The Polish Woman In the Hottub

The Polish Woman In the Hottub

I was at my grandparents’ house in their hottub. Soon after my cousin came with her new roommate came to their house. I had never met Ivanna before but I soon got a very good look at her as she took off her top and pants. Standing there in her bikini I was amazed. I gazed into her chestnut eyes that were perfect with her auburn hair. She has a large chest that I found out later is 38 DD. She has an athletic body and a perfect ass. She gave me a provactive look as she got in next to me and I tried to hide my 10” erection. She introduced herself and said I am very cute. I then complimented her on her looks. I chatted with her and she didn’t seem to mind that she is 20 and I’m 16. Soon my grandparents had to go shopping and my cousin decided to go with them leaving just Ivanna and myself at the house.

Once they left Ivanna said, “I thought they’d never leave.” Then she looked at me and smiled. She licked her lips and said she had deamed of losign her virginity with a man like me. She told me that in Poland, her home country, many don’t have sex before marriage. Then she asked if I wanted her. I answered without hesitation yes.

We got out of the hottub and went inside. I sat her down on the bed and took off her bikini top that unhooked from the front. I staered at her large brown nipples that were very erect at this point then I pulled off her bikini bottom. I then took a very long look at her bald pussy as she pulled my pants off. Before I could say anything she was sucking my dick like I’ve never had anyone suck it. She worked her lips over the head of my shaft in perfect rhythym with the motion of her head bobbing up and down on it. I lay down next to her as she kept sucking and put a finger in her tight, wet, hot pussy. I felt her warm love juices around my finger and inserted another and she had to stop to let out a loud moan. Then I moved down on her and began to suck on her nipples. The pleasure was building for her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Then I stopped and began to eat her out. Her pussy was very delicious. I kept going until I felt her shuddering with her first orgasm. She screamed out “FUCK YES” about 12 times and then she said it was time to make her a woman.

I got down and put my dick head right on her pussy lips and she let out a low moan. Then I slid my shaft in with resistance from her cherry. In a second her virginity was gone and I started thrusting at a constant pace and occasionally picking it up and slowing down. We fucked for a few minutes before she had another orgasm and we switched positions. I began my thrusting again while unbeknownst to us my mother had entered the house and heard the activity. She walked into the room and was shocked at what she saw.

My mother just stood there and I could see her nipples perk up. She is 37 and still very attractive. She has brown hair and eyes with 36 c breasts that have yet to begin sagging and tight abs. Her ass was also very perfect. Many times I had fantasized about my mother and had snuck glimpses through her door as she changed but never saw much.

At the moment Ivanna asked her to join and my mother stripped very quickly revealing her nice breasts with small nipples and her shaved pussy. As she walked over to the bed I grabbed her and threw her down and before she could say so I was fucking her at a medium pace.she was enjoying it very much judging by the moans she let out every few seconds. After a few mintues of fuckign she started screaming “OH MY GOD YES OH FUCK YES OH MY GOD” and had an orgasm at the same time I came very close. Then I couldn’t hold my pleasure any longer and shot my load into my mom’s hot pussy. She looked at me with approveal. Then I looked back at Ivanna who was fingering herself the whole time I fucked my mom. I took her in my arms and put my dick inside her as my mom began to play with herself. My dick stayed nice and hard as I railed Ivanna as hard as possible from behind. Then I felt her shuddering again as she started screaming and moaning wildly. I got off her and she sat up next to my mom who fingered herself to an orgasm. Then my dick started to get soft so my mom and Ivanna began to finger each other. I watch with intense delight as they slowly began to suck each other’s nipples and then they both worked their way down and began to eat each other out in a 6 position. This really got me goiong and was hard again very soon. Then my mom and Ivanna took tunr sucking my dick one taking my whole 10” and then the other before both sucking it at the same time with their lips touching at my dick’s head. Soon I was ready to go and I shoved my dick into my mom and I railed her hard for the second time. I loved the feeling I got as a wave of pleasure shot through my body everytime my dick head passed through her lips. The way she moaned my mom did too. After a few mintues of her riding me and the vision of her tits bouncing up and down in the same fashion I blew a second load into her pussy and that put her over the edge and she came on me as well. Then I put it back in Ivanna and railed her just the same way I had previously. She too came and I lay down between my beauties. Then I took the camera out of my moms purse and began snapping pictures of them in different poses that involved then doing lesbian acts before I gave Ivanna the camera to take pics of my mom fucking me and sucking my cock and then my mom took pictures of Ivanna doing the same things to me. I still jack off to them every night. Then I took my dick and fucked Ivanna in the missionary position. I did it at a very fast pace and soon she shuddered with an orgasm and I came inside her. After a few hours of a lot of fun my mom drove all of us back to my house and since my dad was gone on business we all slept in her bed naked and I went to sleep with my dick inside my mother and Ivanna’s breast on my face.

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