Window Watching

Window Watching

To all my readers I want you to realize that this will probably be my last story for awhile. I'm moving back home next week and I won't have access to the internet. If you are a devoted reader I apologize.

For those of you who are first time readers of one of my stories, my name is Heather. I'm twenty four years old and I'm currently going through a divorce. Jeff and I have been married for three and a half years but it hasn't worked out. The house we live in was given to us by his parents so he's keeping the house. But he let me stay here until I could get packed up and get moved back in with my mother. I'm moving next week. He's just been staying with friends until then.

If you don't know already, I was born, raised, and still live in Texas. I'm a small town girl and always will be. I went to junior college but now I work in the office at the phone company. I don't have any kids but that was a big reason Jeff and I got married in the first place. We'd been together for about two months and honestly I don't think either of us were ready to get married, but when we found out I was pregnant, we both knew we should get married for our child. Unfortunately I had a miscarrage about three months after we got married.

I don't post my pictures on the web because of all the sickos out there, but if you can use your imagination, I'm about 5'2" with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. At 110lbs I'm pretty petite, but I do have my curves. My backside is definitely my bestside and its something that just runs in our family. My mother and my little sister are both taller than me, and my mom's a little bigger up top, but we all three have plenty of butt. Not too big though. My mom's name is Karen, and even though she is a big D-cup, my seveteen year old sister, Haley, and I are both small C-cups.

My parents are divorced now, but when my story begins, they were still together and happy. Like I said, I grew up in a town with less than a thousand people. We lived on a back country road just outside of our small town. There were several houses on our street, but they were all spread out. Each house was probably half a mile from the next. My aunt even lived just two houses down. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Jack got divorced when I was little. Actually my Uncle Jack and my dad were brothers and my Aunt Susan and my mom were sisters. Sisters marrying brothers. Uncle Jack got remarried, but Aunt Susan never did.

But like I said, at the time, my parents were still married and very happy. They didn't divorce until just two years ago. I think it hit my little sister, Haley the hardest cause she was still living at home and still in high school. I have a brother too, but he wasn't living at home and was away at college.

I heard lots of rumors about why my aunt and uncle got divorced, and most of them were that my aunt had an affair, but I never asked or said anything.

My story begins about seven years ago. I had just turned seventeen, and it was halfway through the spring semester of my junior year in high school. I had been dating Chris sense my freshman year. We were in the same grade and had grown up together. In a class of only thirty, we had been friends all our lives. He was cute, and he was sweet, and for the longest I thought he'd be the one I'd marry.

That changed though during spring break of that year. I found out Chris was cheating on me and though he begged for a second chance, I didn't give it to him. I was devestated cause he was the first boy I'd ever been with and we'd been together so long. Nearly all our classes were together and we even went to the same church. It was tough and it was the first time I'd had my heart broken.

To make things worse, it was only a month until prom. I wanted to go but I didn't want to go with another boy yet, so my cousin, Dawn, who was a senior, was going by herself too because her boyfriend was out of school already and was away in the army. We went and got our dresses and her and her friends kept telling me they were going to get me drunk. I'd never been partying much with them cause me and Chris were always together.

The small school we went to was all on one campus, first through twelth. My mom was the first grade teacher and my Aunt Susan was the high school secretary. Aunt Susan was a chaperon at the prom. She was cool though. It was a junior-senior prom and my class was in charge of decorations and we'd done an awesome job. Every year, prom had a theme and that year our theme was The Old West. We encouraged everyone to dress as if in the 'old west'.

Normally prom is in the cafeteria, but that year we decided to have it in our principal's huge hay barn in the pasture behind his house. He lived right across the street from the school, so that gave us plenty of room to park because. It worked out because the entire week leading up to the prom, it rained and his pasture got pretty soggy. It wasn't a cow barn or a horse barn, so it didn't smell too bad. It just smell like an old wooden barn with a hay smell.

My class, the junior class, went out the day before and decorated. We strung lights from the rafters and set up a photo background with an old horse buggy and square bales of hay. The boys build a dance floor and did a great job. It covered most of the bottom floor of the barn and covered the dirt floor of the barn. The second floor opened up to the bottom floor in the middle like a loft. We took tables and chairs from the school and put them upstairs and around the dance floor downstairs for everyone to sit and eat at. Our football coach is an excellent cook and he brought his big BBQ pit up and cooked for everyone. It sounds quiet hick but it was really pretty nice and it turned out great.

Most of the people took to it too, and dressed up in old west dresses, and suits. There was only two blacks in my class, Dedric and Thomas, and they even had fun with it and came dressed up as slaves.

Like I said, my Aunt Susan was a chaperon and the night of the prom, she went early. After I got ready and let my parents take pictures, I drove over to Aunt Susan's. Dawn wasn't quiet ready yet. We were going to ride in her car. My dress was red and mom had made me rent it because she knew I'd probably never wear it again. Dawn's dress was white. Solid white. Dawn's always been very beautiful and though I always thought she was a little pear shaped, that dress made her boobs look enormous. They were all pushed up and they looked like they were about to fall out. I couldn't believe she was wearing it and I really couldn't believe my Aunt Susan was letting her. But the dress made my cousin look incredible and she eventually got ready and we headed out.

