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My wife and I have been married for almost a year now, although we have lived together for almost 5. Our sex life from the very beginning has always been awesome and she has always been a little hottie. Although she has enjoyed Variations or Forum with me on numerous times for masturbation or fore play, she has never really opened up any fantasies with me until we got married. Risqué for us was mutual masturbation or a quick flash at a Kid Rock concert.

Once we were married, things started to get more exiting for both of us. Most men that get married often get asked the question, “How is married life treating you?” and for most I would expect the answer to be “It’s alright” with a nonchalant attitude. When I get asked this question, I always reply with an extraordinary positive response that surprises most people, including those that knew us before we were married. Overall, we just get along better which has resulted in a more adventurous sex life. Light bondage, some exhibition, and very light S&M play has entered our bedroom along with some sharing of fantasies and past experiences which has been an extreme turn on for both of us.

Earlier this year, I became jobless. This has resulted in a lot of time at home for me to masturbate to your magazines. One of the stories included a video camera and the idea came across my mind to video myself masturbating for my wife. So I set up the camera to the TV so I could tape and watch to make sure the angle was right. My video camera also has a remote with a zoom so as I came, I could zoom in. My wife came home that day and I was a little cheery. She could tell I was up to something, because I am just not a very good poker player. I fixed her dinner, some fish and fried oysters and we shared a large bottle of wine. Once we were a little tipsy, she asked me why I was so cheery. I told her what I did and she said that she wanted to watch it. I was all too happy to show her.

After it was over, she said that she wanted to make one. I liked that idea, and then asked her why? She said that since I am home masturbating so much, I should have a visual of her enjoying herself while I am at it. I told her that I liked that idea since every time I read a story to get myself off, she is the center of my fantasy that makes me cum.

She went into the bathroom to clean up. While she was in the bathroom, I set up the camera and put a blanket and some pillows from the bed in the middle of the living room floor. I lit some candles and some incense to create the mood. I also turned on a light to make sure that when I video taped her, it wouldn’t turn out too dark. She and I also like to watch videos that we rent from the local adult video store. I put one of them in and turned the sound down low. I then grabbed the camera and put the tape I had used earlier back in and made sure the battery was fully charged. I also got out her vibrators, in particular her favorite one named Jack.

She came out of the bathroom looking and smelling good. She was wearing a new chemise that I recently bought her. She didn’t have any panties on and she had shaven herself clean. I have always loved a smooth pussy whether I am looking at it, touching it, licking it, or fucking it. We settled down on the floor and rested up against the couch to watch the video. We drank another glass of wine, while we rubbed on each other. We started to get aroused and she moistened. I had a raging hard on now, but I knew I had to stop if I wanted to video her masturbating. I got up to video her and she laid down propping her head up with some pillows so she could continue to watch the video on TV. At the time we were watching a domination video and from the fantasies she has shared with me, these seem to be the ones that she enjoys the most.

She was pretty turned on at this point and went strait for Jack. I taped her face as she turned on the vibrator. I could hear the buzz and the rotation of the beads and then I taped her moan as she placed the vibrating tip against her clit. I then slowly moved the camera view down her body until I had her clit in full view. I have always loved the way her clit looks. When she is getting dressed in front of me she sometimes teases me before she puts on her panties by taking her fingers and spreading her lips and showing me her smooth moist clit. I think what I like the most about her clit is the reaction I get when I rub or lick on it.

She had now placed Jack fully in her. The beads were rotating at the opening, the dick part was gyrating inside rubbing on her G spot and the vibrating tip was assaulting her clit. Her legs were spread wide and I could easily get a view from almost any angle as I stood above her and continued to tape. She was getting hotter and hotter and I could see a bead of sweat form on her forehead. In the back ground, there were sounds of a whip on a woman’s body and I could tell that my wife had transformed her self to that place and was fully overcome with the fantasies that were running through her head. She had completely forgotten about me as she laid back and closed her eyes. Her ass was clenching and she was getting closer and closer to coming. She started to shake as she held onto the edge of her climax and then she relaxed and her juices flowed from her pussy down the crack of her ass and onto the blanket. Man, did I get a great shot of that. I couldn’t wait to watch it again on TV while I masturbated.

