Ugly Duckling part 5

Ugly Duckling part 5

I was smitten. My monstrous little frail and handicapped girl had just fucked the hell out of me. Barbara had brought back all the excitement, passion, horniness, and affection that I had as a teenager. At about 3:30 am, I returned Barbara to the “home” where she received care and treatment. It was incredibly sad to think that this was where she spent most of her life. But from what she said, it was better than her other home. I accompanied her to her room and before leaving, I promised her that I would see her again soon.

Back home, in the days to come, I found it difficult to think of anything other than Barbara. My fiancé noticed that I seemed to be aloof and my desire for her body had faded somewhat. I had taken to frequent masturbation sessions as I recalled what Barbara and I had done.

To make a long story short, I caught the whore who was to be my wife out on the town with another guy. I was saddened, angry, and pissed. But at least now I knew that I could see Barbara again without fear of getting caught. In our letters to each other, we planned a rendevous at a ski resort not too far from her. Not that we would ski, I had heard from some friends about renting one of these cabins at the ski resort and how neat and remote they were. It was late march, a very cold weekend, when I made the trip to see her. I drove through bad snowstorms to get there, and I signed her out as soon as I got to her facility early Saturday morning.

Barbara was sitting in her wheel chair, waiting for me in the lobby. The staff did not want her leaving given the weather conditions and her health. We had to wait around until the midday shift change when she was allowed to leave by a more lenient caregiver.
We stopped and ate at a steakhouse and then arrived at the ski resort in the early afternoon. Barbara had never been anywhere that was as nice as this little chalet that I had rented. I carried her inside and set her on the couch, then proceeded to bring in what little we had packed, and built a fire in the fireplace.

Barbara sat there silently staring at the fire with her shoulders hunched over, she seemed nervous and scared. “It’s a far cry from the little shack in hometownville”, I said as I sat beside her on the couch. She turned her head and looked at me with her deformed face and smiled. She asked “you still remember?” I told her how the day we lost our virginity together would never be forgotten and I went on to describe some details of that encounter to show her just how well I remembered. Her tiny legs were clamped together tightly as she listened to me recall that day when she had given me her most precious possession.

I could tell that it was getting to her, I stopped talking and leaned into her and kissed her. Her breathing was already labored as my hands groped under her clothes. I reached inside the elastic waistband on her pants and rubbed my fingers over her crotch to confirm the excitement that I already knew was in her body. Sticky nectar oozed from her lips. I used it to lubricate the folds of her love nest as I petted her there. Within a minute Barbara had to push my hand away from her to keep herself from coming. She pulled me close, kissed me, and then whispered in my ear, “you remember what we did when you first laid me on my bed in daddy’s house?” I nodded, I remembered it well, it was my first taste of the mutual oral loving of the “69” position. “can we do that?” she asked.

Damn right! I had dreamed about this for some time! I carried her to the bed behind us and undressed us both. Her nipples poked out from her small chest, yearning for my mouth. I rose above her and kissed my way down her body as she lay beneath me pausing at her taught nipples, I mouthed her tits as I moved my legs around over her head. Then I worked my way down to her crotch where I inhaled the intoxicating scent of her cunt. As she tried to center her frail hips on my face, Barbara raised her tiny hands up to fondle my hairy nuts and pull the fat head of my cock to her lips. Her mouth opened and she engulfed the last three inches of my cock in her small face. Looking down between my legs I saw her chin moving as she jawed further up my stiff rod, her face rocked side to side as she accepted my entire cock through her mouth and into the beginnings of her throat.

I groaned loudly as I thought to myself that nothing could feel better than that. Watching her work magic with her face, I had nearly forgotten the warm treasure that lie open just beneath me. My hands went under her tiny legs and wrapped around to pry at her hairy vulva. I pulled them apart to reveal moist, pink, smooth flesh. The sight was lovely, the smell, even more so, as it whetted my appetite for a taste of her steaming love hole.
I licked wetly from top to bottom in her lovely crack. Barbara’s head had frozen in place as my mouth shot jolts of pleasure throughout her body. I kissed, nibbled, and licked at the little flaps of skin that bulged out from her pubes. Then I sucked and licked on her clit until I felt her body stiffen.

Barbara had withdrawn my cock from her mouth enough to suck in three ragged deep breaths and then she pulled my ass down, sinking my rod so deeply into her face that her nose buried into my hairy nutsack. I moaned into her cunt, then snaked my tongue into the smooth tight hole at the bottom of her moist gash and lapped downwards, sucking in all the juices that had settled there. Her bony saddle pressed upwards into my face. I readjusted my hands so that I held each cheek of her ass in my palms, then I probed one of my middle fingers a couple inches into the mouth of her moist hole. I parted my lips widely and sucked down on the entire mound of flesh above her violated entrance.

