The Polish Girl

The Polish Girl

The Polish Girl

This story is true, but the names have been changed to protect our privacy.

I work for a small company in a rather large mid-western city. This particular city has a large Polish immegrant population, and our company employes quite a few of them due to the nature of the work we do. It's quite a bit of small parts assembly and the Polish women are very dexterous, so they are well suited to the task.

Now, most of the women are very typical Eastern European. That is to say, they have large frames and big butts with
stomachs and tits to match. The one that caught my eye, was not so typical, but kind of small and demure. Her name is Mariel, and she is the department supervisor. I'm also a supervisor, but in a different department. As a result of this, we have some contact, but we really don't work together all that often.

My story begins about a month ago, when we had to work a saturday to catch up on some late orders.

As usual, I had to open and close the plant, and to be around to make sure that everything went smoothly. Mariel was in charge of her crew and they managed to finish their jobs about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. As I was making my rounds to shut down the plant, all the Ladies where leaving, but I didn't see Mariel. "Where's the Boss ?" I asked them. "Oh, she's in her office cleaning up the paperwork from today's job" one of them said. " Well, have a nice weekend, and thank you all for working on Saturday" I said.
As I turned around to continue with my rounds, I saw Mariel coming out of her office and she motioned for me to come over. "Rick, can you please take a look at an order sheet for me ?" she asked. She had a puzzled look on her cute face and I readily agreed to see what the problem was. I followed her into the office and she handed me the order.
"All I see is that somebody entered the wrong part number here and the computer kicked it out because it doesn't know what the right number should be" I said, and tossed the sheet on the desk. I guess I must have been standing a little too close because when she bent over to examine the paper, her ass bumped right into my cock! I didn't quite know what to do at that point so I just stood there as if nothing at all had happened. Much to my surprise, she didn't budge at all, in fact, it seemed to me she was wiggling her slim ass a little, trying to get a better feel of my cock through my pants. "I think I know what the problem is" she said, not breaking the contact between us as she stood up. I could feel my cock starting to thicken as she stood in front of me, pressing her ass and back against my front. It was just then that I noticed her perfume. It was my absolute favorite ! The delicate scent of fresh cut Apricots, light and fruity. I don't know what the name of it is, but once that gets to me, I just have to sniff ! As I put my hands on her shoulders and leaned down a little to sniff her neck, I noticed that Mariel's breathing had become a little ragged. The close contact between us was starting to turn her on. I leaned a little closer and placed a light kiss on her neck just below her ear lobe, and with that, she let a little moan escape and pressed her ass even harder into my now swelling cock. "Mariel" , I said, " I don't think we should be doing this, you are married, and I am almost engaged! ". "Oh Rick" she said, turning around to face me, "Please come over here and sit , I have something to tell you." She took my hand and led me over to the couch and then sat down next to me with her hand on my thigh. "I must tell you about my marriage" she said, "and please just listen to what I have to say before you say anything" putting a delicate finger on my lips, as if to silence me. There's that killer scent again, "Oh Man" I think, and suddenly find myself kissing that sweet finger, not just once, but almost trying to suck it into my mouth to taste it! " Do you think I haven't noticed you looking at me?" she asked, with that finger still on my lips. "It all started about 5 years ago when my husband was injured in a construction accident." she continued. "a piece of steel fell off of a crane and struck Leo in the stomach. It crushed his legs and did so much damage to his penis, the doctors had to amputate it." He was in the hospital for over a year and when he got out, He had to be in a wheel chair most of the time, except for when he is in bed. Needless to say, our sex life was over. Oh sure, He tried to pleasure me at first, but that sort of faded away, since there was no way for him to be happy, he lost all interest in me" Oh my God, I said, I had no Idea! "Anyway, I haven't had any sex in almost 4 years, and I have been very attracted to you since I first met you. The problem was, just how do I let you know that I find you very sexy? Then, I came up with an Idea when I found out that we would be working together today." as she said this, she started to move her hand further up my thigh. " You know, all the girls are saying that you have a rather large cock." she said. "Well" I said, " How would they know, none of them have ever seen it." She just giggled and said "Women know these things, and they DO TALK" .