I of course was finished taping and she demanded that I get down there and fuck her. I obliged and slid right in. It didn’t take but a couple of strokes and I was done. There is just something about her coming that brings me to climax faster then normal, but she doesn’t complain as she is usually spent by this point.

About a month later, my wife and I planned on going out with one of our guy friends to a local bar. He is single and is a tall good-looking guy. We have never done anything sexually with him, but he has come up in a couple of fantasies of ours when we read stories from your magazines. He is a perfect fit for wife watching as he and I are not interested in any type of guy/guy action. My wife has also expressed her disinterest in stories that include guy on guy action. We didn’t plan on anything that night, but we did plan on doing a lot of drinking. We have done this plenty of times in the past and we didn’t expect anything to be different this night.

My wife and I got ready and she put on a short skirt and a tight top that didn’t require a bra. She has great legs and firm breasts. She tends to attract men a lot when she wears this outfit, as I have to interrupt them when I come back from the bathroom when we are at a bar. My wife is extremely friendly to everyone, which is one of the things that attracted me to her in the first place. I couldn’t help myself from touching her as she got dressed. She even put on panties just to try to get in my way from fondling her. I eventually stopped but now I was turned on. She wouldn’t let anything happen and I had to try to suppress myself. I did, but I sure was looking forward to getting back home and having my way with my wife later that night.

Our guy friend came over and we drank a beer or two and did a couple of shots. Then my wife had received a call and I could tell that she was distressed. Apparently earlier in the week, she had committed to going out with one of her friends from work. Her friend is a lesbian that we have hung out with before, but like our guy friend, we have not included her in any of our sexual activities either. Her friend had made plans to go into the city and see a favorite local radio host of hers at a bar. To attract guys, he usually holds a girl on girl kissing contest. My wife and I have seen this before, but I wasn’t really interested in traveling all the way into the city and our guy friend wasn’t interested either. So we made a deal. I would go with our guy friend and we would hang out at our local bar and she could go with her lesbian friend. It was only about 5 and I already had a good buzz.

I kissed her goodbye and I went over to the bar with my friend and hung out and drank beer. While we were there we saw lots of girls in their short skirts. I enjoy looking at other women, especially those that are hot, but my mind is always on my wife and when I start fantasizing, it is with my wife and not the woman I am looking at. After about 5 more hours of drinking beer the bar started to get hopping. My single friend started to wonder around talking to one woman after the other and was dancing. Although I don’t mind staying put and talking to whoever, the music was getting louder and louder and it was getting harder and harder to hear. I eventually got bored and found my friend talking to a lovely lady that looked like she wanted to suck his dick. So I paid my tab and told him that I was going to go ahead and go home.

I went on home and felt a little frustrated that my wife was not there. When she has gone out with the girls in the past she usually shows up at 1 in the morning and I am asleep in bed. I was still pretty horny from earlier and thought that I could get in a quick masturbation session. So I pulled out the KY, a towel, one of your magazines, and the tape of her masturbating and got comfortable on the recliner in the living room. The recliner sits at an angle from the TV and I wasn’t thinking when I sat down in it, but it is also sitting in plain view of the front door. I was completely naked and turned on the videotape and opened up the magazine.

When I masturbate, I can last a long time. I read a couple of stories and started to get worked up. Then all of a sudden the door was unlocked and opened. It was my wife and her friend. I was a shocked and tried to cover myself with the towel. I saw this big grin on my wife’s face. She came over to me and kissed me and told me it was okay if I wanted to continue. I asked her friend if it was okay and she said that she was fine with it. They both looked over at the TV and it was at the end of the tape. Her friend was curious as to what she had missed, so I told her as I uncovered myself and continued to stroke my hard cock. She said that she wanted to watch it, so I rewound the tape.

