The Education of Kim – Chapter 3

The Education of Kim – Chapter 3

The Education of Kim – Pt 3
By Kim

The rest of my summer between high school and college flew by quickly with Jon and I screwing like rabbits at every available opportunity. The week before Labor Day we said goodbye and headed off to college. He left for a school in the Midwest and my parents drove me to Boston. I knew I would miss Jon on several levels – we were really good friends and he had been my only lover. During the trip to Boston I decided it would be fun to be a virgin again.

I moved into the freshman dorm that, as advertised, was coed. There were 12 double rooms on my floor. The six at one end of the hall were assigned to girls, the six at the other boys. There were two large bathrooms in the middle that were supposed to be segregated. After I had moved in, my assigned roommate arrived – a tall, athletic woman from Maine. She seemed nice enough even if we could never trade clothes – she was 5 inches taller and 30 pounds heaver. More about her later.

The schedule said the first three days were for freshmen orientation. Orientation began with a meeting of all 24 people on my dorm floor. The upper classman who was nominally in charge of the dorm explained how things were supposed to work – men were to use the bathroom on the left, women the one on the right. Everyone was supposed to wear robes or at least large towels and to be careful not embarrass anyone. He then talked a lot about quiet hours and a bunch of other rules. He said he did not care if we had a few beers in the dorm as long as we did not create problems or leave a big mess. He did tell us to go somewhere else to smoke pot or do drugs. Doing it in the dorm bothered other students and created legal problems. When someone asked who would enforce all those rules, he basically told us to work it out problems ourselves and if we needed his help, his room was near the lobby.

He said we had come to college to learn a many things – some we would learn in the classroom, some we would learn in the dorm and some we would learn off campus. He then told us to be careful how we used our new freedom. He suggested that any of the women who were not already on the pill should visit the health center and get a prescription. He also suggested that in the age of AIDS and other serious sexually transmitted diseases, we should always use condoms and said that there would always be a basket of free condoms in the lobby.

After the meeting we had a session get to know each other. We each introduced ourselves and talked a minute or two about our background, goals and aspirations. Several smaller groups formed as we shared chips, soda and more information. Later that evening the girls got together and classified the guys as: 3 were good looking, well built studs, 5 were ordinary/average nice guys, 2 were computer nerds, one was total loser and one was probably gay. I later learned the boys had done the same thing. Their assessments were: 2 of the girls were both good looking and horny, 3 were OK and available, 3 had steady boyfriends nearby and were not available, 2 were virgins and planned to stay that way for religious reasons, one (my roommate) was probably gay and I was a virgin that could be seduced.

Sam, one of the good-looking studs, immediately started to pay a lot of attention to me. Every place we went, there he was sitting next to me. The first evening he took me to a bar just off campus. We danced and drank till midnight when I made Sam take me back to the dorm. I kissed him good night at my door but did not let him into my room. The second evening we went to a movie and then back to my room for a few minutes of moderate petting. The third night he pulled out all the stops to seduce me. He took me to dinner at a nice restaurant and then to a club. Later we went to his room which was set up with a bottle of nice wine, romantic music, and candle light. (His roommate was banished for the night.) I had great fun playing the part of the reluctant virgin. We drank most of the wine as we cuddled, hugged and kissed. I pretended not to notice as he loosened and then removed one piece of clothing after another. When we were both naked, I told him to blow out the candles as I slipped between the sheets.

Sam crawled in next to me, took me in his arms and pressed his erection against my crotch. I let out small cry of surprise and pushed it away. I let him fondled my breasts as he ran his other hand all over me. I would moan and press against his hand when he brushed my clit. He was getting more and more excited. Finally he asked me if I was ready? I said yes, but said he had to wear a condom. He pulled one from under his pillow and quickly put it on. He then rolled on top of me and forced my knees apart. He centered his dick on my pussy and gently began to push. I clamped my sphincter muscle closed and let him try to break my “cherry.” He pushed harder and harder and finally managed to force his average sized dick in a couple of inches. It actually hurt so I did not have to fake a real scream. He stopped and asked if I was OK? I asked him to hold still while I caught my breath. He waited a few seconds and then began to hump me. He only lasted about a minute before he began to pant, grunt, groan and shoot his load. When he was done, I pushed him off and began to cry. It was a performance worthy of an academy award. A few minutes later he wanted to do it again, but I said I was too sore, gathered up my clothes and went back to my room. I discussed my ‘disappointment’ with the whole experience with my roommate who listened, nodded and suggested I get some sleep. Just as I expected, the whole floor knew what had happened by sunrise.

