Who Has Who Three

Who Has Who Three

My relationship with Jake ended within a year, I think he believed I was fooling around on him but never found out the truth. I guess I was fooling around on him but not with another man. I had brought up beastiality a few times trying to feel him out to see if I could let him know what was going on. His reaction made me believe that he wouldn't understand so I kept my secret. When we finally split up I took Pete with me when I left it was hard but I had changed and if anyone was to blame it fell squarely on me.

I moved into my new place and did enjoy the fact that I had more freedom to play with Pete when ever I wanted to , I didn't have to worry about getting caught. I began trying to learn more about beastiality by doing searches on my first computer(yes this was a few years ago lol) I found a number of sites and finally joined one and began visiting the chat room most every night. There were a number of people from all over the world on there and after a while I began to figure out who was for real and who wasn't.
There were these sisters who I talked to most of the time they were gay and had a dog that they both enjoyed. Over time we got to know each other better they were a wealth of information for me and helped me to feel better about who I was. As time went by I learned that they lived about 8 hours from me and we began to talk about the possibility of meeting.

At this time I had been on my own for over 6 months and hadn't been dating just an occasional night out with the girls I worked with who thought I was having a hard time getting over Jake. They were trying hard to cheer me up but I couldn't bring myself to tell them what was really bothering me.

I kept talking to Kate and Rose the the ladies I met on line and finally decided to take the risk and the plunge and set up a meeting. I took some days off and got one of my co workers to stay with Pete. I drove to the city where Rose and Kate lived and and checked into my hotel. The deal was that I would go down to the hotel bar at a certain time and they would check me out and if they felt OK about it they would come over and meet me. We had discussed this and agreed that it was the safest way for us to meet. I went down to the bar at the proper time and sat in the area we had agreed on, I was very nervous and a little scared. I sat there for over an hour looking around and wondering if they were there. Soon a cute little blond came walking towards me and from the description she had given me I knew it was Kate. She came up to my table and quietly asked if I were Barb I smiled and said I'm glad to meet you Kate she smiled back and sat down across from me. She said that Rose would join us shortly. We were both a bit quiet only making small talk I could see that she was as nervous as I was, she kept glancing towards the far end of the bar and so I looked that way and saw a women get up and as she walked our way I could tell that it was Rose.

She was taller then her sister thin and with long Auburn hair she introduced herself and took a seat. Rose is the bolder and more out going of the two and soon had us all taking and getting to know one another. We talked for about an hour or so when Rose said lets find something to do! I was feeling more at ease with my new friends and said it's your town what do you suggest? Kate mentioned a club and Rose looked at her kind of funny then said sure that sounds fun. We decided to walk as it wasn't that far only a few blocks, we talked as we walked , we were becoming more comfortable with each other. I instantly liked Rose she was very out going and easy to be around, Kate was more reserved but very sweet and seemed kind of Innocent in a way. Soon we were at the club and from the outside it looked like many others I had been to. We went in and Rose and Kate said their hellos to to a few friends . It wasn't till we were seated at our table that I realized that this was like no place I'd ever been before! there were only women here and most seemed to be couples. I had never been in a gay bar before and have to admit I was nervous about it at first but Kate and Rose were great company and I soon settled in and began to enjoy myself.

Rose and Kate had told me their history before, Rose learned at an early age that she wasn't that interested in men well it would be safer to say she had no use for them. Her first experience with dogs came about when a women she was seeing talked her into trying it, she tried it and liked it. Kate on the other hand liked men and would on occasion still go out with them. Rose seduced her when she was 16 and introduced her to dogs not long after. They had a business and lived together and seemed to love their life.

We sat there drinking and talking the whole night, I was feeling more comfortable with these two women and was very interested in getting to know them better. We had talked before about my sexual preference and how I felt about being with a woman. I had never done that before and told them I wasn't sure just how I would feel. After midnight we decided to call it a night,we agreed to meet at the hotel again the next afternoon and then go to their place. When we got back to the hotel Rose asked to talk to me for a minute so I followed her to the bathroom. When we entered she looked around then turned to me and grabbed me and pulled me to her and kissed me! This was a first for me and I was surprised that after a second or two I returned the kiss. Rose let me go and looking in my eyes said that was what I wanted to talk to you about. She walked back out and I followed , we said out good nights and I went up to my room.