While we were waiting on the tape, she asked what I was reading. I told her it was a story about a married woman that was having sex with a woman that lived next door while her husband was at work. My wife came back from the kitchen with a bottle of wine and some glasses. I told her I didn’t want any. She was okay with that, more for her and her friend. She asked me if I was enjoying myself and I told her that I was. She sat down next to her friend on the couch across from where I was sitting. They asked me to read them the story after the tape was ready to be played. I stopped it at the end of where I came and where my wife began to masturbate.

As I continued to rub my hard cock with one hand, I started to read the story out loud. After I was about 2 paragraphs in and the story started to get good, I looked over to my wife and noticed that she started to spread her legs. She didn’t have on any panties. I tried to keep reading, but my mind was racing too fast with all of these nasty thoughts of her to continue. So I stopped and asked her where her panties were? She said that she didn’t know. Then she and her friend looked at each other and smiled. My wife turned back to me and said that she learned something new. Curious, I asked what that was? Right there in front of me, they started to kiss. It started out slow at first and then as they kept on there was a lot more tonguing action. As they got more into it, I just kept watching. I think I even stopped stroking myself for a minute I was so into it. Probably a good thing since the shock of what I was seeing would have made me cum right there and then. Then her friend slid her hand down to my wife’s bare leg and started to rub her thigh. My wife propped her feet up on the coffee table and slid down slightly.

My wife stopped her and then told her to get comfortable. Her friend was very attractive and had on a pair of shorts and a golf shirt. She listened to my wife and they both stripped down. While they were stripping, my wife told me to continue the story. As I continued to read the story, both sat back down on the couch and continued to kiss and fondle each other. I started to jack off again and it didn’t take long before I was coming. I let out a loud moan and distracted them for a second. They both looked over at me and saw that I was very satisfied with what I was seeing.

Then her friend suggested to my wife that they go into the bedroom while I cleaned up. So I grabbed a cold one and went to the guest bathroom to take care of business. I felt really good, but I was still horny and couldn’t wait to get into the bedroom to check out the action. After I finished my beer, I walked into the bedroom and to my surprise, my wife was wearing a blind fold and tied down to the bed, spread eagle with each limb tied to a corner of the bed. My wife’s friend was between her legs, licking my wife’s bare lips. I had heard that only a woman could eat another woman better than any man. From the looks of my wife’s hips and moans it appeared to be true. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and not wanting me to get into the way, she told me to take a seat.

So I sat in the chair next to the bed and started to stroke my cock again. I was hard again in no time and I applied some more KY on my cock. Her friend licked her for a little longer then stopped. She grabbed my wife’s Jack and started using it on my wife. She then grabbed her other dildo vibrator and had my wife suck on it while she was penetrating her with Jack. I was enjoying the show and my wife was getting into it. After her friend pulled the dildo from my wife’s mouth, she also pulled her blindfold from my wife’s eyes so she could see what I was doing. I was really working it. My wife asked if I was enjoying the show and then told me to pinch my nipples. I really enjoy this and my wife usually does this to me when we are having sex. Then she told her friend that we had a bag of clothespins. Her friend told me to fetch them and use them on myself. I did as I was told and after I got them, I placed one on each nipple.

I then through the bag on the bed and inside were more clothespins and a couple of clean mousetraps that I had stripped down to just the spring and the bar. I had used them on my wife’s pussy lips in the past during one of our light S&M fantasies. Her friend left Jack in as it continued to stimulate my wife’s clit and then pulled out the mousetraps. She snapped them a couple of times to tease my wife. Then she placed them on her lips. They seemed to help keep my wife’s lips apart as Jack continued to arouse her.

As her friend continued to take advantage of my wife, her confidence grew. She started to take control of the room and my wife and I were more then willing to let her have her way. Her friend then asked where we kept the whip she had mentioned earlier. Then she told me to go get it. I did as ordered and as a reward, she told me to lie down next to my wife. There wasn’t much room as my wife was tied to the middle of the bed, but I managed and I placed one of my legs over hers and I propped a pillow over my wife’s arm and rested my head there. Her friend told me not to touch my self any more and to place my hands behind my head. She gave me a couple of strokes with her hand to show me that she was pleased that I listened and was handling this all so well.

