The Pound ( Part 1 )

The Pound ( Part 1 )

Hello my name is Lisa. Im about 5'4 and a size 36 DD cup. I just quit from my last job, because my boss keep looking at my huge tits. So I was looking through the newspaper and stopped at the wanted section. I saw the perfect job, a receptionist at the local pound. I get paid 6 bucks a hour to answer some phone and make appointments. But i will soon find out that I have to do more then that.

I called the pound to tell them that I saw they ad in the paper. They told me that the interview will be about 5 'o clock p.m today. I was really nervous about the interview. There is one thing that clams me down, Porn ! I put it in the dvd player, sat down and took off my pants and pulled out a 9 in. dildo. I put my favorite scence on. Two black girls are beside the pool eating each other out. I was getting so wet. Then one of them pulled out a two way dildo. I started fucking my self with the huge dildo. I felt a huge orgasm come. oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh that feels so good, i said. Then i had a orgasm all over my bed. I took the covers from my bed and put them in the washing machnie. Then I took a shower I got the showerhead and aimed right for my pussy. I had a other orgasm, then finish taking a shower. I put some pants on and a shirt, locked the door went to my car. Then I was on my way to the interview.

It took me about 20 mins. to get to the pound. I went through the double doors. and sat down. About 5 minutes late some white woman with a sexy legs and a cute ass wearing a small shirt and a beautiful skirt, called my name. So I got up and followed her. We passed all the dog's and cat's cages. We went to back of the buliding to her office. We introduce each other. I handed her my resume she looked through it for a couple of seconds then put it down. So Lisa, said Ms. Narian. You have a good resume. Your hired. All you have to down is answer phones, make appointments, lock the doors after you leave the buliding, and fuck me when I tell you to. What, I yelled out! I have to fuck you.

Yes you have to fuck me said Ms. Narian. As matter a fact I'm horny right now. But I have never be with a woman, I tell Ms. Narian. But she doesn' t listen she went around her desk and kiss me long and passionately right on the mouth. Oh My God, I said to myself. I kissed her back. I'm a lesbian I keep thinking to myself. I kissed her again and ran my hand over Ms.Narian tits. Ms. Narian started taking off her shirt and skirt. She had a silk bra and throng on. She keep kissing me, while I took off pants. I rised my arms so she could take off my shirt. Ms. Narian had cute tits, I could tell she really wet because it started leaking from her throng. She started playing with my huge tits. Ohhhhhh that fell good, I said. Suck on them you little cunt. Ms. Narian bent down to suck on them. Ms. Narian started sucking them and biting them softly. I got up from the chair and told Ms. Narian to sit. She sat down and started playing with her tits. I got on my knees and slid off Ms. Narian throng, she smelled so good.

I started licking her pussy she tasted so sweet. Like all the candy in the world. I just keep licking and licking . Then Ms. Narian told me to stop, why i asked her. You will see, she said. She got up and went to a filing cabint and open in. She took out the biggest and longest strap-on i ever seen. She told me to come over to the desk. She put everthing on the desk on to the floor. She told me to bend over the desk. I did what she told me to. She put on the strap-on. I was so excited ! Then she slid of my panties. She aimed the huge dildo right for my ass. She put it in. Oh that hurts, I scream in pain. She keep humping that monster in my ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I yell in pain and pleasure ! She takes it out and told me to turn around. I did it. She put it right in my waiting pussy. Yes Yes Yes, I scream ! I had the biggest orgasm in the world. I was thinking to myself how i'm much going to like this job.


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