The Family Fuck

The Family Fuck

Hi all,

I'm going to narrate how our family started fucking. I have given importance only to the storyline and so sex will be a little bit brief and
the events would be in detail.

I am Karan(23) Software engineer in a leading MNC in Bangalore (INDIA). I'm going to narrate you the true incident that happened in our
family when I was 17 (a six years ago). We were living in madurai (INDIA). My family is a small one with my Mother Tara (36), father
Ganesh (39) and my sister Preethi (18). My father worked for a leading Tamil journal as a reporter and we even himself don’t know when
he will get a call for job. Sometimes he may work in daytime and sometime during night. He used to consume alcohol often. My mother
is a house wife and my sister finished her higher schooling and joined B.Sc Catering and hotel Management in a local college. I was on
my last few days of my higher school education.

My sister used to bring her friends often to our house and chats a long time in her room. She has a stunning structure. She has
medium sized soft boobs, a slim hip and good butt. One day I was playing Prince in my computer as Rohini a friend of my sis, came.
She was equally attractive as preethi. As she has been to our house often, She spoke a few words to me and she proceeded to
preethi's room. I tuned on the television and an erotic song was telecast. I got horny on seeing it and My cock became semi erect. I
moved towards My room to calm down my cock through masturbation, But I stopped by the door of preethi as I heard some sound. It
was like a soft whisper. My mother was still in the kitchen and so I thought to peep into the room. I bent and watched through the key
hole and my 8" cock reached a Rock Hard-on. I could not believe what I was watching. Preethi and Rohini were in her bed completely
nude with Rohini on the top. I found out that they were tongue fucking each other. The feeling that my sister is a lesbian made me more
intense and I rushed to my room and removed al my clothes and laid on the bed and I masturbated hard and I shot loads of my hot
sperm in the air and it landed all over my body. I laid there a few seconds and then got up and I cleaned myself with a towel and when I
turned back I was shocked. My mother was standing near the door, staring at me. I ran and wrapped myself in a towel. She came and
sat near me. I was fearing that she is going to kill me. But she started advising me that it is not right to waste our energy and she
asked me what made me horny. I just asked her to peep into preethi's room. She said me that I should be ashamed to look at my
sister. I asked her to stop advising and to peep in.

My mother was a little bit confused and she looked into preethi's room. She was too shocked. She came to my room and sat too close
to me. She said that the scene inside has made herself horny and there is nothing wrong in my action. She looked at me and asked me
if I have seen such things or know about what is happening inside.

I immediately replied "No Mum"

But she asked again "Karan, there should be no lies in between a mother and a son. Tell me the truth."

I was confused what to say.

A moment later I replied. " Yes mum I have seen such scenes in Adult films and Porn magazines, But this is the first to watch in real."

Suddenly she started to caress my young body and she placed her hand over my semi-erect dick. I was shocked and said "mum". But
she said "My son, this young bitch has mad my cunt wet and I need something hot and hard inside. Fuck me…"

I was startled to see my mum a girl from an orthodox family to utter the word fuck.

I said "Mum you are my mother"

"But I am woman first. Now You need a woman to pacify your feelings and I need a Man to satisfy my desires. Why cant we join"

I was very much thrilled by the words of my mother. She started to move her hands over my cock along the towel.

She was delighted by it and asked its size. I replied 8" and She smiled an inch and a half than your father. Now she had removed my
towel completely and she dropped her Munti (the top portion of the saree over the blouse). My cock still became hard as I saw my
mothers breasts. They were large, firm and were protruding through the blouse. She was not wearing a brassiere and I got sight of my
mothers rock hard nipples. I became aroused and I started to touch her boobs and I started kneading them. I moved closer to her and I
kissed her on cheeks. she kissed me in my lips and I got her full lips and pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongue played a
little and meantime I had removed her Sari fully and also her blouse. What a good boobs my mother has. With Erect black nipples, She
looked damn sexy. I grabbed her boobs and started licking the right one, while kneading the left one. She was restless Her hand moved
up and down my shaft and she was moaning.

