Too Tight Tent

Too Tight Tent

Over the last 8 years I have watched my step-daughter Amanda, grow from a chubby child, into a beautiful 17 years old young lady. I am 45 and my wife, is 35. My wife, Audry, is a beautiful lady and I love her very much. She had Amanda at 18 and divorced at 22. We dated for 8 years before we married. We were both coming out of ugly divorces and wanted to take our time. During that time, I became very close to Amanda. Her father was an angry, bitter son of a bitch. He complained to Amanda about how life had dealt him a raw hand and what a bitch her mother was. This only made Amanda closer to us. She would sit on the couch with me, put her arms around me and hold me like a child would hold her real father. Amanda would tell me about how she wished she could come and live with her mom and I full time and never have see her dad again.

Amada was a tiny girl. She only weighed 105 ponds, soaking wet. She had long blond hair and took care of herself very well. She had bright green eyes and a model's smile. Her titties we small but perfect in every way. Her mother taught her about " girl" stuff as she grew. It was important to her to do her nails and hair and dress like a "women" all the time. I watched her develop and saw the baby fat come off at about 14. She had a unbelieveable ass and knew it. I enjoyed looking at her as she would lounge around the house in the summer. She would wear tank tops and shorts most of the time and didn't seem to be afraid to show off what she had, at least to me. We would flurt a bit but nothing too obvious. I would tell her that she looked so good that if I was 20 years younger, her mother would have a problem. From time to time I would be very frank about what people might say if she were to go to the wrong place wearing some of her reveling outfits. For the most part she was very mature about those conversations and seemed to understand.

Our favorite summer activity was boating. We would spend every possible moment on the lake, soaking up the sun and cruising around with friends. One long holiday, I ask Amanda if she wanted to bring some friends to the lake for the weekend. We would be camping, boating, skiing and basically enjoying life. Her girlfriends had been coming with us to the lake for many years and I knew these girls very well. I had been noticing how these girls had started to get "hot" over the last few summers and enjoyed having them on the boat . They would strip down to thier little bikinis and lay around in the sun, swim and play in the water. Being the only guy around, I felt like a king with a little harem.

One of my favorite "views" was when the girls would lay on the sundeck of the boat and cover their faces from the sun with a towel. They would rub oil on thier bodies and then lay out and bake. When they did this, the hip bones would push up the waste of their swim suits a little bit. o I would get a little view running over their tits, down thier stomachs, along those little fine stomach hairs that lead to those teenage mounds, just under thier nylon suits. Sometimes I could see a little pubic hair on some of the girls. Amanda's mother told me that she shaved and part of thier grooming included a total shave. My wife knew how much I liked it and evidently Amanda did as well. As I looked down their suits, I would imagine how wonderful those little triangles would smell, taste and feel. Sometimes I would catch myself licking my lips and groaning a bit, dreaming of having sex with one of them. I would try to focus my attention on Amanda's friends so I didin't feel so guilty.

On this particular day, the sun was hot and we had been drinking quite a bit. I would catch some of the girls sneaking sips from my Captian and Coke. They knew I was watching and also knew I really didn't care. We were planning to camp overnight so I didn't see the harm. When we arrived at the camp sight around 9:00 pm, we were all tired, partially drunk and looking to crash. We unloaded the truck and started to set up the tent. It was at that time I realized we had brought the 5 man tent but forgot the smaller tent that Audry and I had intended to sleep in. The plan was to have the 3 girls sleep in the big tent and we would take the smaller one for this trip. Suddenly I realized that we had a problem. It was getting dark, Audry was almost passed out and the girls were sunburned and tired.

They all looked at me as the problems solver. I suggested that we would all have to squeeze into the 5 man tent. We had two double air mattresses and one single. I figured if we put them side by side, we couuld cover the bottom of the tent and still get a good nights sleep. As soon as I got the air mattresses pumped up and the sleeping bags down, Audry claimed one and crawled in. Now, I had only brought 3 sleeping bags. Audry and I had planned to use blankes and comforters. I liked that better because it allowed us to be naked togeather and enjoy our sex without the confines of the sleeping bags. Each of Amanda's friends quickly grabbed a bag and went to bed. I looked at Amanda and told her we would have to share the remaining bedding. I joked about how she would be sleeping with a man for the first time. She just laughed, stripped down to her tank top and shorts and crawled in. Her top and shorts were a silky nylon material, so small and so soft, I began to imagine how wonderful she might feel.

I had on a pair of lose boxer shorts. I never have been able to sleep in a T-shirt. In fact I slept nude most of the time. As I crawled in I could feel Amanda's skin against my leg. Just the touch of her skin and those silky shorts, sent tingles through my body. That beautiful young skin that I had been looking at all day was 3 inches from my dick. I rolled over toward my wife and put my arm around her trying to get some response from her. She was out cold. I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes. As I lay there I began to think about the girls and how wonderful they looked in those tiny suits. The nylon tight against thier bodys and the oil on their skin shining in the sun. I thought about the tiny blond hairs on thier stomachs and necks and that little path of pleasure leading to their little virgin pussies. My prick began to swell and I began to wiggle my hips to those thoughts.

