The Polish Girl — Part 3

The Polish Girl — Part 3

The Polish Girl — Part3

I get BUSTED….

I just kept thinking about that great blow job as I was driving home that evening. The way Mariel had taken it all the way down her throat was just amazing to me, and how she had found my prostate thing with her finger!!! No one had ever done THAT to me before! I guess I wasn't really paying much attention to myself as I parked the car and scooped up my "Girlie Cumm" soaked clothes and made my way into the house.

" Hi Honey ! My you are certainly home late from work and on a Saturday too!" exclaimed Lisa, my Fiance… Ohhhh SHit, I'd forgotten all about Lisa coming over tonight to cook her special dinner for me. I quickly opened the hall closet and threw my soggy clothes in there just as Lisa came bounding out of the kitchen. "Hi Darling" I said, trying to be as cool as I could. "Yeah, it was Really busy at work today, what with all the late orders we had to do." She came close for a kiss and as I kissed her back I thought I could hear her sniff just a little, and then sniff again. "How about a drink before dinner?" I asked, breaking away from her and moving into the living room to get some glasses from the bar. Lisa had a funny kind of look on her face when I returned with the drinks. "Rick, " she said as I handed her the glass. " You smell kind of strange tonight,,, I can't quite tell what it is, but I thought I could smell women's perfume on you when you came in the house. Kind of fruity like, but I can't quite place it". "Oh, it's probably because the Polish women were at work today and you know how they LOVE to wear perfume.". " Could be that," Lisa said, "But there is something very different about that scent, not just perfume, but something else,,, " she trailed off, aparently lost in thought about what it could be. "I have to go check on dinner right now, Why don't you go get cleaned up before we sit down?" "Alright." I said "I'll jump in the shower and be right out in 10 minutes" and off I went into the bedroom to take care of business.

'OH Boy,,' I thought to myself, she certainly seems suspicious tonight.

Lisa is one of those "Drop Dead" pretty women about 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds with ass length long Dark Hair and steel gray eyes that cut through you like a knife in butter. Her tits are the most perfect 36 D's you'd ever find, they look like fake ones the way they stand proud all on their own, except I can tell you for a fact that they are all natural. She has no need for a bra, but she always wears one, because her Nips are so sensitive that they are ALWAYS pointy and hard. That's a good thing for me, because it keeps her tight little pussy very wet ALL the time, so all I have to do is raise one eyebrow to her and we are off for a steamy fuck session that always leaves both of us on the verge of collapse. There is absolutely nothing that this Vixen dosen't like sexually. Together, we have done almost everything, and it just keeps getting better. Her imagination in the bedroom seems limitless and THAT'S the reason I want her for my wife some day. All this thought about Lisa has started to make my cock get thick and twitch here in the shower. I could just jerk off right now I think, But WAIT, why waste a good hard on, when I can just go in the kitchen and fuck Lisa right on the table? I jumped out of the shower and quickly towel off, then wrapp the wet thing around my waist, sort of pushing my 8 inches to one side, and stroll out to find Lisa.

"HHhhhhmmmmmm" she's not in the kitchen, I thought. Maybe she went to re-fill our drinks, and off I went to the living room in search of that Sex Goddess.

"OH FUCK NOOOOO" I say as I turn the corner in the hallway and I see Lisa standing in front of the closet holding my "Girl Cumm" soaked T-shirt. She is just looking at me with a questioning face as a get nearer. "What the HELL IS THIS????" she asks. "You went to shower and when I came back into the living room to refresh our drinks, I smelled that strange aroma again, but this time you were not here. I traced it with my nose to the closet and then found your wet clothes in there. NOW I know what that smell is…… IT"S PUSSY !!!!" "Uhhh…Uhhhh…UUUUmmmmmm" is all a can manage. My throbbing cock just shut down and tried to hide back in my body soo fast that it was almost painful. " You've been fucking another woman, haven't you?". All I can do is stare at the floor and nod my head "Yes". The silence in the room is sooo loud that I could barely hear my own heart beating like a drum in my chest. After a few moments of shame on my part I lifted my eyes to look at Lisa and what I saw then, just SHOCKED the SHIT out of me.

Right before my eyes, there was Lisa holding my soggy T-shirt to her nose and sniffing deeply while at the same time rubbing her crotch through her jeans with the other hand. She had a glazed look in her eyes and I have seen that look before, Lisa was getting very turned on by the scent of Mariel's pussy juices. "Rick, I know in my heart that you love me and want me to be your wife, But I must hear all the details of this other woman before I decide what will happen to us." "I want to hear the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but, or else I'll walk out and never come back."

