Video Store Blackmail

Video Store Blackmail

Setting: My self-owned video store
Time: Sometime after lunch, Spring 2001

Note: Alot of the first blocks may seem like a lot of phooey-not-what-I-came-to-XnXX-for stuff, but believe me, after a few blocks after the blowjob, it gets good and better.

A college girl walked in to my video store looking for a particular video. When she mentioned the name "Seduction Uncensored" I had to mention two things; it was a European-made video and contained X rated content and to order a copy she would have to prove valid ID. The only reason I knew about the European stuff is because I have watched my fair share of sex shows and that was one of them I had rented during my trip to see Tour de France in 1983.

As she reached into her purse for her drivers license, I questioned why she was looking for such a video. She paused for a moment and said, "My boyfriend wants to watch it." I pictured that in my mind, twisted it into what I thought was truthful, twitched my eye, and said OK.

After I placed an order in the computer for the video, she walked around the store's "Family" and "Comedy" section. I had some other orders pending to fulfill so I returned to the computer, still yet keeping an eye on her out of the corner of my eye.

I noticed as I was placing an order for "Cheaper By The Dozen" which we just sold out, that she glanced at me then went in to a back room where we keep the door shut, with a sign saying "Adults: 18 + only". The Pornography section. This interested me for a moment. I returned to the computer.

She came back to the desk with a good handful of DVDs. I didn't see her pick up anything from the regular video area so I knew what all these must be. I glanced up at her with a what-the-fuck look, and she looked back at me and said, "Er–you know these boyfriends, can't get enough porn."

Still up to this point I hadn't known she WAS a college girl, until I noticed an ID tag on her for UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Her name was Michelle Pearce. She was looking off in the distance and didn't notice me mentally noting all of the information on her identification.

To this day I am writing this I do not know what room number dormitory she had but I remembered back then. After she paid her bill, which rang up to over one hundred dollars, I smiled, said have a nice day, and after she was out of view, I dropped the smile and scribbled down her name, college, and dorm number.

After I got off duty at 7 PM, I drove quickly through Detroit's streets until I made it to the college entrance to the Dorm Parking Lot. I ran in the building, hopped an elevator to one of the just above middle floors, and found her room. I peeked through my side of the peephole before realizing there was a 3 by 0.5 foot window actually, oddly enough for a private pad.

Peeking in I saw a glimpse of the TV, showing one of the movies she purchased earlier, and on the futon (now drawn out to be a bed) was what I predicted back at the store earlier: she was there, but I saw no boyfriend. To make sure that there was none, and that I wouldn't get my head torn off if he turned the corner and saw me peeking in the room, though it was only TV, she wasn't masturbating or anything, I went to the mens bathroom on that floor; there were none in the dorms themselves I knew from when I was a student there, and I saw nobody.

I thought up a good lie, and then I knocked on the door lightly. She looked back at the window, alarmed, and quickly fumbled with the remote until the screen retracted the sex film.

She came to the door, still eyes wide, tried to look like nothing was up, and then realized, "Oh, you're the guy from the store, er–"
"Brian." I announced my name.

"Right," she said, "come in." She folded up the futon and we both sat down. "May I ask how you found me?"
I answered about her ID tag.
She said "Oh" and then asked why I was here. I just shot for it with my lie and said, "I also work on what you may call 'undercover' for the Detroit P.D., and I was told that around the city lately people have been faking drivers licenses so they can get into bars, strip shows, and stuff. They instructed me that if I ever required ID for movies at my shop to go 'undercover'" I rambled, using air quotes on the second undercover. "and be sure" I continued. "that it wasnt made up, since you are a bit young. I don't need to bother if he looks like he is old and is on death's doorstep."
I continued to ramble on, "I came and just noticed you said your boyfriend would be watching these and I scoured these hallways for any sign of life and didn't see any."

She then seemed to break down and tell me the truth. "I don't er– masturbate to this stuff, I just like watching it, it turns m-me on" she stuttered not thinking I knew these sexual terms, "and I can't watch them at home in my parents house!"

I guessed the address on her drivers license was her parents house, and she apparently thought I knew that for a fact, which it was her parents home.

"Please" she started "don't tell my parents. You know where they are, but please don't."

Staring at her young hot body, I don't know what vein snapped between my brain, my dick, and/or my common sense. I got such a rock hard erection I think my seven incher now was probably nine or ten!

I said, "why dont we make a deal." I glanced quickly at the stack of DVDs on her nightstand table, and she followed my gaze, closing her eyes and sighed then muttered. "A-Anything."

She stared at me with a sad face and she knew what I wanted. I looked at her and I just broke down laughing. She didn't find this amusing at all. "Why are you laughing, you are going to want me to perform pornography acts as blackmail." I told her it's just the way she looked at me how she looked like she was about to puke and then I thought to myself, I am making a total asshole of my self and tried hard to cut off my laughing spree.

