The Car Deal/ PT2/ Time to trade up!

The Car Deal/ PT2/ Time to trade up!

It was almost a year since my beautiful twenty one year old Tika had moved in with me. We managed to become great together. We have sex as often as we want and for the most part its great. The car she got from me turned out to be a rolling junk yard. I repaired most every part you could think could go wrong. No charge to the customer. She still makes it all worth it.

The time came for Tika to trade up. We decided that even if I had a better deal on my lot that she would not buy from me this time. Sales people should never sell family. I would however help to make sure that she didn't get fucked (AGAIN). I went with her shopping.

We had gone to about 3 car lots and I decided that I wanted her to have better cars then she was looking to buy. She did not have the money to spend on better cars so I covered it. She still makes it all worth it. We decided to drive the 3 hours to our states largest city. Made a night of it and got a great hotel down town.

On the drive,Tika reminded me of the way we met and how having sex with me was hot. I told her that it was a day I would never forget. She said we should fuck a car salesman to make a deal. I told her that I wouldn't do a dude and she said she wanted a girl. She wasn't kidding.

We drove from lot to lot looking for the right sales girl. I was going to just give up and buy her car forget the women on women I was thinking about. Saleswomen in the auto world are few and far between I said and just as I spoke Tika said "I want her" as she pointed at this totally hot 30 year old black women that was standing next to the car store smoking. She had darker skin then Tika and her hair was shorter. She was dressed in this little suit thing that didn't do much for herbut she was hot.

I almost hadn't got the car stoped when Tika was out walking up to her. When I caught up they had already exchanged names and Tika turned to me and said" this is Dominique, isn't she hot? I shook my head yes but just let her do the talking. We walked the lot for about thirty minutes and we found a car that Tika liked and with a little fight over the cost I got her to agree to let me buy it.

When Dominique left to go get the paper work started, Tika said that she couldn't figure out how she was going to fuck this girl. I said just go for broke. I was out of it. She said no I was going to be in the middle of it. Just then Dominique came back and said" in the middle of what?" Tika did it just like that, she wet her pretty lips and bent forward as if to tell Dominique a secret. When Dominique went to hear Tika's words I saw Dominique's mouth open and her eyes shutter. When Tika sat back in her seat Dominique asked for our room number.

We decided to pick the car we paid for up the next day and just go back to the room for a shower. I told Tika that what she did was hot and I wanted to get spayed when we get to the room. She told me that we would have company at 10:00. I said what did you tell that lady? Tika said all she did was lick her ear. I really didn't even hear Dominique say she would be coming to the room but Tika was sure she would Cum.

About 10:15 our guest came and Tika was still in the shower. We had had a spray fest and she got just covered. I let Dominique in and when I opened the door I was stuned. This was a fantastic women. The whole time I was working a deal with her I didn't see just what she looked like past her work dress. She was very tall. Ass to the floor tall with legs that dont stop. She didn't look her age at all. Her skin being dark made her eyes seem ultra bright blue. She had on a tight black dress that didn't have even a shadow of a wrenkle. Until that is you got up to her chest. It was like an eclipse. She had 36d cups and about a 25 inch hips with the factory air look between her legs. I got a hard on just like that.

I told her that Tika was in the shower and she said she could join her. I said by all means don't let me stop you. She walked to the bathroom door and turned as she pulled her dress over her head and asked if I was coming, I said not yet, but I am cuming.

She left the door open just a jar and I watched in the mirror as Dominique entered the shower with my sweet chocolate Tika. Tika droped to her knees almost right away and began to lick and nibble at Dominiques waste and down to her clit. My sweet Tika was a carpet muncher. She had never talked about women before but she knew what she was doing. Dominique's head rolled back and she raised one of her legs to the side of the shower seat. I had a full view as Tika gave masterfully Dominique's first, second, and third orgasm. Dominiques legs seemed to be ready to buckle, hell my legs felt like they would buckle. I had cum runny down my leg just watching the two of them.

Tika stood up and walked Dominique out of the shower and almost right in to me in the hall on her way to the bed. As she passed she rubbed at my dick and then licked her hand of the juices. She then smiled and offered her hand to Dominique to lick and they both smiled. I was going to fuck two hot black women at the same time.

I walked to the bed and Tika told me that I had to taste Dominique, she said it was just like honey. I first kissed my sweet chocolate Tika on the forhead and wispered thank you in her ear, then down I began to work on our dark chocolate saleswomen until I reached the honey pot.

She did taste of honey. not just her tender pink pussy but all down her skin was oiled with real honey. As I tasted and sucked her orgasm from within her Tika began to pull at my dick and moved her way down and took it in her mouth. She was very horny, her hand was up inside her own sexy little pussy while she sucked and licked in and out and in and out again, over and over and over. Just as I got Dominique to climax, Tika screamed not yet and pulled her hand from inside her self. Tika then reached up and pulled Dominique's face down to her sweet little mound and as Dominique started to ingulf my young little hotties pussy, Tika told me to make her spray all over Dominique.

I moved away from the ladies to get a fix on just what I was going to do and Tika worked her way down to our dark chocolate honey pot and rolled on top of her. Tika's tight little ass was right there in front of me and I knew that a good ass fucking would be what would turn the sprayer on.

I walked over and placed my dick on her back and then down where I could let Dominique's mouth provide some assistance. She had already licked at Tika's ass and began to wet it up for me but when I got my dick down there she started to take breaks between Tika's lip smaken snatch and my dick. I was getting ready to pop and Dominique knew it, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and placed it up to Tika's ass, I almost ramed it in all at one time but because I wanted to make her happy I slowed and went in bit by bit. Once all the way in I could tell Tika was almost there and I lefted her pussy up off Dominique's face and Tika let it go……wooooooosh. All over this dark choclate godess. Then wooooooosh again. I pulled out of her ass and rolled her off Dominique's face and spun around and started to tit fuck Dominique until I shot cum all in her mouth and face.

The night ended about 4:00 in the morning I got off a couple more times but my two favorite kinds of chocolate got off ten times that much. They acted like sisters when Dominique left, kissing and hugging, saying good-bye. I had sex with Tika one more time alone that night and then we went to sleep.

Wew drove by to pick up the new car the next morning and the dealer was closed we knew they would be but we both smiled when we saw a dozen roses on the hood from Dominique thats card said Thanks for letting me earn your sale.

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