Who Has Who 2

Who Has Who 2

In the morning when I woke up the first thing I thought of was what had happened with the dog the day before. I went through my usual morning routine kissed Jake goodbye as he left for work and then got in my car and headed off to work myself. All day long I kept thinking about it and to tell the truth the thought of that dog made me horny! my friends at work noticed that I was preoccupied and asked if anything was wrong , I just told them I had something on my mind that I couldn't talk about. Wonder what they would have thought if I told them I had been fucked by a dog !! 3 bodies would hit the floor in a faint.

That evening when I got home I went over to the kennel and said hello to the dog , he was happy to see me jumping around and wagging his tail. When Jake got home I was so horny I practically raped the poor guy, I pulled him into the living room and had all our cloths off in less then 30 seconds. I grabbed his dick and started sucking on him like there was no tomorrow. As soon as he was hard I got on my hands and knees on the floor and told him to get it in me.I think the poor guy was a little taken aback by my actions but he was more then willing and slid into me from behind, as soon as I felt him all the way in i started pushing back at him hard and we began to pound into each other. it couldn't have been much over a minute when i started cumming and damned if I didn't scream like I had the day before. My screams urged Jake on and he slammed into me all the harder and I came once again and if anything louder then the first time and seconds later Jake pushed himself as far as he could into me and came.

We were both panting as he lay across my back it was great but I wasn't satisfied yet and slid out from under him and took his shrinking member into my mouth again. I think Jake was shocked as never before would I have taken him into my mouth with my juices still on him but I wanted more and I needed him hard again as fast as I could get him there. Jake just let me work on him without saying a word and as soon as he was hard I pushed him onto his back on the floor and mounted him, I slipped his cock in me and just sat right down . I started sliding back and forth on his pelvis rubbing my clit into his pelvic bone as hard as I could I have never felt such need in my life as I did then and kept rubbing into him till he reached up and stopped me. For the first time since I mounted him I looked into his eyes and saw that he was concerned. He held me still and asked me if I was alright? that I was hurting him! I didn't know what to say I was so caught up in my own needs that I almost forgot who's cock I was riding it scared me to realize that I was just using the man I thought I loved! and said I was sorry and asked him what I could do to make it up to him.

He just looked at me and began to move his cock in and out of me. I knew what he wanted and also knew he would not ask me to do it. Jake has wanted me to take him anally yet every time we have tried it hurt and I stopped him, Jake is not huge but not small either . I thought to myself you are hurting this man physically and mentally so I slid off of him and got back onto my hands and knees. He got up and entered me from behind again and slid easily into my sopping wet pussy and began to move slowly in and out. After a few strokes I reached back and took him in my hand and positioned him right at my ass and pushed back into him, Jake asked if I was sure I wanted this! My answered was pushing back a little harder and felt him begin to enter me. As the head got all the way in it began to hurt so I did something I had never done before I slammed my ass back into him and he sank all the way into me, It hurt like hell and I froze there hoping it would get better, Jake asked if I was alright I told him to give me a minute to see. the pain was awful at first but began to lessen right away as it felt better I told him to move slowly to see how it felt.

Jake was careful and slid slowly out half way stopped and the moved back into me. It was feeling better so I began to move into him and then it not only stopped hurting it began to feel good! and after a few more strokes it felt great and I began to pound back into him , it couldn't have been very long and all of a sudden Jake started cuming I could feel him throbbing inside of me and that and the thought of what we were doing soon put me over the edge I pushed back so hard Jake was sitting on his feet with his hands on my waist and I was in his lap still trying to shove more of him up into me. It was great and yet I still felt a need ! I had freaked Jake out enough for one evening so I slid off of him and turned and wrapped myself around him and just kissed him long and hard. We lay back on the bare floor and the cool tile felt great, we just lay there looking at each other smiling. I really hoped I had made up for hurting him and had found that I had been missing out on something for a long time. After a while we got up and dressed I headed for the shower and damn if I wasn't still horny!!

I made us something to eat and we sat and watched TV till bed time. I couldn't sleep I lay there wishing I could wake Jake and do it all again!! what was wrong with me! I have always enjoyed sex and led what I though was an active sex life but I had never felt like this before!!

In the morning I woke up and if anything was even hornier then the night before, Jake left for work and I didn't have to be in for a few hours yet. I went out to feed and water the dog and when I went into his kennel he was very happy to see me he wagged his tail and when I looked again his dick was starting to emerge, he came up and pulled on my pants and I knew what he wanted. I went back into the house and looked into the closet for an old blanket finding one I headed back to the third bedroom which was empty except for a few boxes stored there. I laid the blanket out on the floor and then went back out to the kennel. As I started to open the gate I thought to myself are you sure you want to do this! I opened the gate and the dog followed me right out his nose right on my ass as I walked back to the house with him. I took him to the bedroom and he sniffed around as I took off my cloths.