I involuntarily thrust my hips downwards and heard her groan excitedly as I felt hard pressure on my cockhead from her esophagus. I sucked and licked her trembling button as she tugged on my asscheeks. We were trying to get as much of each others sex into our mouths as possible. Her tight tube began milking at my probing finger, fluids seeped from her spasming vagina, and her panicked breathing matched the lunging of her hips as she commenced cumming on my face.

I began a mini-cumshot at the same instant that I recognized her orgasm. For some reason, I often experience “half orgasms”, from oral sex. Which is ok, because most of the time, I get to have the full blown, nut busting explosion deep inside a warm pussy soon thereafter. This time it was just two big throbs from my sex that she felt in her mouth and the resulting globs of sperm were something she could deal with as she swallowed them easily down her throat.

Recovering fully from her orgasm was not an option for Barbara because her lover was still driven by lust. As soon as I thought she had ridden the last wave of joy on my face. I spun around, turned her over, and lifted her hips up off of the bed. I quickly crammed three pillows beneath her to keep her ass up in that position. I grabbed my still rigid dick and aimed it just below the crack of her bony ass. Looking down on her from behind, she appeared even smaller than normal. Her pale ass was no wider than the patch of pubic hair over my wagging dick.

As I held her slender torso in my hands, my thumbs nearly touching in the middle of her back, my fingers wrapped all the way around her chest and I toyed with her stiff nipples with my middle fingers. Her legs spread slightly as she reached back to grab me and guide my head into her wet flesh. I prodded forward and felt the confines of her heated pussy wrap around me as I sank into her. There was to be no tender loving this time. I shoved forward and immediately started hammering into the deepest parts of her hot cunt. The bones of her butt thumped against my pubic hair as I pounded my stiffness into her tiny body. She was shrieking in pain or pleasure, I was not sure which and I did not care. I was on a mission. To punish this pussy like I had never done before and plant my seed into the deepest recesses of her body.

I stabbed deeply with my fleshy dagger as I tightly gripped her tiny waist and pulled her into me. I am sure that if the stiff grissle of my cock were not topped by a soft, swollen, cockhead, I would have been tearing her internal organs to pieces. I thanked god for topping my organ with that soft tissue, I knew that he had built me that way just so I could slam my bony dick into her just as I was doing right now. It padded the impact of my stiff prick as I furiously thrust it into her gut.

Now I quickly rose from my knees and stood with my knees bent sharply. I tugged her body backwards so that her skinny waist rose into me even higher. At this angle, even the thin meat of her butcheeks offered no buffer to protect her vulnerable womb from my assault. I hunched into her and felt firm pressure on my cockhead as I pressed into a barrier at the end of her tunnel. It felt so good! I began lunging even harder, relishing the dull sensation as whatever it was mashed against my swollen head. Barbara was hissing and screaming into the bedsheets, her hands gripped the material on the bed tightly as she tried to anchor her small frame in place. Then suddenly, I panicked.

I had just felt the unmistakable sensation of something giving way, very deep inside her, and her body twitched and she yelped as it happened. It was a sudden pop or tearing of tissue, and I could feel an additional warmth envelope my cock as the barrier that I once felt against the tip of my head now wrapped tightly around the base of it. I was sure I had broken through her intestinal wall or something. I froze motionless as I frantically thought of what to do next. Then, to my amazement, Barbara shoved herself backwards again! The broken barrier inside her slid tightly back over my head and snapped in place as the tight ring of tissue gripped my cockhead. It was an amazing feeling, I was thinking “well it’s already damaged now, what would it hurt to go ahead and come in there?” and I continued to fuck. I felt the barrier scraping back and forth over my cockhead as I prodded in and out of her rent organ. Barbara squealed and struggled to keep her body shoved back against me and as I watched her in amazement.

She must be enjoying this! She was screaming loudly, I was glad that we were not in a motel room as someone would have surely called 911 to report whatever horrid event that they were overhearing. But she could escape if the pain was too much, instead she just braced herself and allowed my flesh sword to painfully probe into new territory inside her womb. “Oh please Barbara”, I thought “just bear with me for a few more seconds”, “please just endure this pain a little longer so that my cock can revel in splitting your sacred flesh.. just let me blow my sperm into the bloody torn tissue inside you!…This is the best thing I have felt since I shoved this cock into your tight virgin cunt back when you were fifteen!.. Every time I fucked you, you’ve been my tight little bleeding monster virgin!..YOU CAN TAKE IT!…FUCK! just let me squirt in your damaged body! My tight little torn virgin cunt. TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE VIRGIN CUNT!” At some point, in my ecstatic state, I had started vocalizing my thoughts without realizing it and Barbara was responding to my words, she was coming! Her cunt quivered and convulsed and she screamed her pleasure into the mattress even as her body was being torn by my extreme fucking! OHH!!! SHHHITTT!!!

