The Locker Room_(0)

The Locker Room_(0)

I was 14 and so were most of the people in my class. It was a friday, end of the school day. The guys of my class were taking their time in changing because they didnt have any pressure. I was taking my time too.

I was taking a shower when one of the best times of my life happened. I was standing under the water, (My school has big open showers so everyone can see each others business.) when I saw a friend of mine grab his soft cock and start to masturbate. Then I saw another guy next to him start. He must be teaching him, I thought.

Since most of my friends were straight and bi-sexual, we didnt have a problem doing this in front of everyone.

I was just thinking if I should go over there when the first guy yelled, "Hey Evan, come here!" I walked over to them, my dick bouncing back and forth as I walked.

"Evan, this is Matt, a new kid, he dosent know how to masturbate." He said, quite loud. Some other guys in and around the shower heard this and came to watch us. As I looked around at some of the guys, I noticed that most if them were naked. Those that werent were reaching for their cocks through their jeans and shorts.

"I say a little initiation, whatta think boys?" Most of them mumbled their agreement, reached for their cocks, and walked into the shower. "Okay listen up Matt, this is gonna be the best half hour of your life. You have to lay down on the ground for the first part of this while we masturbate and cum all over you. Ill wont tell you what the rest are because their secret." Wink.

Some of the guys had gone home by now, well, most of them. Now there was only about 7 of us left. We all crowded around Matt as he laid down onto the ground. I grabbed my Five-and-a-half-inch soft cock and began to run it, slowly growing it into its full 8-and-a-half inches long by two inches. Most of the guys grabbed their cocks and started to masturbate. I had the biggest dick there and everyone knew it.

THe first to cum was Eli, a bi-sexual friend of mine. He threw his head back as jetload of cum oozed out of his 4 inch long dick. Soon thereafter came Tyler, He moaned gently as he too shot loads of cum all over helpless Matt. I looked around to see everyones hands flying up and down their rock hard dicks. A few other guys cummed, and then it was my turn. I threw my head back and massaged my shaft with such force that some of my cum missed Matt and hit the guys across from me.

"Whooee, wasnt that fun boys?" I said gasping, as I slowed down on my cock. I looked down to see Matt licking some of the cum off his face.

"Stage two, fellas" I said, "Get on your knees Matt, because youve got alot of cock to suck. He stood up and quickly took my huge hung meat into his mouth. He tickled the head with his tounge and massaged the shaft with his hand. It did not take me long to cum when he did that. After I did cum, he grabbed a few other cocks and shoved them in his mouth, drooling all over them. A few guys grabbed their dicks and slapped his face with it. After about 4 guys cummed in him, it was the rests turn. They tried to get all of their cocks in at once. Not successful. IT did not take them long to cum.

"Stage Three, my favorite," said a well-hung boy nest to me.

For stage Three, Matt had to get on his hands and knees as only a chosen few fucked him doggy-style. I was the first. I guided my huge cock into his ass and heard him groan. Then I picked up momentum and shoved my cock into his tight ass and pulled it all the way out. Then shoved it back in., listening to him grunt and moan everytime I went in. When I was downe, I put on my shorts, no boxers this time because I loved the feeling of silk on my dick, my hard on still visible throughthe shorts, and left the rest to the guys. I walked out of the room, exiting with the excited sounds of guys grunts and Matts moans.

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