I was so horny I just dropped to my knees and waited for him to mount me. the dog came over and sniffed me and even gave my pussy a few licks but then went back to sniffing around the room. I couldn't believe this my attacker from the other day wasn't interested now!! I called him over and began petting and rubbing him talking all the while to him trying to get him excited. It took a few minutes but then the head of his cock made another appearance and soon he was trying to mount me guess he just needed to get used to the new place. I got back onto my hands and knees and he jumped right up and began pumping away, he was missing his mark and hitting everything but the right spot, when the head of his dick hit my ass I reached back and after a few tries guided him into my waiting pussy.

He humped into me and with each stroke I could feel more of him entering me the heat from his dick was unbelievable and soon he was hitting bottom he was filling me up again. I began pushing back into him and he was pounding into me and then I felt it expanding again! oh how good it felt as his knot grew and grew it was sliding in and out of me as it got bigger and bigger then it stayed in it was to large to slid back out. I started cuming and shoving back into him as I came it kept growing and as I started to come back down he started cuming and again I had that feeling of being over full and started cuming again screaming as it felt so good so wrong but so good. I could feel the depths of my body expanding even more as he came for what seemed like forever. As I came back down again I started pulling away from him to see how it felt, his knot would try to slid out but it was to tight and it would pop forward putting even more pressure on my over stretched pussy it felt great and after a few pulls I was cuming again!! I came again before he decided it was time to turn around and as he did he set me off again screaming and clawing at the blanket I was beginning to tremble. With him behind me like that I could pull on him and feel the pressure as his cock tried to pull free when I did, it was great we stayed like that for what must have been 10 minutes or more before I felt his knot start to shrink and he popped out of me. he went and laid down so he could lick himself and I just collapsed onto the blanket sated at last. I couldn't believe what I was becoming I had always loved sex but now it was like I couldn't get enough all this happen in just a few days. it was great but it worried me I felt depraved but at the moment didn't really care.

I lay there thinking and recovering for a while and then the dog got up and came back over and started sniffing and licking me his tongue on my Pussy felt wonderful and it wasn't long before I was feeling horny again I couldn't believe this I was going crazy! Soon I was back up on my hands and knees and just let him lick!! it was great, he kept at it for a few minutes and then I felt him on my back again he was mounting me again this was completely unbelievable here he had given me the fuck of my life and was ready to go again! I wasn't sure if I was ready for it again I was sore and swollen but he wasn't taking no for an answer and soon was humping away at me I felt his cock on my cheek so I shifted over and a couple of strokes later he was in me again and fucking away at me and it did hurt some. Soon though it began to feel incredible and I was pushing into him. Again his cock hit bottom and began to swell with each stroke soon his knot was enlarged again and we were stuck fast and I was screaming as I came!! I looked back between my legs and couldn't believe how his huge knot was expanding me I could see my lips swollen and protruding around his cock. Again he kept at it till he started to cum his huge dogie member locked in my over stuffed pussy and once again it set me off and as I came I slipped down and he pulled free with a pop spraying his cum all over me as he tried to get back in me.

It had hurt a little when he pulled out but I wanted it back in me so I grabbed him and started trying to push myself back onto him! I pushed and his knot would almost make it and I would try again but his knot was to big and it wouldn't go back in so I used the 6 or so inches in front of the knot and kept going at him it still felt great not the full feeling of before but the heat and size of him was more then enough to make me start cumming again, there was dog cum and my cum everywhere I was soaked the blanket was soaked and we were not even over it anymore and were getting it all over the floor. I didn't care I just kept humping back into him till I couldn't take it anymore and collapsed in the floor covered in sweat, cum and more then a few dog hairs and a few scratches from his nails. I had to rest I was to tired and drained to move I just lay there as he went back to licking himself. After a while I got up and as I did more cum came out of me and ran like a river down my legs. I couldn't believe I had done this ! The first time was one thing he took me but this time it was my idea I felt bad but not so bad that I knew I would do it again this dog had awakened something in me.

I have never felt anything like the way that dogs cock in me felt and knew I would do it again and again. I soon began to search for information about bestiality I wanted to know more about it and see if I could find someone to talk to about what I had done and these new feelings I was having. I made sure we kept the dog and soon gave him a name Pete I thought if I named him Dick or Cock it would be to obvious!!

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