The Story_(0)

The Story_(0)

—The Story—

For the record, the ending, the last paragraph is fictional and so are any sequels, if I decide to make them. Try not to get mad if it’s a little confusing. It was really hard to write but I think you’ll all like it! Let me know, of course!

“Kyle?” Haley asked in a cute, soft voice. I looked over at her so she’d know I was listening. “You know how you asked me last week to take my shirt off for you?”
“Yea,” I said, quickly. “But I totally understand. We can take things as slow as you want.” I purposely looked in her eyes when I said it so that she’d know I was for real and then leaned in, putting my arm around her back, and gave her a long, deep kiss. Our tongues circled each others and I slid mine down the back of her throat then licked along the roof of her mouth. She giggled, pulling me out of the romance of the moment and I leaned back allowing myself to look at her whole gorgeous body. She was only fifteen, but still one of the hottest girls I’d ever seen. With perfect C cup breasts and a round little butt that always looked so tight in her jeans, the kind that you just want to wrap your hand around, she was easily the sexiest girl in our grade. Fortunately though her baby face, with shoulder length black hair and highlighted streaks, and innocence- she’d hardly ever even kissed another boy- kept most of the guys off her, which was actually one of my turn-ons. I got to know that everything we’d do together would be her first time and I’d be the one to give it to her.
“Well…” She said slowly and carefully, with a look in her eyes that I’d never seen before. It was almost inviting. She moved her hand up to the top button on her light, almost see-through, button-up shirt and undid it, letting me see the curve of her boobs and the middle of her white bra. I tried my best not to stare but they looked so inviting… “I’m ready now.”
I leaned back and smiled at her. “Are you sure?”
She nodded and smiled back, undoing her second button. “But there’s something I want to tell you while I do… And I want you to be OK with it.”
“Thanx. Did I tell you that Suzie spent the night last week?”
“Yea you said something about it.” Suzie was one of Haley’s best friends and it always surprised me how much they acted alike- both were constantly giggling, constantly playing with each other’s hair and constantly shocking me with how little they knew about sex and how naïve they were. Suzie was taller than Haley, with about the same thickness, but a little bit smaller boobs. I’d have guessed they were B’s which I found out later was true.
“Well,” Haley continued, torturing me by taking so long to finish getting her shirt off. “We had a lot of fun. We watched movies and talked about boys and then… well…” She looked down at her hands, struggling to undo the last button. When at last she got it, she let her shirt fall open, in a sexy way that seemed casual and revealing. It wasn’t like her at all.
She leaned back and propped herself up with her hands, pushing her chest out a little bit. I laughed to myself thinking about how she thought I wouldn’t notice her attempt to make her chest looked fuller. She ignored me and kept on with her story while I stared contentedly at the little circles where I knew her nipples were.
“Well, then we went to bed. This is the part you might not like but I want to tell you anyway.” She took a deep breath. “We always sleep next to each other and so around one we got into my bed and I drew pictures on Suzie’s back for a while- it’s what we do when we get tired- and we talked. Well, after about twenty minutes we switched and she drew on my back. Well I think I got tired and fell asleep for a minute or something because I remember that she drew a smiley face and then started something else and the next thing I knew she was rubbing my back. It wasn’t really a back-rub, though, just gentle rubbing over my back with her fingertips. It felt so good!” Her eyes widened as she talked and an excited expression came across her face. She continued. “I was still tired and warm and my back felt so good. Her hands are really gentle. Anyways, I was lying on my side and her hands just started to move around, from my back to my ribs and…” Haley reached out for my right hand and guided my palms to stroke up and down her ribs. I was surprised how shaky my hand was. I had done things with girls before but this, somehow, seemed like more than anything I’d ever down before. She led my hand around her smooth belly and up underneath her bra, then let go. I took that to mean I could do whatever I wanted and I continued up to wrap my hand around her big breast. I squeezed lightly and then moved my hand back until I could roll her nipple around in between my fingers. She let out a moan and let her eyes close. I moved my hand back until my palm touched her rock-hard nipple and just moved her whole boob in gentle circles. She opened her eyes and looked at me, then continued, “…And then she moved her hands right onto the sides of my….” She waited and just nodded. I could tell she didn’t want to say it. “Anyway, I think I started moving my body around and so she knew I liked it. I couldn’t help it! She got more daring and grabbed both of ‘em, but not in like a forceful way. She moved them almost like you just were and I whimpered and accidentally whispered, ‘Oh, Suzie, that feels sooo good!’ That’s when she started kissing my neck.” I watched as she pushed her hair back and revealed two hickeys on her neck. I must have been so stunned at what she was saying that I forgot where my hand was, because she laughed, pulled her hair back over her neck and said, “Well, don’t stop!” She grabbed my hand and got me to start moving it again.
“Alright,” She said in a more confident voice than earlier, thought she was still clearly nervous. “She whispered to me that she’d wanted this for so long and I just went crazy. It felt so perfect. Her lips kissing shoulder, her hand up my shirt, my butt grinding into her crotch. I asked her, ‘How long?’ and she whispered ‘Years!’ in my ear… That’s when I rolled around and actually looked at her. She looked totally different. Like she really did love me. Does that sound dumb?” I shook my head. “Good. I just felt drawn to her and somehow we started kissing. I roller on top of her and we made out for so long. She’s an amazing kisser.” She leaned forward and pushed me on my back, climbing on top. Leaning over me, I could clearly see bother her nipples, which were falling out of her tiny bra. I was so horny, but didn’t want to ruin anything and kissed her passionately when she leaned in towards me. It seemed so hot at the time to think she had made out with another girl just two nights before!
