The Presentation_(0)

The Presentation_(0)

"Come and kneel before me, slave"

With quick, graceful motion, I moved across the room and went to my knees, at Master's feet.

"I have guests visiting today. Be prepared to serve them, and do not disappoint me."

The bell rang and I answered the door, presenting each of His guests to Him, I kept my voice even and my eyes low. As He spoke each of their names, I recognized them. Although I had never met any of them, Master had told me they would be visiting and gave me enough information about each of them that I would be able to serve well.

"Cold drinks for my guests, slave"

I stood and backed out of the room, never speaking and not turning my back on the room. Once in the kitchen I began my task. The young man in the corner of the couch, Carl… iced coffee, 2 sugars and light. The woman sitting next to him Tina… diet coke, no ice. The man Master was speaking to when I left the room, Stephen… iced coffee, black no sugar. I went through the list in my head and prepared all 6 of His guests their favorite beverage. As always, Master Paul would have hot coffee.

Tray in hand, I went to each of the guests and presented the beverage of choice to them. Then I returned the tray to the kitchen and went back to my place by Master's side. I remained quiet, as it was clear that this was some type of business meeting. Occasionally Master asked for something and I brought it to Him… ever so silently.

Noontime came and went and it was clear that Master and His guests were getting hungry. Waiting for His signal, I went to the kitchen and brought out a tray of cocktail shrimp and a platter of fresh fruit. When I had finished serving, I was sent me to rest in Master's room. Curling up in the dog bed, I got comfortable and I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was dark and I couldn't move my arms or my legs. I did, however, hear the "swish" should in the air just moments before the singletail lashed across my breasts. The sting was incredible! I heard myself whimper and then arched my back to allow better access to my breasts.

"Very nice" it was not Master's voice. "Paul, she presents well, even for discipline"

I could hear the pride in His voice as He responded "My slave is a bit of a pain slut, as well as others things. Continue with the singeltail if you like, but I have many more tools that will make her scream, and some that will actually make her purr."

The singeltail came down again and again. This Master was very exact in his placement and it wasn't long before every inch of my breasts was on fire. I heard the whip drop on the bed and closed my eyes under the blindfold, and waited. I didn't have to wait long. With precise placement, the evil stick snapped on the inside of my thighs.

My breath caught in my throat at the sting of each contact. Then, just as quickly as it began, it stopped and I was once again left alone. Allowing me to rest also allowed me to bask in the warmth that covered my breasts and thighs. I was tingling all over from just the little bit of attention that had been given to me. Deep in my mind, I knew where my content feeling was coming from…. Master Paul was pleased with me! I was not just warm; I could actually feel myself glowing.

Not much time passed and the door to the bedroom opened again. My wrists and ankles were released from the chains and I was instructed to crawl to the living room. The blindfold was left in place, but I knew where I was going. Once in the living room, I was led to the center of the rug and ordered to present myself for use. I rose up onto my knees and then dropped my torso to the floor. In this position, my head was way down and my ass lifted high making my as and cunt easy to access.

I felt a light touch on my buttocks and immediately knew it was a woman's hand. Without a word she brought her hand down on my buttocks with several well placed swats. I didn't move at all as her spanking became more intense and, once she had warmed me properly, she took out a leather strap and worked on my butt until it was on fire! The leather felt good against my skin, beginning as a soft kiss and slowly intensifying, I could feel the welts begin to form. She switched to your crop! Yes! This slave felt so blessed at such attention being given to the discipline! Working in the same way, she began lightly and intensified…. My butt was bright crimson and burning with pain… the warmth was making me dizzy! I was wet and ready to release at Master's command.

"Up on your hands and knees!"

I raised up and the crop came down on my shoulders….

"Relax, slave. You have a long day ahead of you"

As the crop came down again and again, I felt the chill spread though me….

As the crop came down with mounting aggression, the room grew silent. My tormentor continued her assault on my back, shoulders and buttocks in an increasingly aggressive manner, no one moved, no one spoke, all eyes were centered on the red and purple welts forming on my body. I was beyond the pain. All I could feel was the chill and the lust. Lust for Master Paul, and His continued happiness. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and back. Tearing the blindfold from my eyes, He commanded me,

"CUM FOR ME! NOW!!!!!!!"

I felt my body tighten and gushed! A flood of silky cum rushed from my cunt, soaking the rug beneath me. My thighs were soaked; the area behind and beneath me was soaked. As the crop continued to fall on my body, I continued to ride the waves of lust as Master and His guests sat back and admired the scene.

As my orgasm began to subside, she stopped her assault, stepped in front of me, pulled my face to her and commanded me… "give me pleasure, slave. Let me feel the heat of your tongue as you lick my cunt." My greed was surprising, even to me. As my mouth moved to cover her, I was overwhelmed with the need to taste her and my tongue went wild.

