The Sisterhood Prt 1 (Tanya)

The Sisterhood Prt 1 (Tanya)

Authors Note
Before you read this, please note it is an incest story about brother and sister sex. If this is not your thing then do not read it. If you do choose to read it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also note that I’m English so I use English spelling and words.

Hi. My name’s… well that’s not really important right now. You can just call me Jack. (Just something so you don’t know my real name) I want you to know what happened to me and my sisters. But so not to hurt them I’ll be using false names.

I’m the only boy of five kids. My sisters are mostly older then me. Vicky is 23, Sammy and Leanne (the twins) are both 21 and my little sister is 17. I just turned 20 last month. We live in a small house with our mum. There’s six of us in four bedroom house. My mum has her own room (obviously) and the twins share a room. Vicky wanted some private space so she got the third room to herself and lucky me. I get to share with my little sister Tanya.

It isn’t all bad though. Because a few years ago, just before Tanya’s 15th birthday, something happened. Something I would never forget.

It started normal. I was off from work after throwing my back out from lifting something and every one else was at school or work. Or so I thought. I had woken up early and found the room empty. I assumed Tanya was at school, where else would she be. As I was getting dressed I decided that since I was alone maybe I should spend this time to have a wank. So I went through my draws and found my dirty magazines.

As I sat there going through the pages and stroking my stiff cock I noticed there was a strange buzzing sound coming from Tanya’s side of the room. I looked over and saw that her bed was made and her dirty washing had been taken down. We had come to an agreement not to leave our dirty underwear lying around for the other to see.

I got off my bed and walked over to Tanya’s. I had to see what this buzzing was. I searched under her pillow and under the covers. I thought maybe she left her mobile phone home and that some one, maybe mum, was trying to get hold of her. Any ways as I got to the foot of her bed I could here it was coming from her draws. I stood up, now wondering if I should go in there and see what it was. After all, Tanya was my little sister and I didn’t want to go through her stuff and deny her privacy in our room. But what if it was mum trying to get hold of her?

Nervously I opened the draw and found not her phone. But a vibrator. I couldn’t believe it. My little sister was using a vibrator on her self. Did she use it when I was in the room with her? I mean I’m a heavy sleeper so I wouldn’t hear anything. I decided to turn it off. If it was left on all day and the batteries died then she would think I was going through it and was piss assing around with it. Any way as I picked it up I noticed my cock was now fully erect again. The thought of Tanya using this had really turned me on and now I didn’t just want a wank. I needed one.

I decided to see what else she had hidden away and as I opened her second draw I found her underwear. I never thought my sister would wear thongs but there they were. About twelve different pairs of thongs and g-strings. I decided I had seen enough and closed the second draw. Then I saw a small sheet of paper with my name on it. I couldn’t resist. I thought maybe one of her friends had written it and there was one friend I particularly liked that was a year younger then me.

I opened the piece of paper properly and read the words. It was not from a friend but a letter that Tanya had written her self. It was a piece she had torn out of her diary.

“Dear Diary,
I know this is wrong but I can’t help my self. I think about my brother, Jack, all the time now. I watch him sleep some nights and when I play with my self I picture him making love to me. I hope this is just a phase. I don’t want to have to go through life loving my older brother and wanting to marry him.

My heart froze. Not from reading the letter but from hearing the shower room door close. I could hear humming. It was Tanya. This was all I needed. There I was standing in front of Tanya’s draws with a personal letter in my hand, her vibrator still lying on the top and my cock as hard as a rock. I managed to get the letter back where I found it but as soon as I picked up the vibrator the door opened.

Tanya stood there, eyes wide in surprise. She was wrapped in a bath towel and I never noticed it till that day how attractive she had become. Her wet, brown hair was matted to her soft pink skin and her soft cheeks were slightly red from the hot water of the shower. I even noticed her cleavage. With one like that I was sure she must have a great pair of tits on her. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. I wanted to fuck her there and then.

“Jake,” she said with a smile she tried to hide, “What do you think your doing?”

“High Tans,” I said in a squeak, “How come your home?”

“I decided to take a sick day. I really didn’t want to go school today.”

As embraced as I was I was also shocked to find she wasn’t angry at me. But instead I found that she was glad to see that I was holding her vibrator, wearing nothing and with a stiffy that could sink the Titanic. What she did next I couldn’t believe. She walked over to me with a cheeky smile and grabbed my dick in her left hand.

