The twins_(1)

The twins_(1)

Lets go down the pub for drink, said Frank on the telephone, its been a while since we saw Seamus at the White Castle.

Now the thought of going for a beer was appealing but going to the White Castle was another thing. Seamus had been the owner and bartender of the pub for a couple of years now and he was married to Patty, a 5ft. 8in. leggy blond with a perky pair of 34Bs. She had long blond hair and, even better, she was an identical twin of Sandra who often times helped out at the same pub.

I didnt need much encouragement as I thought of the chance of seeing the twins. I had always got on well with them both and had dated Sandra for a little while a year or so back. I was visualizing being sandwiched between those beautiful girls when the horn of the taxi blasted outside waking me from my daydreams.

Hello Tony, said Seamus as I walked through the door, what are you having? Mines a pint of bitter please I replied, how are you havent seen you for a while? Busy, he said, this bar business keeps me working all hours of the day and night. My thought was, poor Patty, I hope she is getting enough, if not maybe? well I can dream cant I, I thought to myself.

The White Castle was an older building, 3 levels high with the bar on the ground floor. The second level had the dining room and living area and the bedrooms on the third floor. There were no elevators, just some narrow stairs connecting each level, the first set being visible behind the bar to the left of the mirror.

Seamus passed me my pint, how is that beautiful wife of yours? I asked. She is upstairs with Sandra who is visiting for a few days, stated Seamus as he hurriedly moved to serve the next customers.

I sipped my beer slowly.

I looked up from pint and caught a glimpse of someone on the stairs. It was Sandra in a little black miniskirt descending, she looked as gorgeous as ever with her long slender legs disappearing up the small skirt, a tight white blouse stretched across her 36Cs and long blond hair flowing across her shoulders. Wow, why did I ever stop dating her, I thought, knowing that the reason was she had moved more than 100 miles away and the journey to and fro just made it impractical.

I thought I heard your voice, she said. I havent seen you for such a while, mind if I join you for a drink. Of course not, sit down and make yourself comfortable, I said, pointing to the bar stool next to me. She sat down and slowly crossed her legs giving me a flash of red on what appeared to be a thong covering her beautiful pussy. As we talked I watched her breasts pushing against the thin silk of her bra and the see through blouse. She was trim and sexy and I felt the arousal in my groin as past memories flashed through my brain.

We were getting pretty merry on the drinks when Seamus shouted over to Sandra. Can you go upstairs and ask Patty to go and buy a case of orange juice, everybody wants a screwdriver and we are nearly out. OK, she said, grabbing my hand, come on lets go upstairs and see Patty, I am sure she would like to see you.

I followed her up the staircase all the time trying to get glimpses up at that little miniskirt. She stopped at one time, turned round, looked at me and said, do you like the view? I can tell you the only difference is it is shaved now and has a little piercing. My dick stood on end instantly at the thought as she turned and ascended the remaining stairs.

Hello Tony, long time no see, said Patty. She was the same height as Sandra and just as gorgeous. She also had the never ending legs of her twin sister. She was dressed in tight hip hugger jeans and a loose sweatshirt that did not do anything for her breasts. As she turned and bent down to pick up her purse a bright blue thong appeared above her jeans, what a beautiful ass I thought. Sandra noticed me looking but did not say anything.

Sandra told her about the need for orange juice and she pulled out her car keys and said, do you guys want to come along, I sure could use Tonys strong arms as these cases are heavy. We rushed off the store, purchased the case and I carried it to the car. On the front seat please Tony, said Patty, it is easier to lift it in and out. OK I said as I climbed in the back seat with Sandra.

As I said we were a little merry with our drinks but what happened next caught me by surprise. I had my arm around Sandra when she leant over to me, grabbed my cock and whispered in my ear. You liked my sisters underwear didnt you? My cock immediately stood to attention and she continued, I know she likes you but I am going to make her jealous, she said. I dont think she is getting much attention at home now.

With that, Sandra reached down unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out beneath my underwear. My it is just as wonderful as I remember it she said out loud enough for Patty to hear as she held it in one hand and put her head in my lap. I noticed Patty moving the rear view mirror so that she could get a better view. Sandra began to lick the head, sides and bottom of my throbbing cock. After what seemed a lifetime she took the head into her mouth and proceeded to use that lovely mouth along the whole length of my member. She was excellent at blow jobs, I began to gyrate my thighs to the movements of her head, I looked up at the rear view mirror and could see Patty taking frequent glances at the show going on in the back seat. She had one hand on the wheel, and I swear, she was frigging herself off from the outside of her jeans. My balls tightened, I felt the pumping and Sandra clamped her head on my cock and gently massaged my balls as I shot load after load of hot cum in her mouth. She swallowed frantically making loud gulping noises as she took the load down her throat, I am sure I heard Patty gasp as she must have given herself a quick clitoral orgasm as I had been coming into Sandras mouth and throat.

