Nate and Hailey always just told everybody that they were best friends from the start. They were, but after they had dated the first time things changed a little bit. There was this attraction and respect for each other that wasn't there before. Well at the end of the year, Nate dropped a bomb on what seemed to have become the perfect relationship: outwardly friends to the rest of the world, inwardly beginning to fall in love. He was changing schools. Hailey was devastated. Nate hadn't realized how close they had become and how much it would mean to her if he left.

They spent the last three weeks of school with each other as much as possible. It was going to be hard during the summer, but harder now knowing Nate was changing schools. Nate told Hailey that he was definitely coming to visit at least once in the summer. They planned for the weekend after her birthday. It was all they talked about every night that they were on the phone.

Finally the weekend came when Nate was coming to visit. Hailey was planning an amazing time. They were going to go camping, just the two of them. Nothing sexual had really happened between them. Some really intense kisses but they usually stopped after that. They both knew that those kisses meant something though. They talked intensely about this weekend and about how they both really wanted each other.

Well the night finally came when Nate came to visit. Hailey was so ecstatic that she barely could function. Nate finally arrived, dropped his bags said hello to Hailey's parents and they went out to explore the city. Hailey was so happy to finally see Nate. They spent their night into the early hours just wandering around and enjoying each others company. They were wandering through a park near Hailey's house when Nate stopped Hailey and pulled her in close. He kissed her passionately on the lips. She was floating on a cloud by that time. They walked the few blocks to Hailey's house hand in hand knowing that the following night was going to be especially steamy.

They left Hailey's house at about 5:00 to drive to where they were going to be camping. When they arrived they dropped their stuff off and went into town to buy some dinner and look around. At about 7:30 they headed back to their campsite. They mixed themselves some drinks and headed up the hill to watch the sunset. They sat next to each other watching the sunset just barely touching. Nate put his arm around Hailey and kissed her on the forehead. Just having him touch her in more than a friendly way, began to give Hailey shivers. The sun set and Hailey looked at Nate and noticed that he was staring at her in sort of a funny way. She asked him “Why are you looking at me like that Nate?” He looked at her and said “I can't think of a moment yet this summer that I've been happier than I am now, here with you.” Well with that statement Hailey proceeded to melt inside. Nate took his head into her hands and looked deep into her eyes and kissed her. It was like nothing the two of them ever experienced with anybody before.

The sun set and they silently hiked back to their campsite holding hands both thinking of what that kiss meant to their new relationship. It gets dark fast when you're outside of the city. Hailey wasn't a big fan of the dark, but with Nate she felt so secure nothing scared her. They pulled the air mattress out of the tent and lay down under the stars cuddling.

After awhile Hailey began to get cold so they pulled the mattress back inside the tent and crawled into their sleeping bag. Nate put his hands around Hailey's stomach and really casually began to rub it in small circles. Hailey couldn't believe what was happening she suddenly couldn't think of anything she wanted more in the world than Nate right then. She rolled over and kissed him passionately on the lips, the kind of kiss they had the day before in the park only more sexual. She pulled away from the kiss and looked at Nate. “Nate I..” “I know Hailey I feel the same way” he said confirming that this was something they both wanted and needed for a long time.

Nate kissed Hailey again this time getting more of her, tasting every bit of her mouth and sensing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He kissed her across her cheek and over to her neck nibbling and getting quite turned on by her heavy breathing. He brushed his lips over her ear and she moaned out from just the light touch. She pulled his lips back to hers as her hands wandered down his back reaching for the bottom of his t-shirt. She pulled his t-shirt off and threw it off to the side. Playfully she pushed him away and took off her tank top slowly; drawing out what should be a quick process. She sat in front of Nate in just her bra plying with the straps. He sat up and kissed her shoulders, trailing light kisses and nibbles from one shoulder across her collarbones to her other shoulder. She unsnapped her bra and took it off. He lay her down, kissing her all the while. She pulled away from the kiss and just stared up at him laying half on half off her. “What's wrong?” Nate asked softly “Nothing” Hailey replied “I was just marveling in how right this feels” She smiled and moaned as he began to kiss her again.

