Oh, oh yes fuck my pussy” I am a virgin, but I know my sisters are not, they both have been fucking guys for about two years now. Not sure what to do but scared of getting caught listening, I call out “anyone home?”. After a few minutes Mary sticks her head out of the bathroom and calls me to come to her. As I step in, I see that she is only wearing her robe, I look around the room but I don’t see anybody else.

“Hey Mary, what u doing?” I ask. She gives me this sly look and runs her hand thru her long brunette hair. Mary is tall, about 5’ 9, long legs, firm breast and gorgeous, to me she looks like a model.
“MMMM, Jane you sure you want to know” she asks. “Of course, is it something bad?” I’m always eager to participate in our sisterly schemes.
“No, its something good, come in and I’ll show you”. She takes me by the hand and pulls me into the bathroom with her. “Have you had sex yet?” I start to blush.. “No, of course not!” It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, I am just not ready yet. “Have you played with you pussy?” “No, but I look at it sometimes with the mirror” “Oh, little sis let me show you how beautiful it can be, that’s what I was doing when you came in. Now we can do it together and I’ll teach you”.
She opens her robe and I see her tits, I look down running my eyes over her flat stomach going further down till I see her mound covered with hair. I’ve never seen hair on one before, mine is pretty much bald, a little peach fuzz on top. Completely fascinated I cant take my eyes off of her pussy. She comes closer and starts to kiss me, first softly then getting harder. I lift my hand instinctively to her breast cupping her fullness in my inexperienced hands. She lets out a soft moan and slips her tongue in my mouth. I follow suit as we both of our tongue glide against one another. She pulls back and looks down at me, her eyes are full of lust and need. She draws my head down to her breast and I run my tongue over her erect nipple, I suck it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. I feel her pulling at my shirt so I let go of her nipple long enough for her to pull it over my head. We fall together again, kissing and sucking each other’s tits. She takes me by the hand and leads me to her bedroom, closing the door behind her and locking it.

As we walk over to the bed, she turns and faces me. "My sweet, little sister come here". I get a little closer, I guess she senses I'm a little scared. Mary sits on the edge of the bed, reaching up and stroking my breast, pinching my erect nipples. I start to moan, a strange feeling attaching my senses. Making my virgin pussy swelling with desires I had yet to experience. As I tried to come to grips with my feelings, Mary gently pushes me to kneel in front of her. I hear her saying things like, "all you do is lick" "sometimes it feels good when it's sucked" "you can touch it with your fingers"… All I can focus on is the fact that T'm position so close to Mary's pussy I can smell the hot, steamy musk of her. She opens her long, slender legs a little wider as she places her hand behind my head, begging.. "Just kiss, please" I lick my lips and go for it. Putting my small hands on either side of inner thighs, I move in for my first taste of pussy. When my mouth encounters the wetness of Mary's pussy, I take a tenative lick. Mmmm… a little salty, but otherwise not bad to the taste. "Lick with your tongue!" I proceed to lick her pussy as instructed.. licking her with the flat of my tongue, running up and down her wet, juicy slit. Mary is moaning, her head falls back. I feel a sense of power, I want to do my best to please my older sister. Using my fingers to spread her pussy open, I start sucking at her pussy. I could her the sounds of her moaning mixed with my sucking, licking and smacking noises. I found a small nub, as I place my lips around it.. "Oh, God Jane, suck my clit, yes suck it" I sucked, licked then suck her clit till she's screaming "Fucking hell, Jane.. Your a born natural pussy sucker! If feels so fucking good!" I am soo happy that I'm pleasing her, but I feel myself wanting to.. Not sure what though.. My pussy is wetter than ever, I place my one of my hands between my legs, feeling the wetness of myself.. wanting more..

I feel Mary's legs begin to shake as she squeezes them tightly around my head. My tongue stuck firmly in pussy, licking and tongue fucking her. "I'm going to cum!," she screams. Mashing and grinding her spasmimg pussy into my mouth. I feel like I'm sufficating, doing my best to keep contact with her bucking pussy. "Fuck me, little sis!" "Yes, oh yes!" Finnally she gently backs me off of her. Looking down into my juice drench face, she kisses me, licking her cum off my mouth.

"Do you want me to do you?" The question hung in the air!

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