Again, Coach Johns lived right across the road from the school and after Dawn parked, we noticed Coach Johns was driving people out to the barn since it was so muddy from the rain all week. He was on his tractor and was trailoring everyone out to the dance on his trailer with square hay bails to sit on.

It was my first prom and I had a great time. Chris had the nerve to bring his new girlfriend, the slut he'd cheated on me with. But I tried to act like it didn't even bother me. I danced with all his friends but I never even spoke to him. After we ate and the annoucements for King and Queen were made we danced some more and hung around for about another hour and a half. About midnight everyone started leaving.

Dawn told me some of her friends were having a party, and after we left we stopped by her house and quickly picked up some clothes to change into later. Those western-styled prom dresses weren't exactly the best kind clothes to be partying in. There were two twins in Dawn's class and though they were pretty annoying to everyone, their parents let them have drinking parties and there always tended to be a lot of people there. Their parents always stayed inside and let us be.

There was a campfire and two kegs and everyone was drinking and having a good time, excited that if they had curfews, they were later than normal that night because of prom. Most of Chris's friends were at the party too, but thankfully him and his new slut girlfriend weren't.

Even though Dawn had kept saying she was going to get me drunk, I had been drinking pretty slow and the only one getting drunk was her. About 2:00 am she was pretty wasted and I knew I'd better carry her home now before she got so drunk that she couldn't walk and I'd have to try and carry her.

She wined that she didn't want to go, but with the help of friends, I got her in the back of her car. I said bye to everyone and then I drove her car back to my Aunt Susan's house. By the time we got there, Dawn had passed out and I knew her mom would be mad if she caught her like this, so I left her in the car and went to get her sister. My cousin, Courtney, is an eighth grader and I snuck around the house to her bedroom window to get her help. She was actually still up, chating on the internet. I scared her when I taped on the window, but she came out and helped me with her sister.

I had already changed out of my dress at the party, but Dawn hadn't and the bottom of her's was filthy from dragging in the dirt. We carried her, one arm over my shoulder, one over Courtney's, and it was quiet funny, because Dawn's boobs kept falling out of her dress. I put them back in the first time, but as we carried her across the yard and it fell out again, we just left them out flopping back and forth as we laughed.

She was starting to wake up but she was so wasted she still wasn't any help. When we finally got her in the house and in her bed, Courtney and I helped her get into her pajamas. As Courtney went to get a trashcan in case Dawn started throwing up, I got her out of her dress. When I got her dress off her, I was a little surprised and shocked to find Dawn not wearing any panties, but when I heard Courtney coming back I quickly put Dawn's pajama bottoms on her. Courtney sat the can beside her bed and we put a t-shirt on Dawn and pulled the covers over her.

It didn't take Dawn long to go back to sleep and when Courtney went back to her room and got back on the computer, I went to the restroom to wash my hands before I left. When I was walking out the bathroom door, I ran into someone.

"Oh Heather…..Oh….I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here, I didn't know anyone else was up."

It was Mrs. Rose who lived a few house down. She also worked at the school as an assistant. I couldn't say a word though, she was completely naked and though she tried to cover herself I couldn't escape the fact that I'd basically walked face first into her huge tits.

I didn't say anything. I just walked by her thinking, wow, what's going on in there?

I left and went out to my car but before I pulled away my curiousity kicked in. I knew my Aunt Susan had never gotten even close to remarrying after divorcing my Aunt Jack, and I'd heard the rumors about her 'dating' alot of guys since, but I never heard any rumors about her being a lesbian.

My curiousity ended up getting the best of me and I got back out of my Mustang and tip-toed back through the yard. I had locked the front door behind me so I couldn't go back inside, so I went around into the backyard and quietly snuck over to my aunt's bedroom window. I was expecting to see her and Mrs. Rose together doing God knows what, but what I didn't expect to see was them with a guy. I was quiet surprised. Quiet stunned in fact.

The curtains were open, and when I peaked in Mrs. Rose was just coming back in from the restroom and was crawling into bed with my Aunt Susan and the guy I'd instantly recognized. It was this guy named Jeremy. He was a senior when I was a eighth grader and at our small school, seventh through twelth were all in the same building. I couldn't believe it. Aunt Susan was probably about thirty-eight at the time and Mrs. Rose was in her early thirties. I was only seventeen so Jeremy must have been twenty-two or twenty-three.

When Mrs. Rose came back in, Jeremy and my aunt were both laying on the bed making out. Mrs. Rose walked over and yanked all the covers back. They were both naked too and he was rubbing his hand between my Aunt Susan's legs as they kissed. Mrs. Rose walked in though and moved his hand away and replaced it with her tongue. Then Aunt Susan moved up where she was sitting up with her back against the headboard. Rose just crawled up with her. She started fingering my aunt as they kissed. Meanwhile Jeremy had moved around and gotten in behind Mrs. Rose. I still couldn't believe what I was seeing, but curiousity kept me peeking through the window.