“Is this for me?” she said through her smile.

“Um… Uh,” I couldn’t speak. There I was standing there while my little sister gave me a hand job.

Tanya began to rub my cock faster and faster until it felt like it was on fire. I could feel my balls getting tighter and I was ready to cum when she stopped. I looked down at her as she stepped away and took the towel off. For the first time I was looking at her naked body. Her tits as I predicted were a fair size for her age, with two little pink bumps for nipples that I noticed were hard and her pubic mound was a soft strip of brown hair that she had trimmed back.

“I’ve wanted this for a while Jack,” she said as she got down on her knees and took my cock in her hand again. But this time she wrapped her lips around the head and began to lick my helmet. I had to hold on to the draws to stop my self falling over. It wasn’t long before she began to suck and bob her head back and forth. she was only fourteen but she gave me a blow job like a pro.

It wasn’t long before my balls began to tighten again. I could feel my orgasm building.

“Oh God Tans,” I said as a placed my hand on her head and guided her through each stroke.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. My balls exploded and I shot my spunk into her mouth. I noticed it took her by surprise as a little seeped out onto her tits but then as I continued to cum I could hear her swallowing. I couldn’t believe that my little sister was drinking my man milk as she sucked hard on my dick.

Finally my orgasm left and my dick began to shrink. Tanya stood up and began to rub the little bit of cum on her tits in until it was all gone. She smiled and opened her knickers draw. She took out a sexy thong and put it on over her slender legs.

“I enjoyed that Jack,” she said as she fastened her bra.

I quickly got dressed and headed down stairs. I had just been sucked off by my innocent little sister and now I wanted more.

It was lunch time before she came down stairs. I thought maybe she was playing a game or something up there all this time. She walked in wearing her thong and bra, still smiling.

“Jack,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck, “I know you enjoyed our little session earlier and I know you want more.”

I nodded slowly. It was all I could do. I did want more. Another blow job like that would complete my day.

“Come up to our room in one minute. And come in with no clothes.”

With that she kissed me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back but the kiss didn’t last. Tanya quickly broke it and headed up stairs.

A minute later and I followed her. As requested I left my clothes by the door and walked in wearing only a smile. Tanya was spread on her bed with nothing on as well. I swallowed. The two of us were alone again with no clothes on.

“I want you to fuck me Jack,” she said with a kinky smile, “I want you to be my first real cock.”

I couldn’t resist. With a smile I walked over to her and kissed her as she lay on the bed till her back was flat. I slowly began to rub her pussy, trying to get it wet before I started. A little moan escaped her lips and I began to rub the inside of her lips.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy and began to thrust in and out. I pushed in until I felt her pubic bone and mine meet and then quickly pulled out again. Each thrust made her moan. I began to rub my hand over her nipple as my lips and tongue explored her other.

“OH GOD JACK,” she cried out, “MORE! I’M GOING TO CUM!”

She wasn’t lying. I could feel her pussy gently contracting as her orgasm built up inside her. A few minutes later and I felt her cum all over my cock as she arched her back and opened her mouth. She stopped breathing as her orgasm hit her silently. I continued to thrust harder and harder. I had seen women scream with pleasure but none of my girl-friends ever got that far and I was determined to make Tanya scream.

It didn’t take long either. I was thrusting as fast and hard as I could. He moans got louder and louder until I felt her cum over my cock again. This time harder.

“YES! YES! YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “OH GOD YES! UH! UH! UH! OH GOD!

She raised her arms and grabbed her hair with her elbow pointing to the ceiling as her orgasm continued to get louder and louder.


I had done it. I made my sister scream so much that she had passed out for a few seconds. When she came to she was going through another silent orgasm. I had done what I wanted now was time for me to finish.

I continued to pump into her until my balls tightened and I was hit by my orgasm.

“Oh God Tanya,” I said through clenched teeth, “I’m cuming. Oh God I’m cuming in your tight pussy.”

Tanya arched her back again as another orgasm hit her. I couldn’t believe it. Four orgasms in less then ten minutes. I finally collapsed on to her and we lay there in each others arms, breathing heavy for about ten minutes.

I had just fulfilled my wildest dream and had sex with my beautiful sister. I was sure now that my life could only get better. I hoped me and Tanya would have sex again sometime. Maybe even again that day. But there were more surprises waiting for me. For the week after, on my second week off work, Leanne was on holiday.

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