My dick swelled strongly as I started to come, expanding enough to stretch the torn tissue that now clung tightly to my purple helm. It felt as though a hand was wrapped tightly around the end of my shaft and was jerking me off feverishly. Barbara’s tiny body, impaled upon my swollen, pulsating, manflesh, was somehow sucking me off through her birth canal! GLORY FUCKIN-A! You know how it feels when you use both hands beating off? One tightly gripping and stroking the base of your dick and the other squeezing and jacking your soft cockhead? That is just what it felt like inside her as I started shooting jets of hot spunk into her.

My first spurt felt like it originated somewhere in my lower spine and shot like a tidal wave throughout my groin and then through the long tube nestled in Barbara’s body, finally spewing out of my throbbing cockhead and slamming with a powerful splat into her breached organ. Through the brief haze of my elated state, I could hear Barbara yelp loudly and then grunt while she held her breath, her deformed head was turned rearwards as far as she could turn it. Her beet-red face watched her lovers facial expressions change as I continued to shoot warm globs of cum into a fresh part of her anatomy. Each injection was propelled by a tremendous contraction throughout my lower abdomen, and each spurt sent my mind spiraling away into ever higher realms of bliss. I felt the tissue deep in her cunt melt around my cock as it flooded with my creamy delivery. I kept pressing deeply into her, the sphincter-like tissue stimulated the end of my cock and coaxed what seemed like a never ending series of ejections from my rampant cock.

I felt my receding cock pop out of her twice; once, during a tremor caused by an aftershock of my tremendous orgasm, I felt the head of my cock pull through that barrier inside her and then, again when the rest of her narrow tube shit my cock from her and I fell backwards onto the bed, her tight organ spat out my cock with an audible “spip”. I rolled towards her and pulled her over to me and held her, once again marveling at the suffering that this girl would endure just for my pleasure.

I kept asking if she was ok, and she insisted she was. Later, as I put her in the Jacuzzi and cleaned her body with a washcloth, I asked again if she was in any pain because of the way that we had fucked. She told me then that what had happened had really scared her, but it was not extremely painful. She was not bleeding either, (for once). After supper, in the darkness of evening, we relaxed and watched out of a large picture window as skiers descended the well lit slope not far from our cabin. As we held each other close and watched the romantic scenery, our desire for each others bodies overtook us again.

I moved her around so that her ass was just on the edge of the couch and kneeled before her. I fucked into her deeply, trying to find and penetrate that tiny orifice that had given me such incredible sensations earlier in the day. I tried adjusting my angle, fucking her from way up high with my stiffness pressing towards her asshole, and from down low with my cockhead prodding into her g-spot. It was all extremely pleasurable, but deep down I yearned to repeat the penetration that we had accomplished earlier.

After ten minutes or so of fucking on the couch, I picked her up and carried her into another small bedroom, this “kids room” had a pair of bunkbeds along one wall. I slid us into the bottom bunk and we renewed our fucking in this new location. After a few minutes of fucking, I reached back and secured her tiny legs and folded them up towards her head, to my surprise Barbara quickly found that she could lock her legs up like this by securing her footing on the rails of the bunk bed above us.

Her legs were bent way back beyond her head and this caused her spine to curl into me and lifted her ass up off of the mattress of the bottom bunk. I held myself up with my arms like doing a push up, and that is when I felt the return of that wonderful pressure against the head of my dick. I slowly increased my thrusting pressure trying not to dislodge Barbara’s feet from their purchase on the top bunk. By adjusting her feet and legs, Barbara controlled the movements of her ass and vulnerable womb and she was steering my flesh wand around inside her. She loved being able to control every detail of my penetration. Now, by some magic of leverage, Barbara’s weak and tiny body was able to press her ass up into me and we felt the wonderful pressure of her tunnel’s end collapsing my cockhead.