She herself removed her petticoat and she wore no panties too that was easy for me. I started brushing my hand in her bush and I
started fingering her. She increased her pace and by her grip on my prick, I was sure she had an orgasm. Sweet juices touched my
hand and not to miss them I immediately pushed her to the bed and started licking her cunt. Now she started to moan heavily and she
also made hissing sounds. I licked all over her cunt and throbbed my tongue inside cunt and started exploring her inner parts. She
moved a little and grabbed my penis and started sucking it. We started 69 and she started sucking me hard and her hand played with
my balls. We both reached orgasm and I shot loads of sperm in her awaiting mouth.

Now she lost her control and asked me to fuck her. I got on top of her and she herself took my dick and inserted it in her cunt. I
started slowly and damn she was tight. I slowly gained the rhythm and increased the speed. I led my tongue inside hers and sealed her
mouth in order to stop her moaning. I fucked her hard while my balls stroke her inner thighs. I felt my body temperature increase and I
rammed her hard and there came the climax. My hot sperm flew into the canal through which I made my first journey. I laid on her top
for few seconds. She turned me down and kissed me all over my face and said She really enjoyed it and it was the best fuck She has
ever had. She then got up and went out carrying her stained clothes. After few seconds, I cleaned myself and dressed and waited in
the sofa. My mother went and took bath and she started her cooking. Then Rohini came out and she bid goodbye to me and left the
house. I could hear Preethi closing her bathroom door. Preethi used to bath for nearly one hour a day. I think she must be enjoying

I went to the kitchen. There she was dressed in a cram saree and she had left her hair wet and uncombed and she was facing her back
to me and the way her butt was swaying as she moved made me crazy. I went straight to her and hugged her hip from back. She was
startled at first and after realizing it was me She said that preethi might come as Rohini has left. I pacified her saying that she would
be coming only a hour later as she is bathing. And saying this I pushed my Dick strong against her Ass. She was aroused very much.
I said Mum I wanna fuck you in Your ass. She readily agreed and removed all of her clothes in a minute and she stood as a nude
angel. I too undressed and grabbed her ass. She bent a little and she caught hold of the cupboard shelf for a support. I made her to a
slightly inclined doggy position and started caressing her breasts. She fingered her cunt and She turned around and our tongues met. I
slowly inserted my penis in her sweet ass. Damn it was tighter than her cunt. I rammed her hard and she screamed a little and then she
started moaning and I fucked her all way. It was spectacular to see the way her breasts moved and also to see how her thali
(mangalsutra) swinged between them. I shot my load in her and laid on her and we both laid on the floor a little with my dick still in her
ass hole. Suddenly I felt a soft feeling on my back and a pressure on us.

When I turned I was really startled. It was preethi in full nudity. In our sexual desire we had neither noted the time nor that the door is
open. I was shocked and my mother pleaded to preethi not to inform her dad. She said that if she should not tell her father she needed
a wish, when asked about it She said smilingly I"I Want to share the bed with you two" I cant believe what I heard. I lifted her nude
body to our mother's bed room and dropped her in the bed and started fucking her. Tara came in and lowered her pussy to her
daughter. Preethi licked it clean and since she was experienced in licking cunts, she made my mother to cum thrice before I emptied
my cum in her vagina. Then we all had a break and as cooking was not over I went to the restaurant and fetched some food for us
three. We ate them and we took a good nap for about 8 hours in our fucking tiredness and when we woke it was 11.30 And we had no
sleepy feeling. So we took some bread and jam in the fridge and started chatting. We sat in a way that we were next to each other. We
switched on the television and I surfed through some erotic channels and tuned to one. We were simply lying with my dick in my
mothers Ass and my mother hugging preethi from back. I was kneading Tara's breasts and Tara kneading Preethi's and preethi was
fingering her cunt. We didn’t fuck actually but just in a fucking threesome position.