I got into bed and kept thinking about that kiss not really sure how I felt about it, before I could decide I drifted off. I woke up at 9 and after getting ready went down for a late breakfast. I could hardly eat a thing I was nervous and excited about what might happen that night. It seemed to take forever but 3 o'clock finally rolled around and they were there to meet me. We decided that I would follow them and we were off.

When we got to their place they showed me around and introduce me to their dog Soda a rather large mixed breed who was very friendly. Kate fixed us some drinks and we went out back to sit by the pool they had a large back yard with a high wooden fence all the way around. We sat and talked and Rose told me that the two of them had discussed it and were very glad that I had come to meet them. We sat out there talking and drinking for quite a while till Rose moved closer to her sister and leaned over and kissed her. I have to say I just sat there and stared! Kate returned the kiss and it was a lot like seeing any couple kissing except these were both women. Kate came up for air and glanced at me and smiled then moved her hand to her sisters shirt and slid it under and was soon caressing Rose's breast.

I still just stared not knowing how I really felt about this, soon Rose stood up and said that maybe we should move this inside. We all headed for the back door I followed Rose in and as soon as we got through the door she turned to me and took my hand looked into my eyes and said I promise we wont hurt you or do anything your uncomfortable with, as she said this I felt Kate's hands on my hips I stiffened but didn't move and she slid them up under my shirt and when they touched my breast I didn't move . She moved them up and pulled the cup of my bra down and began to lightly rub my nipples with her fingers. Rose stepped to me and kissed me, at first I was unsure but then I returned the kiss and she slid her tongue into my mouth I started sucking on her tongue thinking to myself that so far this isn't so bad.

Rose ended the kiss and pulled me with her yanking me from her sisters arms, we followed her to the bedroom and Kate closed the door behind us. She led me to the bed and asked me if I was alright, all I could do was nod yes and then they started to undress me. Kate began removing my shirt and bra as Rose undid my pants and went to her knees and slid them down. Rose helped me step out of them and kissed my thigh right above my knee it sent shivers up my body. Kate got my shirt and then my bra off and cupped my breast with her hands and moved her lips to my right nipple taking the tip between her lips and tickling it with her tongue. I was a little scared I have never been with a woman before and until I met these two I had never really thought about it much.

Rose began to kiss and lick her way up my thighs I have very sensitive skin and twitched with every kiss and lick she made. Soon she was near the top of my thighs and without even thinking about it I spread my legs and gave her access. Kate continued to nibble and suck on my tits, I was amazed at how good it felt, women are better at this then men she knew just where and how to touch me. I have fairly large breast and Kate was making them tingle like never before.

Rose softly ran her hands up my legs till she reached the folds of my pussy, she gently opened me and as she did I felt myself stiffen. Then I felt her breath as she moved her mouth between my legs and then the first touch of her tongue . When her tongue touched my clit I gasped but then relaxed some and she began to work my clit slowly and gently as Kate devoured my tits.

As I said I have sensitive skin and sensitive breast and well sensitive everywhere I have cum from having my neck nibbled or sometimes when my nipples are licked and sucked. The two of them were hitting all the right spots and I quickly started cumming, cumming so hard that if they would not have been holding me I would have fallen . I was gasping for breath as I came down and Rose stood and they both laid me down on the bed,. Kate immediately went back to my breast and Rose laid down beside me her face close to mine and her hand between my legs, I put my arm around her and pulled her to me so I could kiss her sliding my tongue into her mouth and holding her tight to my side. When I released her she joined Kate in working on my tits as I felt another orgasm building. Kate moved her hand down to join her sisters and inserted two fingers into me and that set me off again I was cumming even harder then the first time.

I don't know if it was the forbidden nature of it or what but here I was doing something I had never really thought about doing before and was really enjoying myself now. Kate worked her way down from my breast kissing as she went till she reached the top of my mound. She began swirling her tongue around as she slowly worked down to my clit, I was arching my back trying to help her find it sooner ! When she finally found my clit I moaned. She moved around till she was kneeling between my legs as she continued to work on my pussy.