She sighed and said, "Whats first" and I said, "how about a blowjob. It's been years." I am still single, still looking for someone to do what she was about to do to me.

She closed her eyes tight, sighed, tried to make a valid connection with reality from above, and got down on her knees and unzipped my jeans.
Quickly I threw off my jacket on the futon.
She then pulled down my boxer shorts and my nine inch now cock popped out like a balloon.
She begin to slowly go up and down my dick, and I closed my eyes and savored this moment, not believeing this was reality, and then I took her face in my hands and began to mouth fuck her. I could tell she wasn't happy at the moment.

She came off for a moment and said that she was a virgin to this and didn't know what cum swallowing would be like. I told her neither did I, I never sucked another dude's cock and didn't plan to until pigs fly.
She went back to it still not happy and I thought maybe because she was a virgin, she didn't seem happy, but she may cheer up if she likes sex like a lot of my other women used to.

Finally, I could feel it swelling up. "I'm gonna cum! Arrggh!" and with that I shot my load down her throat which as soon as I felt it roll over the tip of her tongue she gagged and threw herself off my dick and spat it all out on the floor and ran to the bathroom for some water. After she returned, my dick was still out and rock hard, and I sat her down on the sofa, my cum still in a pile on the carpet. I told her I didn't want to be super mean, I wanted to try to be easy, and I know she doesnt want to, but I need this like therapy because it's been so long, and I wanted her to slurp up that cum and swallow it.
She was also to refer to me as Master.

"Please—master," she said tears running down her cheeks and in a meek whisper "no."
I tried to comfort her and explain again. I remember an article I read online about if you drank beer/wine or something that day, your cum will taste like shit the whole 24 hours past that. Damn it I had two beers at noon. I tried to explain her that was why she may have hated it so much. She was so broken down I decided to call it a night and that I would (take a copy of her classes schedule) look at her schedule and be back tomorrow evening sometime. I told her I would do my best to make it easy, but this was what it was to be or her parents would know about the DVDs.

I eased the door shut, and stood my back against her door for sometime trying to figure out what the hell just happened, what I am doing blackmailing an innocent girl, thought I should just stop, but then I remembered how like a king it felt to me and all of my fantasies being fulfilled.

The next day I went into the video store, getting nothing accomplished. I decided that I should do the store interview since that was due in a few weeks. And just my luck the first from in the envelope was the Adults Section.
That turned one of my other cashiers around quickly but she turned back to a customer.

After the first shelf I decided I had enough and went to another male cashier and said "Your lucky day, Do the inventory."
"What?" he said "I hated that at the sports shop. Isn't it your job anyway?"
"I'm doing the Family section. Go knock yourself out and I pointed to the file title "ADULTS INVENTORY" and he looked at me bright eyed and said "I love this shop!"

I snickered and went to clear my mind.

That night, she was open at, oh I forget sometime before 9 I think was the schedule. I tried to not smoke or drink anything so she would trust me more while this happens.
I opened her door without a knock, she had it unlocked and she was sitting on the futon sofa looking at me sadly and continued to glance at the floor. Following her gaze I noticed the cum was gone, just a few very light strips. I looked back up her eyes to eyes and realized to please ME she tried her best and licked it up anyways though she hated it.

I requested another blowjob and she said "Please, M-Master, this isn't going to be l-like yesterday will it? I tried my best with the other load can't you see."
I restassured her that I tried my best. She was willing to give it another shot. This time it only took me about four times of her going up and down my shaft before a sent my load down. She shut her eyes tight, grimaced, and swallowed my entire load down her throat and then pulled away gasping for air.

Then I told her to get naked. She said, "Please No Master, I-I just dont feel comfortable with" and she trailed off. I told her that starting now she would be punished if she didn't do as I say. To give her an example of the punishment I sat her on my knee, and pulled down her jeans and panties and she was whispering "No Please No no no" and with that I spanked her bottom until it became light pink.
"Now do you understand that you must do everything I say?"
"Yes master"

I told her once again to strip down. She did and my gosh did she have the hottest body-not to mention tits-ever!

I told her to get up on the sofa on her stomach. Then I put on a condom and got into her pussy and began to fuck. I don't know if she was just doing it to stop me from spanking her again or because it felt good to her but she came back and met my strokes.
Then I felt my cum spilling into the rubber and I withdrew my dick from her pussy, took off the condom and told her to suck the rubber dry.
She did as she was told.

I have her phone number for all of you Detroit folk it is 452-1001. She is still in debt to me. Ask for a blowjob If she refuses post in the below comments and I will see to it she does.

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