The Neighbor Next Door

The Neighbor Next Door

It was a regular day about 10:30 am when I went outside to get the morning paper from my porch. It was a saturday. As I looked up I notice a new neighbor was moving in across the street. From what I could see she was gorgeous. She had a sexy little waist which led to her perfect little ass, and she had beautiful large tits that glistened in the sun. I was getting a hardon just think about fucking her. I decided to try a more subtle aproach rather than just going over there and asking to fuck her brains out. I went in the house and waited till noon. I put on my swim trunks and headed for the pool. After a good swim I went across the street still in my trunks and drying off with a towel.

She answered the door in a miniskirt and a halter top. I could she her tits buldging from her shirt about to burst it open. I calmy said hello and told her my name was Cole she said hers was Jill. She asked If I wanted to come in and have a drink and how could I refuse. I asked her where the bathroom was and she led me straight to it. She told me she was having trouble installing a new brass shower head she just bought. I offered to help. She got into to the shower and asked if I needed any assistance. I smiled. Noticng her tits were right in my face. I could feel my cock throbbing in my shorts. I told her I could fix it. She said softly not that that pionting to my full on erection. She immediatley pulled down my trunks and started stroking my cock. She then slid my cock head in her mouth taking me slowly inch by inch untill she had all 7 inches in between her pink pouty lips.

She licked my cock slowly I let out a low groan. "That's right suck daddy's cock" I yelled out. She then stood up and kissed me. I fondeled her tits and almost tore off her halter. I took one of her massive tits in my mouth licking and sucking her nipples untill she yelled out in pleasure "Fuck me with your mouth" . I then started to slip off her miniskirt to discover her soaking wet panties. After taking them off I fingered her pussy. She was moaning as I slid each finger in and out catching a good pulsating rythym. Ohh Ohhhh…. I pulled my fingers out of her soaping cunt and turned on the shower. We kissed and I whispered in her ear "now it's time for me to fuck you senseless. I grabbed my throbbing cock and slammed it into her wet slit.

ohhh ohh babay she moaned I started thrusting back and forth as She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck. I reached down and grabbed her tight ass lifting her up and pushing her against the shower wall. Now I could really fuck her good. I pumped my swollen cock in and out of her wet newly shaved pussy. The water was beating down on us hot and wet dripping down our bodies. We kept up the rabit like sex untill it got to hott in the shower. I pumped hard and fast now slowed I kept the rythym. Now the shower was full of steam and we were both breathing heavy. I grabbed her for one last kiss and we exited the shower.

I haede towards the door in my super wet trunks. "Call me if you need fixing again" I whispered to her. Ohh I will and thanks for fixing me today" she whispered back seductivley. With that being said I thought to myself this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between my cock and her cunt!!!

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