"Mariel, I guess it's no secret that I find you to be very sexy too, But I never thought I could get anywhere so I just didn't do anything about it". With that I reached over to her and gave her a kiss, and to my surprise, she parted her lips and invited my tongue into her sweet mouth. OH MAN, there's that apricot thing again, as I feel my cock begin to swell once more.
Now, I'm not the kind of guy to just let a woman be frustrated, so I decided then and there to do what needed to be done. After all, it is the gentleman thing to do, yeah, that's it, rescue the "Lady in Distress".
I started to kiss her all around her face and neck while letting my hands sort of rub her arms and shoulders. She began to wimper a little and I could feel her warm breath on my face. "It's been such a long time for me" she said. "I hope I remember what to do". "Don't you worry, It's just like riding a bicycle, you might be a little rusty, but you never forget how"
I said. We kissed again, this time, more passionatley than before, and almost as if on cue, she started to feel my cock through my jeans. That does it, I thought, I was on my way to a full 8 inch hard on and there was no stopping it! I laid Mariel back on the couch and kissed her long and hard as my hands started to work the buttons on her shirt. This brought more moans and wimpers from her, and she was at once pulling on my belt and pants to release my hardening cock from it's confinement. "let me help you with that" I said, standing up and pulling my pants and boxers off in one move. As my cock sprang out, she let out a gasp. "My oh My, the girls are right!" she said, "That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!"
She sat up and pulled her shirt off to reveal the cutest pair of 34c's I have seen in a long time. I had thought she was wearing a bra before she removed her shirt, but now I know that she had no need for one because those tits just stood up all on their own. I reached out and pinched those pretty pink nipples and as I did this, I felt a hand slip around my cock and begin to pull it into her warm wet mouth. What a lucky guy, Here I am standing in Mariels office with no pants on, she has her shirt off and she's sucking my cock! I start to play with those pretty nipples some more as she starts to moan and squirm around on the couch. MMMmmmmmm. "I love to have my nipples kissed and sucked " she says between slurps on my tool, Mmmmm, "Yeah that's it Baby, suck on my big dick, make it all slippery." My legs are starting to wobble as she licks around the head and shaft of my dick. I can feel the back of her throut when she takes in as much as her tiny mouth can handle, all the while gently tugging and cupping my balls. I grab the sides of her head and start to fuck in and out of her mouth. "oh yeah, that's just the way I like it Baby. " " But now it's time to change places!" I pull out of that wet wonderful mouth and spin her around so she is standing up and I am sitting down in front of her. I start to lick around her nipples, which by now, have become red and erect! A few licks and some nibbles and tender bites on each side and she is moaning very loudly. I slip my hand in between her legs and rub her pussy through her pants, but my hand finds something hard where I expect to find soft pussy flesh. "What's that?" I ask. Mariel starts to blush a little, and then says, " I have a small problem that's kind of embarassing" "You're not on your period are you?" "Oh no not that at all" she said, "it's just that I have to wear a pad all the time to keep from showing" " What do you mean (showing)" "You'll see" and with that I unbutton her pants and pull them down to her ankles. Sure enough, there's a pad in her panties. Now I am curios, wondering what it is she has to hide, and when I pull her panties down I see the biggest fattest fullest pussy lips I have ever seen anywhere! It's the most beautiful Camel Toe in the world! No wonder she always wears those real baggy pants, because if any guy ever saw those lips they'd get an instant hard on! I just can't wait and I quickly pull her to me and stick my tounge right between them! Mariel let out a little giggle and a squeel but that quickly changed to a low growl as I licked and sucked on those huge pussy lips. Then I turned her around and put her ass on the couch while pulling her legs up in the air and spreading them wide open so I could get a better angle on that hot pussy.
"OH MY, just can't wait to suck your clit into my mouth and roll it around a little." Just as I get near enough to stick my tongue in her pussy hole, DAMN, there's that scent again, Apricot!!! that's all I needed and I started to lick her like a starving man, "Ohhhhhhh,,,, that's sooooo gooodddd,,,, don't you ssstopppp,,,, uuhhhhhhh I'm gonnnnaaaa CUUMMMMM,, UUUNNNGGHHH,,," her first orgasm in 4 years or so is so powerful that it feels like my tongue is caught in a trap! Her honey is running out of her pussy and dripping all over my face and down onto the floor! Her eyes are fluttering are she's moaning and thrashing all over. I just keep on licking up all the juice I can as I watch this woman nearly pass out from her orgasm! Then, as I swirl her clit with my tongue, I slide a finger in her pussy hole and find the little ridge area up on the top just inside. The low growl turns into some loud grunting as I play G spot doctor! "UUUHHHhhhhh,, YESSssss ,,,, pant, pant, pant, THAT"S ITTTTt,, keep rubbing right THERE!!!!!!" now I know I've got her worked up! "Uhhhhhh,,, uhhhhh….UHHHHHHHH"
