The County Fair

The County Fair

"…and I hated that conditioning we had to do after practice, didnt you?" said my friend.

"What? Oh, yea…" I replied. We were walking to the entrance of the county fair. Ready for a wild and fun night. I had just spotted a guy across from me walking to the entrace opposite us. He was about 5'7, athletic body from what I could tell. Black hair, brown eyes.

After my friend and I had walked into the fair, he said, "Hey man, you see that guy over there? Hes been staring at you for like, the past fifteen minuetes." I followed his finger past the concession stand we were at and across a small park where sat the guy that I saw walking into the the fair.

"Lets go say hello shall we?" I said.

We walked ove to where he was sitting. He looked much better close up than far away. HIs athletic body really shown through his white t-shirt.

"Hey man, whats up? Whats your name?" I asked.

"Im Tyler, can I ask you a question?" He replied and asked.

"Sure I said, sitting down and pulling on my croch to make room for my dick. "Whats up?"

"Are you gay? Because I am." My friend and I looked each other in the eyes, most of the people from my school were bi-sexual, and most had seen cocks at least once in their life.

"Im bi-sexual, and so is he," I said, casting a thumb over to Jonathan. "Why, are you looking to have a little fun?" I asked

"Well, yea sure, if you want to." He said.

"Come on, follow me." I said. I walked them past the carousel and 2 consessions. I took them behind the farthest reaches of the fair. Behind a trailer that was used to haul stuff here.

"Okay, lets see your dick." I said.

He willingly dropped his pants and boxers and showed us his soft 2 inches. He said it was 4 when hard. Then It was Jonathans turn. He dropped his boxers and showed his soft 3 inches, hard 5. Then it was my turn. KNowing that I had the biggest dick of any of them, I dropped my shorts with confidence and showed off the outline my soft dick made against my boxers. Then I dropped them and listened to Tyler gasp. Mine was 6-and-a-half inches soft, about 9 hard.

"Holy shit man! How is it so big??" asked Tyler. "Just runs in the family." I replied. Just then Tyler reached for his now hard 4 inches and started to jerk off. Not wanting to be left out, I grabbed my 6 and a half inches and Jonathan grabbed his 3 inches and we all started to bang off. Jonathan was the first to cum, shooting cumloads onto the cool evening grass. Then Tyler cummed, moaning and groaning. Then it was my turn. I beat my 9 inches of cock until my knees started to shake. Then I let go, my dick was quivering with excitement.

"Lemme guess, next you wanna get fucked?" I asked, joking around. But to my surprise he shook his head yes. So I walked around behind him as he got on his hands and knees as I guided my huge meat into his ass. He moaned as I pushed my huge cock into his ass as deep as It would go. As I did this, Jonathan went down and started to suck Tylers cock. I pushed my cock in and out, gaining momentum, go faster and faster. Until I cummed and cummed inside his ass.

After I pulled out and sat down on the grass, our dicks now deflated after the fucking, I told him I had better go, so I shoved my dick back into my boxers and shorts and said I hoped to see him around later. Jonathan and I walked out of the park.

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