Lake Eufala, Oklahoma in the summer of 1982 was the premier place to be. I had finished my second year of teaching at Ardmore and was taking in some R & R the first week of June. My Uncle had a cabin on the lake that he said I could use the first week of June, so here I am. I was a child in Ada when they had started working on building this lake. It is reported to be the largest freshwater-man -made lake in the world. It is huge and one of the most enjoyable lakes I had ever been on. The first day I had spent fishing for bass in a small jon boat with a 5hp motor, and a trolling motor as well. My score for the day was me-0 and the 3. I pulled up to the small boat dock that led to the cabin. It was still early, about four in the afternoon when I got unloaded. I went on into the cabin to shower, with plans of maybe going to get a steak to grill later on that evening.

I had just finished a well needed shower and was enjoying the a/c in my cut-offs and t-shirt when someone knocked on the door. Upon answering the door, I found two girls looking up an
t me and a little frightened. The older one, probably 17-18 asked, "Mr., could we use your phone, we think grandma is having a heart attack? " I motioned for them to come in and pointed them to the phone. I asked the yopunger one to go with me back to their grandmothers' house, to which she complied. The little trailer house next door was just about hid out from all of the trees and brush along the pathway, running, we got to the door and found their grandmother siitting on the porch, breathing heavily, and very confused. It did appear to be heart related and we talked to her enough to get her to calm down a little. Her breathing was labored, and she was sweating heavily. The older of the girls had made it back and said an ambulance was on the way. What semed like for ever was in reality about seven minutes as the ambulance sped up to the driveway and began their rescue efforts. After several more minutes of working and debating, the head of the EMT unit had decided to call for careflite, feeling the woman needed to be in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Her doctor agreed she shouild be flown in to Oklahoma City. They told the girls their grandmother was stable, they really felt she should bet taken to a hospital that could better see to her needs. They were also informed they could not ride with her, but would have to make arrangements to get to the city.

Trini, the older of the two asked to use the phone again, while her sister, Gaylee stayed with their grandmother. In talking with Gaylee, I found they were adopted sisters, and were staying with their grandmother for a few weeks. Their step parents were on a cruise to the Bajamas and were not due back before June 10th. Gaylee was 17 and her sister was 19. Both were recognizably of American Indian descent, Pottowattomie, she said. The helicoptor was landing across the way in a vacant field when Trini returned. She said nothing until her granny was loaded up and was on her way, then asked, "Could you take us to the city, please?" It was going to be a long night, I figured, but agreed. They said they would be over by the house and ready to go in about 20 minutes.

Being on the southeastern side of the Lake, I figured it would take a good solid hour to get to the hospital, so for the benefit of the girls, I figured I would wait to get to Oklahoma City, then look for something to eat.

It was straight up six p.m. when we left out for the big city. The girls had their baggage and overnight cases which filled the trunk of my Audi. They actually lived on the northern edge of Oklahoma City, so in essence, they were really going home. Trini said she would be a sophmore at OSU in the fall. Both of the girls were pretty, with dark hair and reddish brown skin, and the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen. We small talked most of the way, and the trip seemed to be very short. At 7:05, we were pulling into the parking lot of the hospital where their grandmother should be. They were told everything was all right for the moment, but that it was indeed a heart attack and there would be people in and out all night long to evaluate and care for her until her doctor could assess the damage and plan of action. After being able to see her, they agreed they needed to go home. Trini could use her mothers' car and I could get on back, If I would drop them off. again, I agreed and we were off again.

We stopped at a Whatburger for a burger and fries before leaving the hospital area. By 9:00 p.m. i was pulling into their driveway. Gaylee was asleep in the backseat. I started to wake her up but Trini stopped me. "If you have time, let's go in and visit for a spell. I'll mix us a drink and we'll relax a little, and thanks for all of your help." I followed her into the modest brick home. sitting on a barstool in the kitchen island. We nursed our Crown and Coke. We were just about ready for another when Trini sat down next to me and asked me point blank, "Have you ever fucked an Indian before"? Before I could answer, she began loosening her jeans, standing up, they fell silently to the floor. Her plaid blouse was next, followed by her bra and panties. "Crown always makes me horny, she said, and I want you so bad to fuck my pussy. I am already wet, and need you inside of me now." Her dark pubic hair did little to hide the wet pinkness that was being shown to me as she used her hands to easily spread her pussy lips apart. I could already smell the ardour of her excitement as it lingered in the stuffy air of the empty house. My cock sensed it was needed for use as it began to gain length because of the floor show and the smell of sex lingering heavily in the air.