She pulled away from his lips and trailed her own kisses down onto his neck. His breathing and pulse increased. She kissed her favorite place, in between his collarbones. He kissed her ear and reveled in her immediate intake of breath. He kissed down her neck to her collarbone and nibbled his way along that, followed the curve of it to the center kissing down her breast bone. He found the soft spot in the midst of her breasts and kissed one then the other, just admiring them in the soft light of the moon. He began to kiss and lick one at a time, enjoying the taste of her sweet, supple flesh. She arched her back and softly whispered his name. He traced his kisses down to her waistline and around her bellybutton. He looked up at her, as if to ask permission to go farther but it was obvious by the expression on her face that he had no need to ask.

He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off leisurely one leg at a time. He kissed her inside of her thigh while his hand walked up her other leg and lightly stroked her over her lacy underwear. The combined sensations elicited a very sensuous moan from Hailey. Nate moved his kisses back up to her waist and pulled her underwear down with one finger, his kisses trailing where his finger went. She pushed her hips up so that he could pull off her underwear. He pulled them off and threw them in the ever growing pile of clothes next to their bed.

He brought his hands to what he had been wanting for so long now, to touch to taste, to feel her, to revel in the fact that he was driving her crazy. He parted her lips with one finger pushing up into her. She was already going crazy just wanting his mouth on her, she was practically begging. He lowered his lips to her practically dripping wet pussy. With one touch of his tongue Hailey was practically panting from the sheer feeling of it all. Damn he though this girl is really hot for me. He was really beginning to go crazy with his tongue loving how responsive Hailey was to it. Her moans got really loud and she pulled his head back up to her mouth to kiss him in a different way then either thought could ever happen with them.

She rolled the two of them over onto the grass so that she was on top. She looked at him with a devil eye and traced her kisses down his neck to right above his jeans. She held her kisses here for a second then trailed back up to his lips playing with the button on his jeans teasing him. She undid his jeans and pulled them off even more slowly than he had done to her earlier. He was ready to kill her by the time she finally got them off, well almost she was after all naked and taking off his pants what more could a guy want? She rubbed her hands up and down his legs watching the expression in his face change when she got closer to his crotch. She trailed her hands up his boxers so that she could satisfy her curiosity about him. He was by that time more than ready for her touch and sighed out loud when she finally grasped his erect penis. She used her free hand to remove his boxers and toss them off to the pile. Now they were both naked.

She crawled up on top of him so that they could just enjoy how two naked bodies feel together. “Nate, I used to push away my feelings for you, telling myself they were stupid and didn't matter but now” He shut her up with a kiss. They rolled over again out of the tent onto the soft grass. “What if somebody sees us? She asked him. He shut up by giving her what they both wanted most of all, him inside of her. She gasped when she felt him slide into her so easy and at how right even this felt.

Nate began to slide in and out of her, in rhythm with her breathing. She was beginning to get loud again. He slowed down; he had been waiting to long for this to go fast. He just wanted to enjoy the feelings washing over his body, knowing that the feelings that they both were hiding could finally be out in the open. She kissed him hard on the mouth, pushing his head into hers. They were both fitting together like someone had molded them at the same time. Nate began to feel himself build up in need of a release. He pulled out rolled over so that Hailey could be on top. She climbed up on top of him and slipped up into her. She wasn't going to go as slow as he was. She wanted him to cum as much as he did. She was like a machine and he couldn't handle it. The loudest moan escaped from Nate's lips as his orgasm hit hard. Hailey kept at it really enjoying herself by this point. She slowed down after she saw Nate relax. She rolled the two of them over again so that she could revel in the pressure and feeling of having him on top of her and in her. “I love you” Nate said quietly. When he realized what he had said he was scared for Hailey's reply. “I love you more” she breathed out. “Impossible” Nate said. “ I'll bet you another romp in the sack that I do” “ Oh you are definitely on for that” Nate said kissing her again and shocked that he was still ready for more of her.

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