My clothespins were removed and the blood rushed back in making them extremely sensitive. She also put the blind fold back on to my wife’s eyes so she couldn’t see what was going on or what was coming next. She then removed the mousetraps and Jack from my wife’s pussy and licked on her clit to maintain her stimulation. I was able to watch and from my wife’s reaction, I could tell that she was intensely aroused. Her friend saw that I was in need of attention also as I lay beside her and she reached up and grabbed my dick with her hand and stroked it. I found it a little hard to keep my hands behind my head, but I knew that I would be rewarded well if I continued to listen and do as I was told.

When I was good and hard again and my wife was wet on the outside as much as she was on the inside from her friend’s warm tongue, her friend then took some more of the clothes pins out of the bag and started to place them back on my wife’s lips and on my scrotum. After she had admired her handy work, she told me that I could suck on my wife’s nipples while she continued to lick my wife’s clit. When I reached the first nipple with my mouth, I noticed that it was very hard. From my experience, my wife’s nipples are only that hard when she is highly sensitive and close to coming. I think that my wife’s friend could also tell that she was close and she stopped and told me to lie back down in the position I was before with my eye’s closed. I enjoyed the anticipation.

Then without warning, the whip fell hard against my chest and a crack surrounded the room. My wife even jerked next to me as I let out a moan. Then she cracked down on my wife’s chest and breast with the whip, although not so hard. It seemed that my wife enjoyed the whip as the sounds she was making were ones of pleasure and not pain. She continued to whip us both, too many strokes to count and I could feel the warmth of the blows continue to grow as I tried to keep my eye’s closed. The whip sound was continuous although she would alternate between my wife and I and she would move the location the whip would fall on us the entire time. She even worked her way down to our feet and then slowly back up to where our clothes pins held on tight. She then started to work our sexual organs with the whip. Lightly at first and then she continued to gain momentum with the whip until she started to knock off the clothes pins. As each clothes pin was knocked off me and my wife we let out a slight gasp. The stroke was hard enough to hurt and remove the clothespin but the relief of the pressure from the clothespin was equally stimulating.

She stopped for a moment and let my wife and I catch our breath. Or at least that is what I thought she was doing. My wife and I remained on the bed, me with my eye’s closed and her with her blind fold on and then I heard my wife give a strong moan, one that I was vaguely familiar with. I have only heard her make that sound before when she is experiencing something surprisingly new. I couldn’t resist, so I opened my eyes and looked over. Her friend had went to the kitchen and gotten some ice in a cup and was now rubbing the ice over my wife’s lips on her mouth and then started to kiss her with a deep passionate kiss. As they kissed, her friend moved the ice down to my wife’s hard nipples. The ice was melting fast as the heat in the room continued to rise. I could see drips of water running off the side of my wife’s chest as they continued to kiss. Her friend saw that I was no longer just laying there so she instructed me to grab a piece of ice and help “cool off” my wife.

I grabbed a piece of ice and placed it on her belly button. She winced slightly and then relaxed. I ran the ice down to her inner thighs and she seemed to be enjoying the coolness that the ice brought her. Then I moved the ice up to her clit where just previously it was being assaulted by her friends’ whipping. It was slightly red and puffy, but I had a feeling it was more because of how turned on she was then the actual whipping. I worked the ice really good all over her lips and down to her tight hole below. It didn’t take long for the ice to melt and all of a sudden I felt this sharp stinging sensation across my ass. I jerked slightly and was told by her friend to start eating my wife’s pussy. I did as I was told and her friend continued to whip me and explained that I was getting the whipping because I didn’t remain in my position earlier when curiosity got the best of me. I continued to lick and suck on my wife’s clit and sucked harder and harder as the whipping continued.

After my ass was on fire, her friend took some ice and ran it over my ass. It felt so good and I started to move my ass in motion with her rubbing of the ice. She could tell that I enjoyed the attention my ass was receiving and told me to lay back down in my position next to my wife. I crawled back next to my bound wife with her blindfold still on and put my hands back behind my head. She knew that I just received many blows from our whip and asked me if I was okay. With me all most out of breath, I told her I was.

