Video Store – 2nd Attempt

Video Store – 2nd Attempt

A few weeks had past since my 1st attempt to check out the adult video store. I had jerked off thinking about that experience about a thousand times since then, but I was still anxious. I guess being 18 made me restless to try things, and since I didnt buy anything at the video store the 1st (or even stay very long), I was still wanting to go back there. The work schedule and budget aligned once again, and before I knew it, I was heading down the highway to the video store.

It was just before noon when I arrived, the parking lot was not very crowded, and I went in with a little more confidence than last time. The bell hooked to the door rang loud and the guy at the counter asked for my id again, so my hopes of making a discrete entrance were dashed instantly. Ignoring the stares in my direction, I made my rounds again with my eyes bugging out and my cock about to explode. Feeling more and more comfortable with my surroundings, I made my way through all the areas of the store and all the sections I didnt even see last time.

As my exploration ended, I noticed a few dark halls in one section with a sign overhead that said, "arcade." Being totally naive and unknowing of these things, I actually thought it might be an area where people could play adult themed video games. I called myself an idiot under my breath thinking that was the dumbest thing I have ever thought, so I mustered up the courage and went to the counter to ask the guy what the arcade was.

Smirking at me, and answering much louder than I hoped he would, the guy explained that the arcades were booths that you could buy tokens for, then watch from a selection of videos. I said, "oh yeah, thats what I thought" like I was a pro at this, so I bought a bunch of tokens to check it out. There were a few guys in the arcade, and almost all of them had popped their heads out as I made my way back. I was a little confused by this but pressed on anyway.

Not really knowing what to look for when selecting a booth, I just walked around for a little bit, saw one, and tried to duck inside quickly. Before I could get in though an older man (probably in his 60s) said, "hey hows it going?" Not wanting to be rude or look anymore out of place than I already did I said I was doing well. Feeling like this had satisfied the discussion, I entered the booth I had selected and didnt think twice of the guy.

All I could see was the slot for tokens, the booth was so dark, I couldnt make anything out. Without hesitation, I dropped in every token I had bought, a movie popped on the screen, and with the light of the movie, I finally could get a look around. I finally saw a small chair for me to sit in and a button for me to change the movie channel. I sat down and flipped around a few movies until I found a good one, and was settling in the have a pretty awesome jerk off.

After just a few moments, I heard the door of the booth next to me slam shut, I looked in that direciton, and that was the first that I had noticed there was a softball size hole cut in the wall between the 2 booths. Shit! I didnt want someone watching me jerk off!! I had put all my tokens in though and I really didnt want to waste them. Heart pounding, I thought I would just take a quick look to see who was in there and if they were going to bother me. Through the light of the other booth, I say that old mans face that had talked to me, he had been looking right through the hole and saw me.

I held my breath for a few moments, but nothing happened. The guy didnt try to talk to me or look at me, so I started to relax and watch the movie which was really hot. Feeling ok about the situation after a while, I started to rub my cock through my jeans. I was getting more and more into the movie, when I thought I saw the old man put his finger through the hole. I thought, "Nah, I'm imagining things, theres no way…" I definantly saw it that time. I didnt know what it meant. I was really turned on and pretty nervous, so I just sat there rubbing my cock and not signaling back. The old man kept trying to get my attention, but I didnt make any moves. Not signaling back, but not saying no, I guess incouraged the old man and he put his arm through and started to rub my leg!!

I was watching some hot ass, big tittied girl get drilled on screan, and I had some strange old man feeling up my leg toward my crotch!! I was about to explode!! His had made it to my balls, and he started to cup and pinch them through my pants. This was too much!! Overwhelmed with lust, I pulled my zipper down and my cock sprung out like a switch-blade! Grabbing it instatly, the old man didnt stroke me like I thougth he would, all I felt was a pull toward him and I knew what was going to happen next.

I got to my feet on very shaky legs and let the old man guide my cock through the hole. I turned my head from the wall as my senses blurred and I felt the hot, wet suction take me in from the other side. I was so high, every second felt like a climax!! The constant, toothy sucking from my unknown partner was driving me crazy!! Unable to hold it any longer, I grabbed the chair, my legs went crazy, my eyes rolled into my head and I shot load after load after load!! Dazzed and exhausted, I half pasted out into the chair as I felt my quickly softening cock pop out of his mouth.

I slumped against the wall, I felt like I was going to pass out. My eyes closed, I was totally oversexed. I dont know how long I had sat there like that, but a could of bangs from the door the where the old man was kind of brought me back to the world.

When I came to, things around me had changed some what. My eyes opened and my senses returned, and all the sudden I was staring at a rock hard cock that was sticking through the hole I had just been sucked in. Feeling like some caged animal being fed, my instinct took over. I got on my knees in front of the cock and wasted no time chomping down on it. I closed my eyes and sucked hard. I mixed things up, I worked in fast and slow, I used my hands sometime, the guy really seemed to respond when I kind of bit down a little as I sucked the shaft. The old man was really getting into this and it wasnt long before he was returning the favor of shooting a huge load in my mouth. The first shot took me by surprise, and I backed off just as a big load hit me right in the face. Not wanting to get cum all over, I quickly took the cock back in my mouth to contain the rest of the cum. I didnt want to get hit again, so I sucked and milked the cock for every last drop as it went soft in my mouth.

After cleaning myself up a bit and returning to my senses, I openned to door of the booth just as the door next to me openned. Thinking the old man would try to talk me into coming back with him, I was shocked when I saw the guy that was at the counter staring back at me. The old man had only sucked me off, the guy that worked there must have come back and got in the booth when the old man left. Unable to hide my surprise I said, "that was you?" He smiled and said he had watched me with the old man through another hole and that I really turned him on. He said he could tell I was pretty inexperienced, so he wanted me to try a "gloryhole" from both ends. We walked back to his counter and made small talk. I confessed that I really liked the gloryhole and was really turned on to suck his cock. He said that he usually worked the day shift and that whenever I wanted, I could come up and use the booths, as long as I took care of him first of course. I smiled at the idea and said I would be around. I made my way out of the store thinking this trip was well worth it!! I smiled devilishly as drove home from the store…when would I make my next trip??

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