"oHHHHH GOD I,,,, I ,,,,,I,,, goNNAAAA GO AAGAIN,,, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… " This time, her cunt contracts so hard that the honey sprays out like a water jet, all over my face and soaking my shirt clear through, well time to loose the shirt then…..As I stand up to take off my sloppy shirt, Mariel immediatly grabs my rock hard cock and guides it to her mouth again, slurping loudly as she licks and sucks the crown. I am in heaven with all this attention to my cock, but I need to feel that tight pussy and those big puffy lips of her's with all that honey juice working on my dick! " That's enough" I say, she says, " Rick, PLEASE fuck me with that big cock of your's" and she guides my cock up to her pussy! This girl has not had a prick in her cunt in 4 years, so I go slow at first, just pushing the head in and then popping out a few times. "Quit TEASING ME DAMMIT, FUCK ME HARD, I NEED IT SOOOO BAD" with that, I push hard and slide my 8 inches all the way in, I can feel my balls hitting her ass and her cunt walls are squeezing my shaft like my own hand does when I jack off. I pull back and plunge again and again and again. "MMMMmmmmmm,,,, your pussy feels so damn good,,,, I could fuck you all afternoon" Now, it usually takes me quite a while to work up to my own cumm, but because of what her pussy walls are doing with my shaft, I could feel my balls getting tight and I knew that the juice was on it's way soon!!! Time to pick up the pace! I started to ram in and out pretty fast, and as I did I could see her muscles in her belly tightening with every push and I knew she was very close to her third orgasm of the day! Move faster I think,,,, " RICK,, Uhhhh,,,RICK, UHHHhhhhhh,,,,, RICK,,,, OOOOHHhhh, GOD,,,, OHHHHHHhhhhhh,,, RICKKKKK,,,, " she's howling with every thrust, I can feel the bottom of her pussy every time my balls slap on her ass and when I pull out, there's a funny SQWISHHH sound,,,, Her nipples are all red and hard and we are both covered with sweat, "UUUUHHHHHhhhhhh,,,,,, UUUUHHHHhhhhh,,, " is all she can say. I am pounding her as fast as I can. All of a sudden, Mariel reaches behind me and grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me in as deep as I will go. " DON"T MOVE,,,,, IIIIIIMMMmmmmmm,,,,, IIIIIIIMMMMmmmm,,,,, IIIIIIIMMMMMmmmmm,,, " she says,,, her eyes roll back in the sockets, her mouth is hanging wide open and she is scrunched up in the middle,,,,, "OOOOOOhhhHHHhh MYYYYYY GGGOOOOODDDDDDD", then I feel IT, her cunt muscles come down SOOOO HARD on my cock, I think it's gonna break right off,,, but all that does is mask the fact that my own cumm is boiling up from the tips of my toes right now,,,I let out a groan and say, "Here it comes Baby" and she says, "RICK,, Fill me with your cum, I want to be filled up with that HOT CUMMMMM…..". " OHHHH YEAHHHHH BABY,,,,," The MOST amazing cumm I've EVER HAD, I squirt, she clamps, I squirt, she clamps, for what seemed like 5 minutes or more. WHEW,, Mariel and I both have big grinns on our faces, and for the first time since I have known her, there is a brilliant sparkle in her big blue eyes ! I am still inside her as we come down from that peak, and I can feel her pussy walls going soft, when all of a sudden, she starts to laugh! not a giggle but a full belly laugh, the kind you have when something is REALLY funny, I ask, "What's so funny?" but all she can do is laugh, so hard in fact, she's letting out little farts from her ass,,,, well, that did it to me!!! Now I have the Laughs TOO,,,
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we are both rolling on the floor from laughing so hard, my belly starts to hurt and tears are rolling down my cheeks,, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. WHEW,,,, well, I guess it was one look at my face and chest all covered with her girl juice that broke her up in the first place, and we both ended up laughing so hard we where crying happy tears. It was a wonderful moment to share together. So, when things calmed down a bit Mariel says, "Rick, that was the best sex I've ever had with anyone! It was almost like my first time all over again but in a much better way. Do you think we could do this again sometime?" " I can try to arrainge for us to work again next Saturday." I said. "I don't know that I can wait that long…." she said. Just then I happened to glance at the clock on the wall, "Uh Oh, I think we had better get cleaned up and get out of here, it's almost 6 O'Clock. We can use the shower in my private office." Before we do that, there is something else I must tell you." Mariel said.
"Leo and I got so much money from the accident settlement that I won't leave him for anything, beside that, I still love him and need to take care of him." "BUT, I MUST have you too Rick, Would you mind to be my BOY TOY? ". "Mariel, I would be proud to be your fuck buddy for just as long as you need me."

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