Sandra lifted her head, wiped the corners of her mouth with her fingers, gave me a wry smile and said, that tasted wonderful Tony, what did you have for lunch today? I just smiled and so did Patty as we pulled into the pub parking lot.

Here you are Seamus, I said as I gave him the case of orange juice. Oh thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Little did he know how much I had appreciated it.

We all went upstairs and sat down in the living room. That was quite a show you gave said Patty, surprisingly bringing up the subject. My panties were so wet I think I am going to have to change them. She stood up, dropped her jeans, stepped out from them and turned to me. I could see the blue thong glistening with moisture between her thighs. She walked over to the sofa where I was sitting next to Sandra, pushed her flat stomach into my face and said, here feel how wet I am, you dont mind do you Sandra? Sandra replied, we are sisters arent we and leant back to watch.

I ran my hand up her thigh to the glistening underwear. Ran my fingers around the outside of her pussy through the silk and felt her wetness seeping through. Moving my fingers inside the silk I caressed the lips of her pussy before taking both hands and pulling the thong down to her knees. She lifted one leg to remove her panties and I saw the beautiful red swollen lips, the trimmed blond hair and the little erect clit. By this time my cock was hard again and begging to be released from its prison.

Patty pushed her pussy towards my face, I pushed her legs apart as she stood there in front of me and pushed my tongue onto and into her pussy. Oh goodness, she stuttered, this hasnt happened to me for a long while, oh I have missed this feeling. I vigorously but gently worked her pussy with my tongue until her knees were shaking. I placed my tongue hard against her clit, stuck my fingers inside her pussy and felt the convulsions as she pulsated across my fingers and tongue in an earth shattering climax.

Knowing Seamus was downstairs I told her she had to be quiet as I stood up and removed her sweatshirt. By this time I could feel the dampness of my cock precum in my underwear and Sandra had her hand up her skirt playing with her own pussy. I kissed Pattys small pert breasts and bent her over facing Sandra on the sofa. Sandra now had her black miniskirt up to her waist, had removed the little red thong and was sticking her fingers in her pussy. I pushed Patty over from behind so her head was between Sandras thighs as I released my throbbing cock by dropping my pants and underwear.

Patty got the idea immediately and replaced Sandras fingers frantically with her eager tongue. Sandra pushed her pussy into Pattys face as I ran the head of my cock up and down Pattys pussy from behind. Sandra started to gasp out loud as the first of her pent up orgasms hit her, at the same time I thrust my cock deep into Pattys pussy. Patty thrust back, still bringing pleasure to Sandra with her tongue as my cock bought her to another orgasm, this one much deeper and longer then the first. Although my cock was aching to fill Pattys beautiful pussy with juices I wanted more. The sight of Sandras shaved pussy with a clit ring pierced through it made me want to feel it against my cock.

I withdrew my cock from Patty, turned Sandra lengthwise on the sofa and said, OK now it is your turn. She still had her miniskirt around her waist, I reached up and removed her blouse while resting my cock between her legs at the opening to her pussy. I reached around her back and removed her bra, the beautiful 36Cs fell out and I began to suck on the nipples. I could feel the clit pin against my cock as I sucked and caressed her tits, suddenly she arched her back and came at the same time as I pushed the whole length of my cock into her delightful pussy.

I worked my cock in and out of Sandras pussy, sometimes slowly, sometimes thrusting in hard. I looked out of the corner of my eye and there was Patty sitting on a chair watching the whole thing with her fingers frantically going in and out of her pussy. As if by some magic signal we all came together. My balls tightened, my cock thrust hard into Sandra and my cum spewed into her pump after pump after pump until I thought it would never stop. Sandra dug her nails into my back as she raised her ass and came all over my manhood, Patty gasped out loud in unison. We all collapsed exhausted with pleasure.

Is everything all right up there, a voice shouted up the stairs. I thought I heard some screaming, said Seamus. We all dressed rapidly and straightened ourselves up as Patty shouted, yes everything is fine, we are just coming down for a drink.

We went downstairs all glowing, Seamus served us a drink. Tony, I am glad you came to visit, he said, I bet it was nice visiting with Sandra and Patty. I hope you wont leave it so long next time. Patty gave me a knowing look and Sandra said, yes Tony, dont leave it so long next time will you?

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