I was trying to get comfortable and trying to put those thoughts out of my head. My dick continued to grow and throb. I put my hand down inside my shorts and rubbed the head of my cock. It felt so wonderful as I imagined Amanda rubbing it for me. Suddenly, I felt Amanda's hand against my leg. Was she awake? Did she feel my movement and know I was jacking off? I froze with my hand inside my shorts. Her hand touched the top of my left leg and began to move up and down ever so slowly. Again, I asked,myself, is she sleeping? I pulled my hand from my shorts and moved to over to meet her hand. She held my hand and squeezed it just a touch. She must be awake, I thought. She then let go of my hand and continued to rub my leg. Amanda was laying flat on her back as well. Her hand moved closer to my swelling member. When she touched me, I jerked. The muscles in my stomach snapped to attention. A million thoughts went rushing through my head. Was this a dream or was my step-daughter really touching me? Was my wife awake and did she know what was happening? Was Amanda really aware of what she was doing or was it part of an erotic dream she might be having? I wasn't sure but it felt so good to have her hand rubbing my dick so gently. I moved my left hand over to Amanda's silk shorts. I touched the top of her pubic mound and slid my hand over it slowly. Her hips move up to meet my hand and she let out a very slight moan. At this point I knew that she was very much aware of what was happening.

Ever so gently I began to rub her pussy through those silk shorts. I could feel the outline of her lips and the warmth coming from her. Her hand moved up and down my prick in unison to my hand movement. As I applied more pressure on her lips, her hand gripped tighter and her movement increased. I couldn't believe the feeling. It was totally black and the only sound I could hear was the crickets outside and the pounding of my heart inside. We layed there for about 5 minutes rubbing each other and not saying a word or making a sound. My dick was as hard at it had become when I was a teenager. I could feel the pressure building up inside of me. As I rubbed Amanda, she began to wiggle her tiny hips. I slipped my hand under her shorts and for the first time, touched her pussy lips. Oh what a feeling. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Her pussy was warm and wet and so tiny and tight. She began to move closer to me and was touching my side and legs at this point. She slipped her hand under my shorts and held my dick in her had and continue to slowly pump it and squeeze it.

I reached over with my hand and scooped her leg up and moved it over on top of me. At this point I rolled so slightly to my left side so the head of my dick was touching her sweet pussy. See wiggled herself into perfect position so I could enter her if I wanted. I reached over with my right hand and began to rub her clit. She let out a moan that I was sure would wake someone. Her two friends stirred a bit but were obvioulsy still sleeping. The tent began to smell like sex. I thought how angry my wife would be if she woke. I thought about how hurt she would be if she found out. It was too late, I was on fire and was not able to think rationally. I slid the head of my dick into Amanda. Her hand grasped the top of my hand and she began to tighten her pussy lips around me. I slid in a little deeper and continued to rub her clit. Ever so slowly I moved in and out of her and rubbed her. I could feel the resistance of her Hymen as I pushed futher in.She began to shake and I thought I could hear a slight whimper or cry. I was afraid if I push further I would break her and decided that a little was enough for now. I coninued moving in and out of her very slowly and lovingly. Soon I could feel her body start to shake and knew she was about to cum. Suddenly her hips began to buck and her body tighten. She was cumming and trying to keep it quiet. I reached up an put my hand over her mouth to help her stay silent. The thought of her cumming was more than I could bear. I was about to cum inside of her. Somehow, I came to my senses and realized that would be a bad idea and pulled out of her. She was breathing hard and still shaking from her orgasm. My rock hard dick was still between her legs and was slapping her on the stomach. She reached down gently and started rubbing the tip of my slippery penis. Within a few seconds I came. I came like I was 18 again. Over and over I could feel the stream of hot liquid shooting out of me.

We layed there quietly just rubbing each other for another 5 minutes. The smell of semen was very strong. It was on the blankets and on her shorts and top. What a mess and how would we explain this in the morning. I fell asleep and began to dream about the experience over and over.

The next morning I woke up early, got out of the tent and started a fire. Shortly after that my wife , Audry stepped out of the tent as well. She was obvioulsy hung over and was more interested in getting some water to drink and an asprin to take, then pay attention to any clues we might have left behind. About an hour later I could hear the girls start to stir.

We went out on the boat again that day and had a great time. Amanda never acted like anything happened and never said a word. Only once during the day, as she lay on her back sunning herself, did she look and me and smile, a very sexy smile. We never spoke of that night, like it was some kind of wild exotic dream.

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