"Oh, yes. Don't stop slave. Paul, you have trained her well"

As she began to grind her hips against my face, someone stepped behind me, fingers parted my lips and a hand was thrust into my cunt. Fingers stretched me wide, and then pushed deeper inside. My cum provided excellent lubrication and the hand slid easily in and out of my cunt. My lust was building and I wanted to taste more of this beautiful woman at my lips. As if reading my mind, she released and covered my face with her sweet nectar.

"Paul, that was wonderful! We will have to make arrangements to use her often" she spoke with my Master.

He came to me and stroked my hair "You should all take your time with her. My slave has been trained to crave being used. Fuck her mouth and cum on her face and breast; she will lust for more. Fuck her cunt and her ass; and she will beg to be filled again and again. Discipline her, spank her, flog her and whip her. It will bring her subspace and she will float."

Master say down in His rocking chair and called to me

"Crawl to me, pet. Come and taste your Master"

I tightened up my cunt, holding the hand tight inside me, hoping that it would not be removed as I moved. Crawling across the floor, I felt mild disappointment when it was pulled out of me. That disappointment did not last long, nor did the "empty" feeling for, as soon as I reached Master Paul and took Him into the warmth of my mouth, my cunt was filled by an incredibly large cock! I felt as though I was being torn apart as the cock was thrust full length into my wetness! With every thrust, I was pushed forward and Master's cock went deeper into my throat. His hand moved to the top of my head and held me in place. For a moment, I couldn't breath and then I was released and drew back to the head. Taking longer deeper strokes, I could feel Him throb and the feeling set off a series of orgasms that overwhelmed me! My cunt began to spasm around the cock that was relentlessly fucking me! I knew that the flood of my release was soaking Master's guest. He began to swell and throb in my cunt and just as Master began to feed me, His guest began to fill my cunt!

As soon as He pulled His cock, another replaced it!

And Master Paul spoke to me…

"Speak what is on your mind, slave. Tell my guests what you are feeling"

I removed my mouth from His cock, licking the last drops of His cum from my lips I began to plead "please, Master…. I want more!"

"More of what, slave?" He asked

"More of everything, Master. Fill my cunt and my ass! Fuck my mouth and throat! Cover me with cum and whip me until I can take no more! PLEASE!!!"

As another of the female guests took her place at my mouth, I felt a plug thrust into my ass, and a hard cock began to fuck my cunt. The feeling was so incredible that I began to cry! One after another, they took me. My cunt, my ass and my mouth were used over and over again. Cum covered my body from head to toe and my orgasms were non-stop. It was hours before they finally allowed me to rest. I was exhausted, dehydrated and yet still craving more!

Instructing me to sit in His chair, Master Paul bound me tight with ropes, and then brought me a bottle of water. Standing before me, He encouraged me and cautioned me at the same time "Drink slowly, my slave. If you go to fast you will get sick"

I sipped the water, close my eyes and let my thoughts consume me. My buttocks and back ached from the intense whipping that I had received. Every time I moved, I felt the pain from the welts, which were now changing to purple bruises. He spoke again; "before we are finished today, there will be no place on your body that is not used and marked as slave"

His words thrilled me. The familiar chill of anticipation went through my body. I finished the water and waited for them to begin again.

Master came to me with rope and began to bind my breasts. With each circle of rope the pressure became more intense. My breasts began to swell and turned a deep purple color. Yes, they were bound tight. He lay some tools on the table next to the chair… a heavy "thud" flogger, the braided horse hair flogger, the evil stick and a bamboo cane. In His hand He held the short crop. It was the crop that began the next round of torture and it was my nipples that were to be used.

With a quick, light flick of the tip of the crop, my nipples quickly responded. They became erect and the jewelry now became a tool with which you could tease me. Twine was passed through each ring and then tied off to some over head hooks. It was pulled tight enough that my nipples would stretch just a little. Once the twine was secure, your attention went back to my breasts. The crop found it's mark and within no time at all, I was covered with little crop "kisses". The flogger was a bit harder to endure. It was thick, heavy and with each contact to my swollen breasts I felt a "shock" of pain. With my breasts so tightly bound, the flogging was even more intense. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths and as I opened my eyes, the cane made its mark!

I heard the scream before I could stop it! The pain, so intense stayed with me even after the caning was finished. Tears flowed down my cheeks in a flood of emotion. Slowly I opened my eyes and there before me was my Master. Lowering my eyes at once, I sobbed and thanked Him and His guests for honoring me with such beautiful marks. Master brought more water to me and held the bottle as I sipped. His female guests untied my wrists and ankles. Master Paul stroked my tear soaked cheek "You did well, slave. I am very proud to own you."

His words made me cry again. My heart ached with love for this man who stood before me.

Master helped me stand and walked me to the center of the room; His guests were all around us.

"Present yourself slave." I took my proper position and each of them came to me, one at a time. As they each admired the colors inflicted, I kissed each hand and thanked them for visiting Master Paul's home and using His slave.

When they had left us, Master put me to bed. "Rest well, slave. Tomorrow, we will have other guests. You will be rested and ready to present yourself"

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