The next day was the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend. There were no school events scheduled until Tuesday so we were on our own. When we finally got up around noon, six couples decided to go swimming at the on campus pool. After an hour of sun bathing and a nice swim we headed back to the dorm where one of the guys had a case of cold beer waiting. I noticed that Ari, one of the other good-looking studs, was stuck to me like glue today. Ari was a Greek exchange student who was also built like a Greek God. As we sipped our beer, I snuggled into Ari’s arms. After several beers the other couples started to drift off to one room or another. Ari invited me to his room to “get to know each other better.” Since I had come to college to learn, I said yes. Once in his room he brought out two towels and suggested we get rid of the damp bathing suits. I let him peel off my suit and rub me dry with the towel. Now it was my turn. When I pulled his suit down I was greeted by much more than I expected. His mostly soft dick was over 8 inches long was nearly 2 inches thick. As I rubbed him down with the towel, the thing kept growing and growing until fully erect it was 12 inches long and over 2 inches thick. I shouted, “Wow!” and just stood back and stared.

I told Ari that I had just lost my virginity to an average sized dick last night and there was no way that I could handle all that today. I knelt in front of him and started to give him a blowjob instead. He said he understood and that he also understood that I could only get the first 3 or 4 inches in my mouth. I held and tickled his balls and ran my fingers up and down his shaft as I licked and sucked. Ari appreciated my efforts and soon that massive dick throbbed and shot a load down my throat. I managed to swallow it all, looked up at Ari and smiled. He picked me up, gave me a big hug and a long passionate kiss. He said the least he could do was to return the favor. He sat me down on the bed, knelt between my legs and started to lick and kiss his way toward my crotch. When he got there he licked and kissed all the way around the outside before he ran first his tongue and then his nose the length of my opening. A big shiver went through my body as he began to probe with his tongue. It felt great. It felt even better when he moved up and began to flick my clit with his tongue. The pleasant glow that was radiating from my loins turned to a soft fire when he began to suck on my clit. The fire got even hotter when he inserted first one then two fingers on his right hand into my pussy and started to work them back and forth. At that point I went into sensory overload and had an organism that left his face wet. He held on as my body bucked against his face. As that organism passed, he inserted one finger on his left hand enough to get it wet, took it out and slipped in a third finger from the right hand. He went right on sucking my clit and finger fucking my pussy. He had that wet finger on his left hand halfway into my ass before I even noticed. The combination of being finger fucked in both my ass and pussy while having my clit sucked produced another organism. When it passed and I took a couple of deep breaths, I realized that Ari now had all 4 fingers on his right had inside my pussy and that he had stretched it quite a lot. He told me he thought I was now just the right size and to just lie back and relax. I thought OK this should be interesting and followed instructions.

He rolled on a large size, lubricated condom and positioned himself between my legs. He ever so gently started to work the head into my opening. I relaxed my sphincter muscles and to my amazement, that monster started to slide in with almost no pain. He slid in the first 5 or 6 inches and stopped to let me catch my breath. He asked how I was doing. I said OK so far but to take it very slowly because from here on it was all new territory. I kept the soles of my feet pressed firmly against the mattress as he pushed in a half inch at a time. I felt a real mixed bag of both pleasure and pain as my insides were being both stretched and rearranged. When he had inserted about 10 inches, he again stopped to let me adjust. We decided that was enough for now so he began a slow steady stroke. I adjusted my legs so my clit was making firm contact with his shaft. I felt so full of him that every nerve in my body felt like it was being directly stimulated. Another orgasm followed which pushed him over the edge and triggered his release deep inside of me. When we were done we rolled onto our sides and just enjoyed the glow as he slowly softened and eventually slid out. That was it for me for Saturday. I borrowed his towel, showered, had dinner and put my tired, sore body to bed.

Sunday morning I awoke around 9:00 am and found my roommate Anna was sitting and watching me. When I asked her why she was doing that she explained that she felt really badly because my first sexual experience had been such a disaster. (She had not been around on Saturday afternoon.) She explained that she thought sex should be a mutually satisfying experience not one where one person hurts and exploits the other. She went on to offer to show me how sex could be safe, enjoyable and non-exploitive. I already knew that I enjoyed oral sex with men so I decided to try it with Anna. Here was another chance to learn new things.