Rose got up and I could hear her doing something but wasn't sure what it was until I saw her move up behind her sister and reach between Kate's legs and lift her till she came up on her knees. I then saw why Rose had put on a strap on cock and was now kneeling behind her sister, what a sight Kate with her head between my legs and Rose's face above her cute ass. I could tell when Rose entered Kate as she stopped licking and sucking on me for a couple of seconds. I watched as Rose began to move in and out with what had looked to be a rather large cock. I started cumming again as Kate pushed her fingers in me, I lay there panting watching Rose slide in and out of her sister. I had never seen anything like this and wanted to get a closer view so I slid from around Kate and moved to their side. I watched in fascination for a few minutes till Rose asked me to come over to her I slid off the bed and stood beside her, She pointed to an open drawer in the dresser and gave me a wicked smile. I went and looked and found they had a number of toys including one that looked like a dogs cock.

I felt Rose come up behind me, it had to be her I could feel the rubber cock on my leg. She pulled me back to the bed and got me on my knees and moved in behind me. Kate was up off the bed and behind me somewhere it sounded like she was now in the drawer. Rose placed the head of her strap on between my lips and pushed it in quickly now I knew just how big it was. She didn't go slowly she pulled it almost out and slammed it into me again asking me if I liked the feel of her Dick! I thought it a bit strange to say that but it did feel good and I told her so.

She kept pounding it into me, so hard that my tits were slapping together side to side which made for an interesting view looking back under myself. She slowed down only once and as I looked back I could see that Kate was standing behind her. I wasn't sure what Kate was up to but soon Rose was pounding me and yelling at me to fuck her. I felt myself getting ready to come again and was shoving back at Rose as hard as I could. I felt the tingling build and shoved back really hard as I came. I was drained and when Rose slammed into me again I fell forward with her on top of me. I could feel Kate climb on the bed as I lay there with Rose on my back with her cock still in me.

Soon we were being moved as Kate was humping her sister from behind, she had gotten one of the other strap ons and was fucking her sister as Rose fucked me. Soon Rose tensed and started whining as she came. Kate pulled out and Rose rolled off of me and Kate crawled up on her other side. We just lay there trying to catch our breath. I was looking down at Rose's strap on it was rather large a good 8 or 9 inches and had ridges which explained why my pussy though satisfied was a little sore.

I just lay there with Rose in between Kate and I all three of us breathing heavy and more then a little sweaty. Rose pulled my head to her shoulder and asked if I were alright, I thought about it a moment then told her that at first I was tentative but that I had really enjoyed it and felt very at ease with them. Kate called for a cigarette break we all giggled and got up they took of their mens wear and I followed them into the living room where Kate fixed us all a drink.

Soda had come out of the kitchen as soon as we left the bedroom and was sitting in the middle of the living room floor closely watching his owners. Rose suggested we all take a quick swim so we headed out back and jumped in the pool. things got a little silly as we were splashing each other and pushing each other under. It was a little cool out as 3 pairs of very hard nipples attested to that fact. We soon climbed out dried off and went back in to finish our drinks. I was feeling very comfortable and relaxed with Kate and Rose. I lit another cig and was sitting there quietly watching these ladies when Rose got up and went towards the bedrooms I looked at Kate who had a smile on her face and just figured I'd soon know what was up.

Rose called out from the bedroom that she was ready and I followed Kate who called Soda to follow her back to see what was going on. Rose had put a rather large soft mat on the floor . Soda went and sat beside the mat and there was no mistaking that he knew what was coming he had already slid part way out of his sheath. Rose began kissing Kate and reached out and pulled me to them and I experienced my first three way kiss, a little different with a whole lot of tongue. Kate and Rose sat down on the mat and called Soda to them he came over between them trying to lick their faces, Kate reached under him and took his dick in her hand and gently began to stroke him. Rose laid down on her back and Soda moved between her legs and went right to work on her pussy licking her as only a dog can. Rose would twitch with every lick it looked like she was being shocked over and over again.

Kate got on her knees and began to lick and suck the end of Soda's cock I could tell he liked it but he never missed a beat as he lapped at Rose's pussy. Rose's face told the story she was getting close her eyes were shut tight her lips were a thin line as she twitched even harder. Kate was really working on Soda he was most of the way out now and getting larger by the moment. I had never seen anything like this and just sat beside them totally fascinated, I have watched myself and Pete in the mirror before but you can only see so much that way. Here I had it happening right in front of me and could see just how exciting it was.

Rose started whining again and soon she arched her back as she started cumming , I could see Soda's tongue sliding in and out of her . Rose's hips hit the floor as she finished and she just lay there breathing hard. Kate released the dogs cock from her mouth and put her arm over and around him.

