Train Ride_(4)

Train Ride_(4)

I live in US but my work involves a lot of travelling and on this occasion I was travelling by train from Amsterdam to Zurich, Switzerland. It was somewhere in early 1990’s or so and the actual names are lost but the events are clear in my mind as though they happened yesterday. I boarded the train to Zurich and was given a seat and sleeper in a set of four. It was around evening time and this compartment had two other passengers, one man and a woman. Expecting a very routine journey and being rather tired after daylong meetings, I did not pay much attention to the fellow passengers dozed off nearly as soon as I got on the train. It must have been a few hours later that I woke and noticed the man was no longer in the compartment. I look around and could not see his luggage and my attention was drawn to a voice saying “That gentleman got off at the last stop” I looked and it was this lady speaking to me. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her speak such good English. She gave me a polite smile, which I returned. I then realized I had not taken a properly look or acknowledged my co-passenger. She was in her late 30’s or early 40’s with a pretty face. She not very tall, about 5’6” but with big breast about 38DD, slim waist and very shapely legs with manicured and painted hand and toenails. I caught myself staring at her, checking her out while she watched me do it. But she did not seem offended rather I got another smile.

It was about 8 pm and I proceed to read my book and the lady was reading a magazine. Soon she got up and converted her seat to bed and spread her bedding while I was watching her. As soon as she was finished making her bed, she turned around and removed her shirt over her head and removed her skirt too. There she was standing in front of me in just her bra and very small and thin panties through which I could see a small turf of hair over her pussy. Then off came her bra and two magnificent globes of breast with about two inches of areola and pencil rubber size big nipples were staring me in my face. She did this all in such a routine manner that the only thought that came to my mind was ‘this lady must be used to going to bed like this and that is what she is doing’. She turned to get into the bed and now her very shapely ass was facing me, tempting me to grab it. Soon she was in bed covered with her blanket. I tried to ignore the image of her big boobs and nice firm ass in my face and proceeded to make my bed and turned off the compartment light and started reading my book by the bedside light.

I fell asleep reading and was awoken by the feeling someone was touching me. I found that my shirt was open and so was the belt of my pants. This lady (Alice which I learnt later) was struggling to get my jeans button open. She was still naked except her panties and what I was seeing was a pretty ass bend over my crotch and trying to open my pants. Although she realized that I had woken up, but still she proceed in the same “routine manner” saying to me “How will you ever get a good night sleep if you wear all your clothes to bed?” She finally got the button opened and I raised my butt to help her get the jeans off. Then she sat facing me and could see that my prick was semi hard. She said, “I didn’t know that I can still have this effect on young men like you” referring to my prick getting more and more hard by the second. I blurred out “You have such a perfect body, why wouldn’t you have this effect on me.” She looked puzzled and said ”Really, what do you like about me?” all this while gently rubbing my thighs, just below my prick never once touching my crotch or my prick. I was ready to burst and this lady was asking me what I like about her. “For a start, you got the most magnificent pair of breast I have ever seen” I said and gently put my hand on her breast and cupped them. “Look, they are firm as a 15 year old and your nipples are big, long and hard” I was now rubbing her nipple in my finger and thumb. Her eyes closed and a moan escaped her lips. She had removed my shorts and my prick was standing up like a solder ready to perform his duty. Seeing my 8” prick another morn escaped her lips and she started stroking it. I pulled her closed to me and had her right nipple in my mouth. Her nipple grew harder and longer as I sucked on it. My hand moved down her back and was stroking her firm ass. She started licking my chest and sucked on my nipple. It made me wild with excitement as no one had ever done that to me. Slowly she moved to my prick and gave it a kiss and cupped my balls in her hand. She then took the big head in her mouth and was flicking her tongue on it. Soon she had a good part of my 8” long dick in her mouth giving it one of the best sucking I had ever got. Each time she reached the head of my prick, she would run her tongue around the head and then she would take my prick out and lick the back of its head sending shivers down my spine. She continued this for a long time while I was playing with her tits and was rubbing her nipples. She would bring me close to cumming and then stop and lick my balls and then start to suck me again. My balls were on fire and were bursting to release their load of thick semen in her mouth.