I asked Anna what she wanted to do first? She said to lock the door and get naked. Next she suggested that we spend a few minutes lightly running our fingers over the other’s body. We were to tell the other each time a sensitive area was touched. I was still sensitive in all the same places that Jon had found 2 months earlier plus Ari had made my whole lower abdomen tender. I let her think I was still sore from Friday night. She said the second stage was to gently stimulate these sensitive spots and to eventually bring your partner to an orgasm. She asked if I had ever had an orgasm. With a straight face I told her no, I had not. She announced that she would fix that and do it within the next hour. She began by tickling, licking and then sucking my breasts. I returned the favor and massaged her breasts and occasionally pinched her nipples. They responded by popping out and standing at attention. Anna worked her way lower stopping to lick around my navel before licking her way to my crotch. She pushed me gently onto the bed, spread my legs and ran her tongue slowly up the inside of each thigh. That alone sent a shiver up my spine. She then began to lick first the outside and then the inside of my pussy lips. She then started to thrust her long tongue deeper and deeper. The effect on my nervous system was amazing. Wave after wave of extremely pleasant sensations radiated throughout my body. I lay back and uuhed and oohed as these waves washed over me. This nice quiet interlude was interrupted by an involuntary shriek as she touched my swollen clit and what felt like a bolt of lightning surged through my body. I slammed my crotch into her face as my first orgasm began. Anna held on and as that orgasm passed she started to seriously suck my clit. That caused a more or less continuous orgasm that went on for what seemed like forever. She eventually slowed and then stopped so I could return to the real world. As I regained my sense of where I was and what I was doing, I thanked Anna and told her that I had never experienced anything even remotely like that. I was so physically and emotionally drained that I collapsed on the bed and panted for a few minutes. Later that morning she taught me how to do the same for her. After a rest, Anna brought out her box of sex toys. She had a large collection of dildos, vibrators and even a strap on dick. I told her I wanted to learn about each of those things but that I was too sore right now. We agreed to postpone that lesson.

We cleaned up and went to lunch. There we found most of the rest of the group. They were discussing what to do on Sunday afternoon and evening. Someone suggested that we take blankets and a case of beer to a nearby park on the river. Two of the guys went to fill a cooler with beer as the rest of (minus Anna) us put on shorts and headed out with blankets. We had a very low-key afternoon sitting in a circle, sipping beers, and swapping stories. The more we drank, the more personal and raunchier the stories became. This afternoon I found myself sitting next to Lloyd, the other good-looking stud. After several beers I snuggled closer as he fondled my breasts. The other couples were also doing some discrete petting. The party come to a late afternoon halt when the beer ran out. We decided to get more beer and take the party back to the dorm. Everyone gathered in the two rooms at the boy’s end of the hall. Some of the blankets were spread in the hall and several couples stretched out there. At first the petting was mild and discrete. As the beer flowed and the evening wore on, more clothing was loosened and passions rose. I noticed that the girl next to me was bouncing on her boy’s lap while her shorts were around her knees. I took a bathroom break and on the way I checked out the scene. Four of the eight couples seemed to be trying to discretely do it. On the way back I did a recount. Two couples were copulating openly, while three were doing it discretely. I had never seen another couple fuck much less watched a real gang bang. This was really fun. Lloyd and I took on the role of cheerleaders. We encouraged each couple to get rid of both clothing and inhibitions. One by one they did and soon there were seven naked couples humping away. Two couples finished, sat up and realized that Lloyd and I were the only ones still dressed. They demanded that we get undressed and let them watch us. We thought “why not” and made a show of slowly undressing each other. Lloyd put on a condom and led me to an available bed. He picked me up and with great ceremony laid me on my back. I spread my legs and held out my arms to him. He bowed to the audience, bowed to me and positioned himself between my legs. The group cheered us on he slowly buried his erection in my pussy. He started to hump me as the group counted cadence. I lifted my legs, locked them around his waist and pulled him all the way in. The group had a great view of his balls slapping against my ass. He pounded away for several minutes while I kept time by slapping him on his ass. Soon he announced that he was coming, slammed into me and fired his load as the group cheered.

Everyone took a break, had another beer and thought about what to do next. Someone suggested we create a 16-person daisy chain. The eight guys stretched out face up in a big circle on the floor. The eight girls then positioned their pussies over one guy’s face while guiding the next guy’s cock toward their mouth. I yelled, “Lets do it” and started sucking the dick in front of me while lowering my pussy onto a waiting face. Everyone else did the same and we all sucked and licked until our partners begged us to stop.

This wild party went on for another hour or two. We watched as three or four people tried various combinations of regular and oral sex. Around midnight I realized that I was too drunk to participate so staggered off to bed.

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