We were both straining for further penetration. Suddenly she was shaking her head and saying “NO! NO!” Then I felt her tender breach once again give way and accept the muzzle end of my love gun into it’s tight embrace. I had found it again! This tiny opening inside her pussy was pinching over my slick dickhead, and now, as I thrust into it, I was watching Barbara’s face. Her bulging eye looked as if it would roll right out of her skull! Her face grimaced in a look of pain and shock, yet her feet remained locked onto the bedrails over her head and she continued to offer up this internal sphincter-like orifice to the pleasure of my probing glans. I penetrated as deep as I could, and felt the opening scrape over my swollen head, I froze there and relished the sensation. Even as I held myself stiff and without movement, the tiny breach slid back and forth over the lip of my cockhead. With each breath that she inhaled, her innards pulled her opening from me, and with each scream that followed, her gut forced the tiny opening back over the soft end of my impaling rod. Then she moaned, “talk to me baby!”… “You always hurt me so fucking good!” She had reached down with both of her hands and pulled at her cuntlips and frigged at her own clit. I started by telling her “hold your ass up high so that I can fuck deep into your cunt”, “That’s it baby! Take my cock into your tight little hole!” Then, “Give it to me Barbara! My cock needs to feel the deepest parts of your love, fuck yes baby!”

Evidently, my words sent her over the edge and soon she was orgasming again! Her cunt flooded with warmth as she closed her eyes tightly and screamed, her entire pussy gripped and stroked at my stiffness inside her and the little breach felt like it would pinch the end of my dick off! This went on for a few seconds until her screams changed pitch and I knew something had gone wrong. Indeed it had, Barbara had got a bad cramp in her leg during her orgasm. I had no choice but to let her out from under me and rub her leg to help her recover. But I had decided then and there that I if I were to ever have another orgasm, it would be right there in that same position with me crammed into her tiny organs and with that tight little flesh hole caressing my dickhead.

Over an hour later I was trying to talk Barbara into resuming her place on the bottom bunk but she would have none of it. I was getting frustrated, I would not settle for just another ordinary fuck, I had to feel that little hole grip me again! She would not even let me take her into that bedroom! But she was letting me tenderly fuck her again on the couch. The tender fucking got rougher as I pounded out my frustrations on this tiny invalid girl. As I got rougher and more vocal, Barbara got wetter and more excited, and finally it dawned on me that this was something she wanted!

I roughly raised her up and turned her over with her bony rump in the air. I yelled, “dammit girl! I just gotta fuck into your tight stuff again” as I shoved my slick tool into her from behind. She squealed and shoved her ass back into my impaling cock. Barbara’s little asshole bulged out, winking it’s brown eye at me as I thrust in and out of her tight cunt. The thought crossed my mind that maybe her little shithole could replicate the feeling of that clenching orifice that I had recently discovered in the depths of her cunt. I told her, “well, if I cant fuck you the way I want, then I’m going to have to fuck your tight little asshole!” “NO!” Barbara screamed in genuine horror. “so then your gonna let me take you back to the bunk beds and fuck you like I want?” I asked. She nodded her head.

I gathered her body up in my arms and rushed to the bunkbed room. I slid her in on the bottom mattress and then helped lift her legs to the bedframe above us. Her feet lodged in place and I mounted her as before. My cock slid deeply inside her and reached the firm end of her vaginal tube. I now probed around with my head mashed firmly into her back wall while Barbara shuddered in fear (or anticipation?). Her body was arched up towards me and her tits were folded up against her chin. She looked so vulnerable, so sexy, so enticing as she lay beneath me in this most compromising position!

I knew that my talking is what allowed her to get off so well earlier so I started coaxing her with dirty talk again, “I need to shove my big prick into your tight little hole Barbara!” “You have always given me your body like no one else ever could!” I felt the tiny opening centering itself around my pee-hole as I spoke on… “There you go girl! Open that little chute for me and let my big cockhead feel what’s deep inside!” The tiny opening was stretching over my cockhead as if it was obeying my words all by itself. Barbara squealed and stared in wide eyed amazement as her tiny opening swallowed at my dickhead. “OH SHIT BABY!” I yelled, “this is where I need to shoot my sperm! I’m gonna blow my cum right into your tight little warm hole! Fuck! Barbara! in the back of your cunt!” Barbara shrieked in orgasm seconds after her tiny hand began rubbing over her clit. My prick probed as deeply through the breach as our anatomy would allow and the overwhelming warmth there sucked the sperm from deep inside my groin. I groaned and bucked into her as my groin spasmed with each injection of warm sperm that shot out of me with force into the tight sucking little mouth deep in her crotch.

I have never felt so fully drained and spent as I did after pumping all available semen through my aching sex organs and into the breach deep inside Barbara. I hate to admit my ignorance, but I still do not understand enough about anatomy to know just what I had done to her or what the tiny opening was deep within her pussy.
Neither was I to know, until months later, that the sperm I had injected into her breached organ found it's way to a receptive egg and began growing a new life inside the belly of my invalid lover.

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