We started speaking of many things about sex. Tara gave many tricks and tips. Preethi shared her experience with her friends and I
asked mother about her first night. She narrated her first night with a little shyness and Preethi and Myself listened to it. Tara said that
Our father Tore her vagina that day. The scenes in the TV changed and an adults only film started. It portrayed the family sex. Sex
between family members. It was similar to our family and father was alone missing. This made us think how it would be if our father
also joined us. Preethi admitted she had fanaticized about her father and want to be fucked by him. Tara also said It would be nice and
he has such a good cock and muscles. When I thought of his cock, my own cock Bulged inside Tara. Tara said, But it would be difficult
to get him into the trap. I thought for a while and said that nothing is impossible and I would make plans to make him fall in the trap. I
thought for long time even after the movie has over and even after Preethi and Tara had slept Nude in my arms. I got few ideas and I
thought to implement them after two days as father comes home. I slept then.

My father came home after two days. I had explained my plans already to Tara & Preethi and we had rehearsed a couple of times to
make it right. According to our plans, all the three of us had roles. First I made Tara to make her husband erotic. She wore a blue low
hip saree lower than a DLJ and she also had a matching low cut blouse which showed a clear view of her cleavage, her massive tits
and on bending showed her protruding nipples. Tara served him with Rum and she knowingly dropped her saree down and when she bent
to take the saree, Father saw those gorgeous tits. He was already aroused by alcohol and this sight further made him horny. He
almost tore open her dresses and pushed her right to the sofa and fucked her hard. I and Preethi who were behind the sofa watching
these also got horny and we started our fucking. I fucked her ass. By now Father's 61/2" cock was fucking her tits. They reached the
climax and his jism spurted all over the air and it spoiled Tara's hair, face and it also fall on our faces. He fucked her 3 times that night
and I and Preethi climaxed a two.

Our part-I of getting our father horny was accomplished. Then the next day, He came drunk. I and Tara had wantedly left the house
and went for a movie, leaving Preethi for Part-II. Preethi sat in the sofa opposite to Ganesh and She was tuning channels. Noticing his
state, She tuned to VCD and inserted a porno one. Moments later, She went and sat closer to him and rested her face in his chest.
He was getting horny by the video and his cock was getting hard. She started caressing his thighs, stomach and to his cock. She took
out his cock and started stroking it. He was startled a moment, But enjoyed it. Then he removed her top garments and cupped her
breasts and kneaded them. She took his manliness in her mouth and started sucking him. He cant resist and he pushed her down and
tore her remaining dresses and fucked her hard. Since he was on drinks. He didn’t give up for 15 mins. Then after few minutes, He
lifted Preethi and kept on his lap and inserted his prick inside her sweet ass and asked her to do sit-ups. His cock moved up and down
her little ass. This time he lasted a few minutes more than the first one and later collapsed. Our part-II has also been accomplished.

It was at last Me who had to take my chance. That night He didn’t consume alcohol. He was asleep in his bed, when I got naked and
started masturbating in the bed. I took a small safety pin and gave a prick to him. Thinking it as an insect/mosquito bite he wake and
he was shocked to find me in such a state. I didn’t mind him and I continued. He sat on the bed and asked me from when are you
masturbating. I replied for 5 years. He asked me some more questions such as what do I fantasize, Whom I like. Had I seen a women
nude and Have I Had Homo. On hearing that I said" I hadn’t but longing for one." Then He took his dick out which was semi-erect by
now and started stroking it. He asked whether I could help him. I readily accepted it and I took his in my mouth. He was startled He
also took mine and we did 69. We both climaxed at almost at the same time. Me a few seconds later. My father's cum was tasty. Few
moments later I fondled his dick and asked whether he would like to fuck my ass. He was thrilled and I showed my ass. He inserted his
rock dick. Since Mine was experienced one, It didn’t pain much. Then I did the same to daddy.

One fine day when we were all together, I explained all matters of our family fuck to our family. My father was really excited on the
idea of foursome. We started fucking there at the hall floor itself and we slept only after 8 hours of real fucks and sucks.

I trained my Preethi and Tara for smoking and Drinking and we now enjoy a lot. we roam only nude inside the house and my mom and
sis wears tight shirts, jeans, DLJ and sleeveless sexy sarees and salwars outside. We call all of us by our names.

Even after I got a job as a software engineer in bangalore. I shifted our house here and our fucks and sucks continues.

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