She decided to move our encounter into her bedroom, so she easily gathered up her clothes and off we went to do the dirty. She was laying flat on her back when I managed to get out of my clothes. Sheepishly, she played with her pussy as I sat down beside her and leaned over and kissed her puffy nipples. Something about puffy nipples and wet pussies just make my dick extra hard, She noted as I mounted her, "That cock looks really stiff." With both legs wrapped around my hips, and her arms around my shoulders, I guided my staff into the wetness of her elasticlike pussy ring. She was already about to spurt her first round of love juices before I had made my second plunge into her horny hole.Her long fingers gripped my arms is ecstacy as she whimpered and seemingly froze as she expelled her first wet labor of love. Her legs were locked around my waist in climatic convulsions as her pussy spat and sputtered her cum load. She was wanting on top to ride me like a horse, so we changed positions. She definitely was no stranger to fucking as she sat down easily on my pulsing peter. With her knees clinching my hips, and her hands flat on my chest, she began her up and down motions. Each of he thrusts shortened the amount of time I would be able to keep from exploding deep in her cunt. Her wetness was pooling on my pubic area and running down my aching balls. Her pussy was gripping, forcefully sucking at my erection. It had been sometime since I had felt that much passion in fucking. Her second cumming wasn't as forceful as her first. Silently, she lay forward on me as her sweltering snatch spat out a fresh load of cum. My now saturated balls were building up the internal pressure, almost ready to relieve themselves, when she decided she wanted me to fuck her doggie style.
Within seconds, she was on her knees, belly flat, and ass in the air. Almost instantly, I was behind her, guiding my love lance into her welcoming well of love. WIth each plunge into her honey pit, her asshole seemed to wink at me. I managed to get a finger up her ass and with each thrust into her glory depths, I would move my finger in her asshole. She was now delerious in ecstacy, her silence was now broken by an unfamiliar language, which appeared to be urging me on. Her third and final orgasm sucked the passions right out of my cock. Our passion juices mingled somewhere deep in her belly. When I removed my finger from deep in her asshole, she went limp, face down in the pillow. My hardness was shrinking in her tunnel of lust and the merry juices of joy eased out of her plundered crack. I was still mostly inside her twitching twat when she convulsed one more time and my ejaculation fluids were purged from her body, as was my spent cock also. We rested briefly, then went about the business of getting cleaned up and dressed. Nothing was said as I went outside and woke up Gaylee.

Trini was calling the hospital to check on grandmother as I managed to get Gaylee awake. By the time we got inside, Trini was trying to reach her step parents to let them know things were okay so far. It seemed as if I could safely return to the lake. It was after midnight and both girls insisted I stay the night.

Trini mixed us another drink and one for Gaylee as we sat around and small talked for a while. Gaylee was talking about her soon to come first year of college at Mid Western, when she just blurted out, "Do I get a chance to fuck you like my sister did?" Everyone was quiet monmentarily. Gaylee the laughed and posed the question, "You really didn't think I was asleep the whole time ya'll were fucking, do you? I waited for a few minutes before I came in, I saw ya'll making the journey to the bedroom and followed and watched. It made me so, so horny, in fact, I had to get out of my panties because they were so wet, see?", she pulled her jeans down, showing us her pantiless pussy. I looked at Trini, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "You can fuck him if you want, just do not blame me for it if anyone finds out." Gaylee shed the rest of her clothes and came and sat in my lap, totally nude. Her breasts were taut and her nipples already har with excitement. I began sucking on the as Gaylee kissed me on the neck and shoulders. My hand found her soft, damp pussy and easily , my forefinger slid up into her tightness. With my finger in her love cave, I used my thimb to easily rub her pink chubby clit. She squeezed her knees together in delight as I felt her gentle squirt of ardor ooze from out of her quivering cunt. My rising cock yelled for release from its ensnarement. Gaylee unzipped my cut-offs and and released my throbbing tool> She easily slid the skin up and over the swoolen head of my dick. Neither of us heard the phone ring as she eagerly mounted my tool and plunged swiftly upon its length. While Trini spoke to here parents on the phone. my cocked reamed Gaylee's pussy.Her pussy, like he sisiter's was tight, but juicy. She wasn't as well versed in the fine art of fucking like her sister, but she made up for it by the way she moved around as she sat upon my length.Her tight twat was squeezing my ckck and her gentle pushing made it hard not to fire my cum load.

Trini was back from her conversation, looked at us and smiled and said, " Ill be back."
Gaylee was primed again to blow her wad as I easily continued my rubbing of her clit. Her rounded ass cheeks bounced with every forceful movement of my cock inside of her pussy.
Her second round of ecstacy was very different from the first. She sank her fingenails into my shoulders as she groaned and bucked as her stuffed hole gushered out her spent climatic juices.
Her silky wetness was now prominently gathered in our pubic hair. Each push and pull generated a soft sucking sound. The sound was so erotic itself that it was on the verge of making me cum. Then , she gasped and shook climatically as her last dam of water broke, saturating me, her, and the sofa. She trembled and shook for a few seconds, then, her spasming pussy sucked my cum out of my balls, sucking my cream deep inside her still tight pussy. For several minutes, her pussy would spasm occasionally and spit some of its glorious goo from her gash. We were both exhausted as my shrunked rod slipped from her love slickened hole. We clung to each other, enjoying the aftermath of our lovemaking. She finally got up and wandered off to clean up. I took the opportunity to refresh my glass of Crown and Coke.

Trini stepped back into the kitchen dressed only in a robe. The front was open and she made no moves to close it. "Ya'll looked real hot while you were fucking, It made me horny again," she said.
"Would you rub my clit till I cum?", she asked. "I promise it won't take long, then we will all rest,"
she said emphatically. Moving over to me, she spread her robe aand guided my hand to her twat.
I easily slipped my forefinger into her tight pinkness, then began to use my thumb to tease her clit.
Her breathing increased rapidly as I cavorted between her clit and pussy. I then stuck my third finger into her puckered asshole and with my two fingers and thumb, milked her glorious gash of its velvet wetness, feeling her cringe slightly, then the warm wetness in the palm of my hand. She tip toed up to kiss me and said, "Thanks for everything." I went on to clean up. Upon my return, both Trini and Gaylee were in the living room, finishing their drink. Trini looked at me and said, "You are one lucky guy tonight, you get to sleep with both of us."

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