Rose sat up and asked Kate if she was ready, Kate just smiled as they picked up what looked sort of like a pair of socks and started putting them on over Soda's front paws, you could tell he had done this a few times as he picked each one up so they could slide them on and tape them into place. As soon as they were done Kate got down in the middle of the mat on her hands and knees as Rose led Soda to her and helped him mount her, she took his cock in her hand and guided it between Kate's lips and as soon as Soda felt the tip of his dick make contact he pushed forward sliding into her with ease.

Soda kicked it into high gear and began pounding into little Kate, dogs fuck very fast by this I mean there strokes are very quick much faster then any man can go. Soda was fast even for a dog ! As I watched his dick grew bigger and more of it was entering Kate with every stroke. Rose was watching all of this and had placed her hand around his cock right in front of his growing knot. She ask Kate if she wanted to take the knot? Kate who was grunting now just nodded her head up and down and Rose took her hand away and soon his knot disappeared inside making her grunt even louder. Rose beckoned me closer so I slid over as she moved around the pair to my side.

From the noises and grunts that she was making I wasn't all that sure Kate was enjoying what was happening until she started saying Yes Yes Yes over and over again having never heard other women cum before that night(other then in porn movies) I was amazed at the different sounds we make. Rose had gotten down beside me and had run her hand up between my legs and slid her fingers into me I was so intent on what was going on that I hardly noticed at first. When I finally noticed I looked at her as she watched her sister, I couldn't believe how wet I was again. Rose noticed me looking at her and leaned over and we kissed she stabbed her tongue into my mouth and I found myself sucking on it, oh was I horny. As we were kissing Kate began to yell Yes yes as she started cumming.

Kate was cumming alright she was pushing back into Soda so hard that they were both moving backwards. All of a sudden she just groaned and her head and shoulders went down on the mat as Soda kept hammering away at her. Rose was sliding her fingers in and out of me as I watched this dog fuck her little sister. Kate looked like she had passed out but she soon opened her eyes and looked at us and smiled. In a few minutes Soda pushed in hard and stopped, this made Kate start saying yes again as he began to cum in her, it set her off and she started pushing back into him again grunting and saying yes again and again as she came . Rose moved closer and put her arm around Soda as he continued cumming in her sister. She began to talk quietly to keep him calm.

Soda kept cumming in Kate, dogs cum a whole lot, after a few minutes Kate said she was ready and Rose held him while Kate mover her hips forward and down pulling herself off of Soda's cock with a small pop and a gush of dog cum. She rolled over on her back and Soda went and laid by the door to lick himself. Rose moved between her legs and began to lick her way from her knees up and when she reached her sisters pussy she started licking and humming. Kate reached her hand out to me and I moved over and we kissed then I moved down to her breast and began to swirl my tongue around her nipples as had been done to me earlier. After a few minutes Kate reached down and pushed her sister away and gasped" Please I can't take anymore" . We lay there just enjoying the moment as I thought about how my life had changed in the last year and a half.

After a few more minutes Rose reached across her sister and began to stroke my breast and I rubbed my hand up and down her arm as she did. Kate sat up and said " Let me get out of the way I need a rest " she got up and laid down on the bed where she could watch us. Rose slid over and we kissed again and soon turned and worked her way down my body with her lips till she reached my pussy. I spread my legs and she opened me with her fingers and began to softly work my clit with her tongue. It felt wonderful she knew just what to do. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to but I grabbed her thigh with my hand and tugged on her till she rolled up and over me with her pussy just below my chin. I took my first taste of a woman then and liked it and was soon giving as good as I was getting.

Rose began humming as she slid her tongue around my clit, I gasped and pushed my hips into her it felt so good. I decided to try the same thing and began to hum and it seemed to have the same affect on her as she began to whine and rock slightly back and forth. I was getting close but Rose beat me to it as she started cumming with one long high pitched whine. As soon as she could she went back to work on me and soon I was gasping as I came.

