The Last Night

The Last Night

Everyone knows that the last night of camp is the best. Every camper awaits the famous night to go off to the girls cabins and make out. Well, I was no different. But first let me give u a little intro.

So during the middle of camp i figure out from reliable sources that two girls in the same cabin liked me. Their names were Samantha and Emily. Well, i got to know both of them and decided on Sam. (Neither of them knew i knew about them liking me). I had made out with Sam on a previous night, but thats a whole nother story.

Alright, now its the last night, and im as horny as a dog in heat. I go to Sam and Emilys cabin to make out with sam. Unfortunately, most everybody is awake. So now im stuck waiting. Finally, everyone goes to sleep, Emily being the last. Now i make my move on sam. I sat down on the chair nearby and she sits on my lap.

"Finally, were alone," i said to sam.

Then our lips touch, hers as soft as satin. Soon i slip my hand down her skirt and start caressing her swollen clit. She was moaning and squealing as i move my fingers in and out of her. Then i notice something odd. Emily had not fallen asleep and she was getting off to us.

"Don't look now but somebodys watching us," I whispered to sam.

She calmly turns her head and sees what im talking about.

"Ever wanted to do a threesome," i ask sam.

She turned to me and smiled as we invite emily in our session. Now all three of us are on sams bed now before anything has happened. Then emily gently pulls my pants down to uncover my 7 incher. she starts kissing and rubbing my cock and im in heaven. Finally, she opens wide and glides up and down.

"What about me," asks sam.

With that i motion sam to my face. Then i also gently pull down her skirt revealing a beautiful pussy glistening from her vaginal secretions. I start eating her out as emily is still working on my dick. both me and sam were now moaning as i soon cummed in emilys mouth. Then soon after sam let loose all over my face. But emily still has yet to feel such joy. So sam moves over and emulates my previous action. I couldnt stand being all alone so i insert myself into sam. She didnt know what hit her until i went in and out faster and faster. Yet again i cum, but this time its in sam and not emily. After emily cummed all over sam, sam and i start making out again. Unfortunately, now, the sun was peeking from behind the hills, and we all knew i had to get out of there before anyone saw.

The morning after we played it off like it never happened, but we'll never forget the "fun" we had at camp.

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