"Lisa," I said, "Please come over and sit on the couch and I'll tell you the whole story from start to end." " You know I love you more than anything in the world, and soon you will be my wife." "what I did today, was simply to help out a friend in deep need." Lisa was sitting on the couch with her legs splayed, still sniffing my T-shirt and rubbing her crotch. I began to tell her the whole story of Mariel and Leo right from the beginning. as I continued the story and got to the part where Mariel squirted her cumm all over me for the first time, Lisa jumped up from the couch and ripped off her jeans and thong panties. "Damn things are getting in the way" she said. She sat back down and began frigging her Clit really hard as I went on with the story. I hadn't really noticed how turned on she was getting but as I glanced over at her, she had her eyes closed and was breathing really hard as she rubbed herself. "GO ON WITH IT ALREADY" she said almost impatiently. I continued to tell the truth,,, and just about the time I got to the incredible size of Mariel's pussy lipps, I heard Lisa Groaning and moaning under her ragged breath.. I knew then that she had cumm herself while listening to my tale. I could smell that pungent aroma of wet pussy now very well and it was having that old effect on my cock, which had somehow grown to full size and popped out of the wet towel I still had around my waist. As I told Lisa about the teriffic blow job in the shower, I kneeled down in front of her on the floor and pushed her legs up to her chest. This exposed her sopping wet cunt at just the right height for me to slip my hard cock right in up to my balls. Lisa let out a loud groan and said, " FUCK ME RICK, I NEED IT SOOO BAD,,, Just like that Polish Girl". I began to stroke her slowly as I spoke softly about the special treat Mariel wanted to give me, that deep throat thing.
Suddenly Lisa grabbed the base of my cock and said, "I want to give you something special too Rick." with that, she took my pecker head and placed it directly on her ass hole. I pressed gently forward and because of Lisa's pussy juice leaking all over, it just popped right in past the head. I've never had Lisa's ass before tonight and because she was sooo tight I wanted to take it slowly. Lisa had some other ideas though, because she started to rock her hips up and down, pushing more of my cock into her virgin ass. "Ohhhhh Rickkkk,,,, fill my sweet ass up with that big dick." I couldn't continue my story anymore, it's hard to concentrate on two things at a time sometimes.
I decided to pay attention to pounding that tight ass. Slowly I moved forward into Lisa as her ass started to take more of my cock until I felt her cheeks hitting my nuts.
Lisa grabbed my T-shirt and began to rub it all over her face while moaning and squeeling like a little girl getting it for the first time. Then she reached down and began to rub really hard on her swollen clit. "OHHHHHH,,,, AAAAAHHHHHhhhh,,, OOOOOHHHHHhhhhhh,,,UUUUUUMMMMMMmmm,,, OHHHHH RICKKKKkkk THIS FEELS SOOOOOOO GOOODDDDDD,,, OHHHhhhh,,,, " By now, I was slapping her ass cheeks with my hand, and with every sting I could feel her ass hole tighten around my straining cock, wich was going to explode at any minute. "FUCK ME HARDER RICK",,, "Uuuuuuuuuuuu oooooooooooo,,,,OOOOOOOOOO,,, I"M GOING,,,,,"
"OHHHH GGGGOOOOOODDDDDDDddddd…." then I felt her start to cumm, at first it was just a gentle squeeze but then she came so hard, it popped my dick right out of her hole. I grabbed my pole and began to jack it off furiously as I stood up and pointed it at her face…."HERE IT CUMMS LISA,,, " The cumm was jetting out of my dick like a geyser, and splattered all over Lisa's face and neck "UUHHHHHhhhhh,,,, UUUHhhhhhhh,,,,UUUHhhhhhh,,,UUUUhhhhhh." I was surprised at the sheer vulome of my cumm as it flew all over her… especially since I'd already cumm a few times today. I guess I as still horney as hell too!!!

Lisa had a big grin on her face and she grabbed that old T-shit and began to wipe my shrinking pecker off. all of a sudden we heard a loud noise 'BEEP…..BEEP….BEEP…BEEP…' "OH SHIT!!!!! Dinner is BURNING !!!!!!!! " Lisa jumped up off the couch and ran for the kitchen. It was then that I noticed the HUGH pool of "Girl Cumm" on the leather where she had been sitting. Lisa never really squirts when she cumms, she just leaks a little bit, but THIS time, it was clear that she had been sooooo turned on that she made a big puddle !!!! Oh well,, another T-shirt mop up job for me, LOL…..

She came back into the room and said, " My dinner is ruined,,,, I'm sorry Rick." " Not to worry Baby, There's always PIZZA and BEER !!!"
We both laughed and then she came over and hugged me really tight. "Rick, I have decided that it's OK for you to help out Mariel in her time of need, BUT, you must remember that I NEED MINE AS WELL !!!, and further, I'd like to meet this Polish Girl myself, her pussy smells soooo sexy, I just might like to try some too!"

Well, now,,, There's a side of my SEXY fiance that I didn't even know about! We came up with a little plan for this..
I would invite Mariel over to the house some evening after work and Lisa would be hiding in the closet watching all the action …. I'll leave the rest to your imagination

Till next time—- There's more two CUMM

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