So are you, though,” she said in a delighted voice when we were done. Haley laid her body down flat on mine and started rubbing her hips around on my cock. “I started moving around on top of Suzie. We were both real sweaty and our shirts kept getting caught so I stopped for a second. That’s when she said, ‘I can’t believe this is happening…’ ‘Why not?’ I asked her. She slid her hands from my butt up-[At this point Haley put my hands on her butt]- around my boobs and said, ‘You’re just so beautiful and sexy and….curvy.’ She told me she’d fantasized about me for forever. About touching my skin, about kissing me. I started to get really nervous. I think that’s when it hit me that I’d just kissed my best friend. I started wondering if I was a lesbian or… if anyone would find out. She could tell I was scared and said, ‘We don’t need to do this.’ So I leaned down and kissed her- [Again, Haley did the same to me]- and I said, ‘No, you know you don’t mean that.’ She shook her head and said, ‘No, not at all!’ We laughed and then I sat up.” She stopped and sat up, still sitting on my dick, and reached behind her to undo her bra strap. I watched in disbelief as her bra fell on my stomach and she leaned backwards to thrust her beautiful breasts towards me. She had tiny little nipples atop firm, smooth mounds and I reached a hand out to touch her right one and then sat up to suck on it for a minute. I had never tasted a girl’s boob before, but she seemed to like it. I poked it with my tongue first, then drew a circle around it and finally sucked on it really fast and hard like a baby, squeezing the left one in my hand. Her head fell back and I kissed all the way up her neck and back down to her other boob, which I nibbled on a little more. I half wanted to keep going, but really wanted to let her finish her story so I sat back.
“!” She said, struggling for breath and looking down at her chest as if confused about how she had just felt so many sensations from it. She was still wearing her undone, button-up shirt and the effect made me crazy! “I guess you’re not mad I cheated on you then!” she said. I laughed. “Ok, so I pulled my shirt off and she acted about just like you did. Her eyes got huge and she told me she loved me in between trying to fill her mouth with ‘em one at a time. It was amazing. I was totally lost in the moment and I remember, somehow pulling the shirt she was wearing off her, while she was kissing me, so that we were both topless. I grabbed her boobs and ran my fingers all over them and we fell back into bed together, our hands smashed in between our chests, kissing each other like crazy. I swear we made out for like an hour, in the tiny bit of light that my lamp gave off. It was actually really romantic… Anyway, when we were done kissing we climbed out from under the blankets and lay half-naked, staring at each other. Her hand was still on my chest, moving so slow I could hardly feel it- [As she said this, Haley rolled off from me and lay next to me, moving my hand onto her boobs again]- and mine was on her belly.” She put her hand on my stomach. “We talked about how she’d seen me naked once and wanted to again ever since and how happy she was that we’d done that and how she never thought it’d actually happen. We kept kissing, like we couldn’t keep our tongues apart for more than five minutes. Finally, I asked her, ‘What do you want to do now?’ and she waited a minute then said, ‘Well if you…no nevermind.” I couldn’t believe it. I pretty much knew what she wanted to ask me for and I wanted it. I wanted it so bad! I begged her, “No, come, what do you want?” And she barely said, “Would you kiss me…down there….?” I know my eyes got wide cuz she got all red and said, “O forget it…I don’t really want it…” But I cut her off with a kiss and licked all the way down her body.”
My mind went crazy as I watched her do the same to me, kissing my side and my nipples and licking down to my waistline. She undid my pants and, stopping first only to look up at me for a second, pulled them down allowing my throbbing cock to pop out. She picked it up in her hand and kissed my head wrapping her mouth around it, then spit in her hand and started running her hand up and down my dick, squeezing it really tight as she did so.
“I couldn’t believe how wet Suzie was when I pulled her hot pink thong off,” Haley said. “The smell was so strong and I wasn’t ready for it when I first licked all the way up her full slit. It tasted good, but bad at the same time, so I licked two of my fingers and slid them deep in her, satisfying her until I was ready to lick her again.” She stopped moving her hand and put her lips right to my dick, wet with a little cum on the end. Then she finished her story for me. She said, so slowly, “Then I took a deep breath and let my tongue- [she licked up the length of my cock once]- go everywhere inside her until her body totally tensed up and she leaked all over my face…” And with that she took my hard cock so deep in her throat that she gagged and then started working her mouth up and down on it, while still looking up at me as best she could. Her hair was all over in her face and she had a smirk on her face even visible with her mouth stretched around my dick. I thought to myself about my cum pouring down her throat and it just pushed me over the edge, I tightened my abs and my butt and held it for as long as I could before blowing a load from hell. She kept moving her head up and down while she swallowed like crazy, only barely letting a little drop slide out between her lips and run down her chin. She came back up by me, somehow now wearing only a see-through white thong, which I’d never seen before. Both our pants were by my feet at the bottom of the bed and she had spots of cum on her smiling face. I had never had such a great orgasm in my life.
A minute later she got up and got dressed again.
“You’re leaving so soon?” I asked, stunned.
“Yea, Suzie’s mom’s picking me up. We’re going to ‘hang out’ in her basement…sorry…you don’t mind do you?”
“Not all!” I said, truly excited about the thought. “But you might wanna wipe your chin first…and tell me all about it tomorrow…”
“Deal,” she giggled and walked out of the room, licking cum off her chin.

Twenty Minutes Later

I was in the shower listening to the phone ring trying to decide whether or not to get out to answer it. I heard the answering machine kick on.
“Hi, Kyle,” Haley’s sweet voice came through. I could hear Suzie to and they were both gigglying like crazy. “Just wanted to let you know….you’re invited to our hang-out tonight…If you wanna…hopefully we’ll see ya there…bye.”

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