We lay there talking for a while when Soda got up and wandered over and began sniffing around Rose. She sat back and spread her legs giving her dog access to what her wanted. He began licking her and she was rubbing his shoulders talking to him. Soon Rose laid back and was twitching again as Soda used his tongue as only a dog can. I could tell she was getting close but she sat back up and pushed Soda away as she got up and laid on her back on the bed her ass right on the edge her feet on the floor and called him to her. He jumped up with his feet on each side of her and began humping trying to find the spot. I moved over beside them and was watching as he kept trying to get himself into her. He got close but his cock slid partway into her ass, she moved to get it out and then asked if I would help them. I reached and took him in my hand which seemed to settle him down some and guided him to the spot between her lips. As soon as he entered her he started pumping as fast as he could.

Soda was sliding in and out so fast his cock was almost a blur as it grew till his knot was almost full size. Laying like this he was pumping up into her, she told me later that in that position he hit her sweet spot as she called it and that she could keep his knot from getting in this way without help. Rose began to whine and this seemed to get Soda even more excited and if possible he went even faster. She started cumming as she made even more noise then before and was jerking around . She moved so much she dislodged him and he was trying his best to get back in her but she rolled over and poor Soda was left standing there with his very large member hanging out, hoping someone would do something for him. Kate came around and asked if I was ready I replied "as ready as I'll ever be" and got down on my hands and knees.

She moved him behind me and he jumped right up and began trying to get into me, he began humping but his dick was cumming up under me I could see it as I looked down between my tits and thighs. Kate grabbed him and pulled him back taking him in her hand and guiding him in. I felt his heat as the sharp tip parted my lips and he slid into me, oh it felt so good as he rammed into me Kate kept her hand in front so he couldn't get his knot in. His cock was sliding through her hand and deep into my pussy as he drove farther into me with each thrust. I was so horny from watching and here it was finally my turn. He felt and moved different then my dog Pete but it was great the heat and feel of him was driving me wild I had waited all night for this. I was getting close and began pushing back into him and finally as I felt it building I yelled for her to remove her hand! She asked if I was sure ? I could only nod and she removed her hand and I felt his knot pounding into me as he tried to get it in. He grabbed for purchase on my sides as he pushed as hard as he could and I pushed back. Then his knot shoved its way into me it felt huge but oh so good as I went over the edge pushing back into him as I screamed .

It hurt having something the size of my fist rammed into me but it hurt in a good way. I came for what seemed like forever as he kept pounding into me with shorter strokes now and before I was over my first orgasm I felt another building and started rocking back and forth my tits making circles as they flopped all over smashing into each other. I was gasping for aiir as his knot worked my insides it is like nothing else I have ever felt, I could feel that he was almost there. I began screaming again as I felt the first squirts of his cum filling my insides with its heat I was cumming even harder then before as I screamed and gasped for breath. Soda was still now with Kate holding onto him to keep him from turning around. I felt wonderful as he continued to fill me to over flowing the tip of his dick was so far in me that I could feel each jet of his cum pushing out the end of his cock . I started to settle down and realised I was really sore now, and soon began slowly trying to move myself off of him it hurt but soon he popped out with his cum running everywhere.

I just lay down on my stomach exhausted as Soda went over to lay down and take care of himself. Kate got down beside me with her arm on my back and soon Rose joined us asking if I was all right. I could only barely lift my head as I looked at her and just smiled. that was the last thing I remember until Soda woke us early in the morning wanting to go out.

The first thing I noticed was that the room smelled of sex, I had dried cum all over me some mine the rest from Soda , Rose and Kate. We all made a mad dash for the bathroom and thankfully they had a large walk-in shower and we all could fit.

I was a little sore from the night before and I don't think I was the only one who was. I spent the rest of the day and night with my new lovers, yes I thought of them that way. We got to know each other better and yes we made love again. When it was time for me to leave we made arrangements for them to come up for a visit. I drove back to my hotel and checked out and headed for home.

My life had changed even more, as I have mentioned before I have always enjoyed sex but after my first experience with Pete I was introduced to a side of me I didn't know was there. I have now done things that I never would have imagined before that day with Pete and now had taken another step by making love with my new friends.

When I was writing Who has Who Here I kept wondering why I was doing it. Writing a story for a sex site about myself. I'm still not all that sure why I did it but I am glad that some few people have gotten something from my experiences and have found out that there are others who feel the way they do, there are a lot of people who enjoy what we enjoy. I have received a number of emails most from people who enjoyed the stories some looking for help and others wanting to meet me or whatever. For the latter I am with a wonderful man who loves,understands and supports me. Thanks,,,Barbie

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