The Best Camping Expirence Ever

The Best Camping Expirence Ever

When I was 14, I had the best camping expirence ever.

It was a Friday night and I had invited my friend Andrew over to spend the night. We were inside, sitting around and watching television when I had a great idea.

"Hey Andrew, you wanna sleep outside in the tent tonight? It'd be fun." I asked.

"Okay, sure" He replied.

I am bi-sexual and so was he, and we'd known that fact for awhile about each other. Andrew was 5' 9 and I was a little taller at 5' 11. We both had very in-shape body with abs, I had blonde hair he had brown. So we went upstairs to get the tent. It was pretty big, even in the folded up version. I had to hold my back to the door in order to get it out. When I finally did, we walzed outside to set it up.

There was barely enough light from the sun as we set it up. I had a big backyard which was bordered at the end of our lot by a forest. I told Andrew that we should set it up right on the border, so we did, and we crawled in.

After sitting in the tent for a little while, we decided to play a game. And what better game to play than Truth or Dare when you are sitting in a tent.

"Okay, Andrew, truth…or dare." I asked.

"Truth." He replied.

"Okay, lemme think….ah yes… what is the size of your dick, in inches?" He seemed kind of taken aback, but he recovered quickly.

"Seven inches, and one and a quarter inch thick." He said, "now its your turn, truth or dare?"

"Truth." I say.

"How big is your dick?" He asks.

"8 and a half inches by two inches thick." I reply.

His mouth dropped open in surprise. I caught him taking a glance at my croch.

"You wanna see –" But before I could finish he had already answered. "Yea I do."

I slowly stood up, Bending over because the tent wasnt tall enough. I undid my zipper and belt on my shorts and dropped them to the floor. All i had left were my boxers. There was a lump where my 5-and-a-half inch soft dick waited. I made eye contact with Andrew, then I sropped them to the floor. Showing off my soft yet big cock.

"Holy Shit!" he said, as he crawled on his knees over to me. I had now sat down Indian style on the ground with my dick resting on my balls. He grabbed it and started to slowly massage it up and down. I kicked my legs out and spread them wide. Soon after doing so, he exposed his hard 7 inch member and he slowly started to jerk his own. Leaving mine open. His massaging only got mine halfway hard, so I got it the rest of the way. I started to beat off. My hand becoming a blur as I rammed it up and down my rock hard shaft. Andrew was doing the same thing. I threw my head back and shot out loads and loads of cum all over the tent. It had taken Andrew a while, but he did the same thing.

He then came over to me and took off my shirt, his already off, and exposed my abs and firm chest. He ran his hands down my chest and licked my abs until he started licking the shaft on my cock. He tickled the head with his tounge once or twice then plunged his mouth down over my dick. He could't take it all, so he backed out. Then he got on his hands and knees and looked from my dick to my face. I got the message, I was to fuck him.

I sttod up, my head at the very top of the tent, and slowly guided my cock into his ass. I felt him tense up as I slowly pushed it in. He moaned when I finally got it all the way in. I threw my head back and started to push my dick in and out of his tight ass. We both moaned as my 8 and a half inch long boner went in and out. I cummed, and cummed and cummed inside his ass.

When I finally pulled out, we were both sweating. I laid down with my now deflating dick. he crawled up next to me and rubbed my abs. We feel asleep soon there after.

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