what a way to wake up!

what a way to wake up!

I've been dating my current girlfriend for almost five years now, and things couldn't be better. We're planning on getting married soon so needless to say we're very serious. We often stay overnight at each others house, usually on the weekends or holidays, but this night was different. It was a Tuesday night and I was at Christina's house, we were watching tv in her room and I had fallen asleep. At about 11:30 Christina woke me up and told me what time it was, I was too tired to drive the half hour home so I asked her if she minded if I stayed over, she of course didn't mind. Before falling asleep her sister jenny came to her room and knocked on the door, jenny was surprised to see me there but continued to talk to Christina about girl stuff, I had noticed she was wearing a rather skimpy T-shirt which barely covered her ass and those cute pink panties whe was wearing, she had a great body, probably from all the sports she played and boy did she know how to work it, I could've sworn I saw her hike up her panties a little more to show me that tight ass of hers, but hey this is my soon to be sister-in-law. She said she didn't have to work in the morning, and therefore didn't need a ride to work, I also didn't have to work the next day so christina told me I could stay as long as I wanted the next morning. After all the chit chat I decided to go to bed christina soon followed.

The next morning I heard Christina's alarm go off at 7:00 and she quickly got out of bed and went into the shower about 20 minutes later she came back into the room with her towel on and jumped on the bed and woke me up. She looked down under the covers and could tell I was feeling very horny today by the bulge in my shorts, she gave my shorts a tug and they were down to my knees she leaned in and kissed me deeply and started to work my cock with her hand it felt so good having her stroke me like that, she started kissing down my chest and stomach and my cock was fully hard now and wanted some real attention. Once she got down to my cock she gave it a hot wet kiss and put the head in her mouth and used her tongue to circle the head, then abruptly stopped!!! what are you doing I asked, she said she couldn't keep going or she would be late for work, I tootally understood, but god damn woman you can't give a guy head and not finish the job, anyways she kissed me goodbye and back to sleep I went blue balls and raging cock in hand.

About an hour later I thought I heard a noise at the door but thought nothing of it, little did I know that jenny had come into the room to get something from Christina's dresser and saw me in all my glory with my shorts down to my knees and my fully hard cock exposed. I heard a snicker and slowly opened my eyesa little bit and saw jenny staring at my cock which really turned me on, she didn't realize I was awake and just stood there staring at it like a dog looks a a bone, then something happened that I never expected, she walked over to the side of the bed, knelt down atook my hard cock into her mouth, expertly she sucked on my cock, I opened my eyes and looked down at her, she stopped and pulled my cock out of her mouth," I'm sorry I'm sorry "she cried"please don't tell Christina about this she'd kill me if she found out" tell Christina are you crazy she'd kill me first. I knew it was wrong but god it felt so good to have that warm moist mouth wrapped around my cock. Please I'll do anything, just don't tell my sister Jenny exclaimed, well Jenny, I said, why don't you finish what you started and I promise I won't say a thing to anybody, consider thiis our little secret.

Jenny climbed onto the bed and took my cock in her mouth once again, she sucked my cock so good, clearly she had done this before. Her little ass was high up in the air while her head was buried balls deep on my cock, I reached up and cupped her ass with my hands then gave her a playful smack, she was startled but loved every minute of it, she started sucking my cock faster and faster. I pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her asshole and pussy from behind, she moaned loudly when I touched her for the first time, she was so wet I couldn't wait to lick her sweet pussy. She pulled her head up for a breath and I told her to lay on her back, which she did rather quickly, knowing what was coming next. I pulled her panties off and stared directly at her bald pussy, it was ready to get licked and I was more than happy to oblige. I licked her toes and worked my way down her legs kissing and caressing her body, she shivered at my touches and I could tell that she wanted my tongue on her pussy, I licked the sides of her pussy sucking on her lips letting my tongue run all over her pussy and then I finally spread her lips and started lick her clit, she nearly jumped off the bed when I hit her little spot, I did my best to hold her down but she was shaking from the pleasure of it all. I slowly started rubbing her hole with my finger while licking her pussy and she seemed to enjoy that so I slid one finger into her hole, and then a second finger, she was loving it and soon the moans and grunts became louder and more often, I could tell she was getting close, so I gave her an orgasm to remember, as I was licking her pussy and two fingers in her pussy I slid my pinky finger into her ass, she must have liked it because soon after she exploded with an orgasm like none other, her juices were all over the bed and my face which I loved, I slowed down and finally came to a stop soon after her orgasm, but she wanted more and so did I. I got up and pulled her head toward my cock and she needed little encouragement, she sucked my cock like a pro taking it all in her mouth while rubbing my balls with her other hand, well I needed to fuck and I needed it now so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid her down on her back, she spread her legs and I slowly giuded my cock into her awaiting hole, it was so hot and wet that my cock slid in with ease, she wimpered abit as my head slid in her than the rest of my cock. I laid there for a minute so she couold get used to the feeling of having my cock inside of her then she told me to fuck her, so slowly I built up a nice rythm and fucked her tight little hole she was loving every minute of it, she pulled of her shirt and exposed her breasts to me which I sucked on like a baby, she loved the feeling of having her nipples sucked on while I was pumping my piston in and out of her hot pussy.

After a while I told her to get on all fours, she did, and I walked behind her and licked her pussy and asshole which made her wiggle with excitment, I then slid my cock in her pussy from behind and reached around a played with her clit while I fucked her, she was pushing back against my cock on every thrust, and I could feel my balls tightening up, she reached between her legs and started playing with my balls, well I could'nt take it much longer, I told her that I was ready to cum and with that she pushed back so hard against my cock that it erupted with streams of my hot sticky seed, filling her up, she kept on pushing back and I kept on cumming, soon my hot seed was dripping down her leg. We fell on the bed and I laid there on top of her for a few minutes, then rolled off. "that was amazing" I said and she agreed, "this will definately be our little secret" I can't wait to sleep over again.

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