Her friend grabbed Jack and placed it back between my wife’s legs. My wife was close to coming now and really wasn’t paying attention to what was going on with me. Jack was turned on all of the way and the vibrations on my wife’s clit were enough to creates the moans that I have grown to love. Her friend grabbed the other dildo vibrator and shoved it back into my wife’s mouth and then I felt a gob of KY being placed on my back side and my bung hole. It felt good and then my wife’s friend asked my wife if I had ever been penetrated with her dildo before. After removing the dildo from my wife’s mouth, she said “Just once”, but I knew that I had used it on myself before when masturbating by myself. It has been a long standing fantasy of mine that I use when I am by myself. My wife then commented that she considered it gay, but her gay friend reassured my wife that it was not and since she was gay herself, she said that she would know.
Her friend told me to go grab some towels because she was ready to make us come. Knowing how much my wife comes I grabbed three large towels from the bathroom and then trifolded each of them from under her ass to the end of the bed and on the floor. Her friend asked me what I was doing and I just told her to trust me. She then said, “I’ll trust you, now bend over and trust this” I did as I was told and she shoved the dildo up my ass. I loved it. I was so turned on, I begged to jack off and she said it would be okay, but I had to tell her when I was going to come. I could just imagine what it must have looked like with this woman penetrating my wife with Jack with one hand and with the other hand she was shoving that dildo up my ass.

My wife started to shake and tense up, I could hear her starting to scream. I looked over at her and watched as my wife’s juices started to flow. It was a slow steady stream and it just trickled down her ass as it did in the video. Her friend looked at me strangely and said, “What are all of the towels for?” I told her to back up and remove Jack from my wife. She pulled the Jack from my wife and the dildo from my ass and told me to show her. I quickly found my wife’s clit with my finger and started the flow again. I love doing this and it has always been a major turn on for me. As I continued to rub her clit faster and faster she was screaming by now and cut it lose. She was now gushing out of her pussy an amazing amount of love juice and was soaking all of the towels down to the edge of the bed.

Her friend just looked at us in amazement and said that I should be rewarded appropriately for that show. She told me to get on top of my wife and have my way with her. I was so hard at this point I knew it wouldn’t take long to come inside of my wife. I did as I was told and my wife’s friend removed the blindfold from my wife’s eyes and then loosened her bounds so she would have the ability to move again. As I pumped into my wife’s pussy, my wife grabbed hold of my nipples and pinched hard and I came with such an explosion that cum dripped out of the sides of my wife’s pussy.

After I got off, my wife told her friend to lay down on her back and then instructed me to wash the dildos off and bring them back to her side. While I was washing the toys off, my wife started to lick her friends pussy. She was not totally shaven, but she was well trimmed. Her lips were bare, but she had a very lightly shaped bush. I came back to see that my wife’s head was buried between her friend’s legs. I didn’t want to disturb them as I could tell that they were really into it. So I laid the dildos next to her and left the room to grab another beer.

I was very satisfied and sat down on the couch to relax a little bit. I was about half way through my beer when I heard a light knock on the door. I went to the door and looked through the peep hole and it was my friend from earlier. He was standing outside the door and there was the girl he was talking to when I left him at the bar. I ran and put on a pair of shorts, closed the bedroom door and then let them in. They came in and sat down and I know they could hear the moans coming from the bedroom. My friend asked me what was going on in there and I smiled really big and said, “oh nothing”. He then told me that I had left the blinds open and that he could see everything. The girl with him took off her shirt and released some of the largest breast I have ever seen and said that she wanted to join in on the fun.

Just as I was about to get up and go in to the bedroom and ask them if they were up to more fun, both my wife and her friend walked in naked and said, “Good, the more the merrier.” Needless to say, everyone got naked and there was plenty of licking, sucking, and fucking that continued through the night. But that is another story for another day.

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