The Car Deal

The Car Deal

I am a 44 year old, white, devorced man. I have been pretty virginal for the last five years because of the way my ex-wife treated me. I haven't wanted much to do with relationships since. I have decided that I need sex all the same.

I run a small auto dealership with maybe thirty cars at a time on my lot. The windows on the building are covered with mirror tint. Depending on the lighting, nobody can see in. The windows caused me to fantasize about having sex at work.

One day I was at work, bored and surfing some porn, a customer in an old beat up truck drove on to my lot up next to my cheaper cars. I waited to see if they would get out of the truck or drive off having not seen any car they liked. When the door to the truck opened I was excited to see the hottest little black girl I had ever seen.

She was about 19 years old, 5'8" tall, maybe 115 pounds. She had long black hair and a body that looked sent from heaven. I mean this girl was hot! Beautiful doesn't even scratch the surface. This young lady was classy as well, no trash cloths, she could have been a model.

My dick was already awake from the surfing so in seconds I was rock hard.I made my way to the door to go out and greet her and just as I walked out she turned to come in. We said the how are you today stuff and she told me that her name was Tika. She was even more beautiful up close. Her skin looked like melted chocolate.

She wanted to go inside and tell me her story. We went in and sat down across the desk from each other and she said she needed to get a car that day. She had a violent fight with her ex-boyfriend and he was getting out of jail the next day. She only had 1000.00 to spend and she was going to get a car to move herself to Texas.

I had a car that I could sell her for 1000 but I asked her if she had any way to some up with 2500 so I could make alittle money on the deal. She said all she had was the 1000 and enough more to get her to Texas.

I don't know why, maybe it was the fact that she was moving and I would never see her again, maybe it was the porn surfing, maybe it was because she was so fucking hot, but I said it straight out, Tika let me lock the door, give me the 1000 and let me have my way with you for a couple of hours. The car could be yours. I couldn't believe I said it and I couldn't believe she said yes. She reached into her purse and pulled out 1000 and said yes again.

I stood up and walked to the door, locked it and returned for her hand. I guided her to a couch that was customer waiting area and as I turned to face her I was met with a soft kiss, then a deeper opened mouth kiss that seemed to last forever. I helped her sit down in front of me and began to unbutton her top. She reached up for my belt then unfastened and unzipped my pants as they feel to the floor my dick almost jumped in her mouth.

I only have about an 8" dick and other then the fat part in the middle I am sure that she had had bigger, but I watched Tika slide her sexy full lips all the way down until her chin was on my balls. She took me in and back out of her throat slowly about three times and I lost it. I came with such presure that cum came out of her nose.

She pulls back and I told her that was a good down payment but I still needed to go down alittle. I joined my pants on the floor in front of her, finished removing her top and her bra. Again I was reminded just how beautiful she was as she shifted to help me remove her pants and underwear.

She was perfect,firm breast with nipples the size of silver dollars. I licked and kissed my way down her rock hard body to the sweetest little clit I had ever seen. I put my right arm under and back around her leg so I could work her upper clit with my thumb. With my left I pulled the lower side of her clit and pushed my other thumb up her ass. She put her legs on my back and I worked my magic between my thumbs for about thirty minutes. I sucked and licked her dry over and over again until she came and I mean she CAME.

She sprayed my face like a tiger marking her territory. I felt her hot liquid hit my back. At first I thought she pissed on me but it was to sweet for piss, it was cum.This beautiful young lady was what a friend of mine called a sprayer. It made my dick so hard it hurt.I stood up with great speed, rolled her ass almost straight up and stuck my fat little dick right up her ass until my balls pounded against her body. I didn't even have a foot on the floor when I blew another load that had to fill her full. Again from her pussy shot out a waive of hot sweet cum.

I almost passed out. I rolled backwards pulling her off the couch on the end of my dick until we hit the floor on my back. She raised up enough to remove my dick from her ass and in seconds I was deep inside this wonderful pussy. I felt another rush of warm liquid poor out of her and I couldn't move. All I could do is lie on the floor for the next thirty minutes and watch this totally hot godess fuck herself with my dick. Two more times she made me cum before we both could do nothing but twitch on the floor.

After about an hour of just holding each other she looked up at me and again we kissed long and soft. I told her that she got the car. It took us forever to get off the floor, but we finished the paper work and she drove off. She left the old truck on my lot until sometime in the night, it was gone the next morning.

About a week later she pulls back in and told me that she made it all the way to Texas and decided she wanted to be with me. She said what happened had never happened before and that I was the best lover she ever had. We live together now. I get sprayed about two times a week.

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