But suddenly she sat up straight very seriously. I asked her what was wrong. “I have never done this to anyone except my husband” she replied. I got up and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips and rubbed her back. “Do you want to stop” I asked. “I don’t know? It’s been so long that my husband died, two years ago, and I have not had a man since, and you are so young” she replied. We stayed like that for a while and then I slowly laid her on her back. She did not resist and I took this as a cue that she wanted more. I spread her legs and was facing her pussy when a jerk from the train pushed my face in her pussy. It was all wet and her juice was dripping down her thighs. With my face in her pussy, we both laughed and the laughter made she relaxed. Soon I was licking up all her juice from her thighs to her pussy. I used both my hands to spread her pussy lips and was licking the inside of her pussy. Her pussy had faint smell of perfumed panties or something mixed with her pussy juice giving it a very erotic taste. I pulled her clit out of its hood and sucked on it and licked it. By now she had her hand on my head and was pushing it in while grinding her ass on the train seat. Every now and then a gentle push from the movement of the train made the actions unpredictable. Alice was now totally in a frenzy of an orgasm and was softly saying “Yes, yes… ah.. ah..” Soon her ass tightened and her hands on my head pushed me harder and she was cumming. A flood of pussy juice filled my mouth and dripping down her thighs again. I continued to lick and suck her clit and she came again and again till we lost count and she grabbed my head and brought me up to her lips and kissed me. “Honey, you need to give me some time to breath too” and came another sloppy kiss from her. She licked her pussy juice from my lips and chin.

A little later, I moved on top her and she started rubbing my prick on her wet pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved with a small turf of hair on the top and when she rubbed my prick head I could feel her small shaved hair and it as an exceptionally erotic feeling of small prickly hair on my sensitive prick head. I started to push my prick in her pussy, but she was so tight that it would not go in and it felt like I was entering a virgin. She said, “Nobody and nothing has been in since two years”. I exclaimed and asked “No one! Why” She replied “I am from Switzerland and went to US as an exchange student. That is where I met my husband, Brad. We were High School sweethearts and he was the first and the only man who has ever touched me here or entered me. When Brad died, at first I did not want to do anything with any man. Then as time went by, I could never get courage to do it with any one.” “Then how come with me?” I asked. “You look just like Brad when he was your age” she replied with a smile and planted her lips on mine. It answered a lot of questions. I started to push my prick in her again and could feel wetness flowing. The kissing was making her relax and finally I was in her. As soon as I was fully in her she told me to hold still so that she could feel me in her. We stayed like that for a while and I twitched my prick in her. In a few seconds I could feel her hips get tight and she was cumming. She stared kissing me while I was sucking her tits. I could feel her pussy tight around my prick. I slowly pulled out and pushed my prick in and could feel her pussy pull out and in with it. Slowly I increased pulling my prick out and pushing it in and Alice was enjoying every 8-inch of my prick and me. She was kissing me on my lips, biting my ears, licking my nipples; this lady was wild and out of control. To make matters more interesting, the occasional jerk by the train would make things unexpected. By now I had a steady stroke and Alice was going wild, she would raise her ass to meet my prick and soon she cumming again. She patted me on my back to hang on for a while and got on top of me facing me to ride my cock. Gently she eased herself over my hard thick prick and soon her tits were slapping against her and her head was turned back as she enjoyed the ride. Never have I seen a woman enjoy a fuck like her. I took my hand in between our bodies and started rubbing her clit. It got her absolutely wild and arch back to give my hand more room. She got hold of the seat above to support her started thrusting her body over my prick as hard as she could. Soon another flood of pussy juice felt warm over my prick and she rested her body on my chest and I was pushing my hips to thrust in her. I shut my eyes to imagine it all, a warm tight wet pussy around my prick, two huge tits on my chest and I was sucking on her sweet lips. This thought was making me aroused and I felt like cunning. I grabbed her turning her around and pinned her down on the train bed and started thrusting my prick in her with urgency. She got the hint started whispering in my ear “Yeah baby, fill me with you warm cum.. cum baby, cum”. I was now holding her hips and with long strokes pushing my prick in and out of her. Her tits were moving up and down with each stroke and with each we could hear our bodies slapping sound (inspite of the train sound). My balls were boiling with cum and her pussy juice was all over my prick each time it was out of her tight pussy. I could not hold any longer and with the next push in her I stated to cum and as soon as she felt me cum, she stared cumming. With each thrust my prick shot a fresh load of cum in her and then with one final thrust I drove my prick all the way in her and could feel the end of her love tunnel. My prick was in spasm erupting my cum in her and my body was rigid. Soon it passed, but she would not let me pull out of her and we laid like that forever. Our bodies a mix of sweat, cum, pussy juice and saliva. I looked at the clock and it was only 4 in the morning and we still had another 4 hours to go before we reached Zurich.

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