Oh wow! I thought to myself when I saw Jeremy. Actually he'd always been friends with my ex, Chris, even though Chris was so much younger. They had grown up as neighbors. He had come around some when I was dating Chris, but I didn't really know him that well. I definitely didn't know about this. But then when I saw him naked, I couldn't help but say to myself, Oh wow! He was quiet large. In fact he was enormous. I was definitely one of those girls that said size didn't matter, but that night his size was what caught my attention. At the time, all I had to compare him to, was Chris, but trust he was big!

When he got in behind Mrs. Rose, he took it and slapped it a couple of times against her ass. I watched Mrs. Rose spread her legs more and then he started rubbing it against her. From the window, I watched him start fucking her. My Aunt Susan is tiny and she was under Mrs. Rose. He was fucking her doggystyle. Mrs. Rose has really is a very large breasted woman, probably an E-cup, and they were flopping in my aunt's face as Jeremy did her from behind. My Aunt Susan's face was stuffed in between Mrs. Rose's breasts and she was reaching around her and grabbing Mrs. Rose's ass. My aunt pulled Mrs. Rose's ass apart as Jeremy fucked her from behind harder and harder. She kept grabbing at his huge dick, feeling it as it went in and out of Mrs. Rose. I was outside and the windows were shut, but I could still hear her screaming, moaning, and begging for more as he fucked her faster and faster. Jeremy was enormous, and he kept shoving his huge dick deeper and deeper in her. Both, Jeremy and my Aunt Susan slapped Mrs. Rose's ass again and again as he fucked her.

Then Mrs. Rose suddenly sat up a little and started reaching back for his huge dick. He kept going though, getting faster and faster, fucking her harder and harder. I saw her legs start to shiver and then she suddenly errupted and instantly shoved back against him and held him inside her as she came in a long, screaming orgasm. Wow! To see her orgasm so hard was quiet a sight. When she finally quit shaking, he pulled out of her and she collapsed onto my aunt. He moved her aside and then Aunt Susan slid down and he straddled her chest. His enormous dick was dripping wet and he slapped it in her face and let her start licking and sucking it clean. My Aunt Susan devoured it with a huge smile on her face.

Then he sat up and Aunt Susan climbed up and jumped into his lap. She started shaking her head, nodding, ok ok. She nervously watched as he reached down and guided himself into her. She let out a short cry and gasp for air and then suddenly dropped herself down on him. Aunt Susan's tiny body dropped down on his huge dick in one swift downthrust. Immediately she had a huge smile on her face and was fucking him as hard and fast as she could. She bounced higher and higher. Just like when I saw Mrs. Rose take him for the first time, I was shocked my Aunt Susan could take so much of him. I'd never actually seen someone else have sex before and it captured my attention. It captured my attention to watch my aunt have sex with a boy who was closer to my age than her own.

They kept going and going, Aunt Susan got faster and faster. I watched her come down harder and harder, dropping down on him with a thud each time. Mrs. Rose, who was still lying beside them, had started fingering herself and had the biggest smile on her face. She rolled over on her side and faced Jeremy. With her enormous breasts pressed in his face, he teased her, tickling her nipples with his tongue as my Aunt Susan rode him, grinding her hips against him each time his huge dick went up inside her.

I couldn't get enough. I couldn't turn away. I watched the three of them go at it for over an hour, intrigued by how wild my Aunt Susan and Mrs. Rose acted. They were freaky and I watched the two of them let Jeremy do pretty much anything he wanted.

When they were finally worn out, Jeremy got up and started getting dressed. I couldn't help but stare through the window at him and his monster. Still half erect and swollen from the fucking he'd just given them, it was dripping with cum. I'd been around him all my life and never knew that part of him. It was just unexpected. How would I be able to look him in the eye the next time I saw him? We go to the same church, how could I keep from staring at his crotch in church?

I knew he was about to leave, so I had to go. I hurried back around to the front of the house and got in my car and quickly pulled out of the driveway and pulled away. I was in a complete daze as I drove home, the images running through my head. I couldn't help but smile at how he made my aunt and Mrs. Rose act. I had to admit that from the looks of it, they couldn't help it.

As I was driving home, I saw a friend of mine and we pulled over and talked. Krystal was on her way home too. She'd been over at her boyfriends house.

"Where you been Heather? You go out to that party at the twins?"

"Yeah. Me and Dawn went out there for a little while. Dawn got drunk though , I had to take her home. I had to sneak her in her mom's house."


"Yeah she was pretty wasted." Then I asked Krystal, "hey, you know Jeremy K***** ?"

"Yeah. Why? What's up?"

"He still talkin' to that Megan girl?"

"Na I heard they broke up."

"Really? Huh."

to be continued…..Please give me request to where the story should go from here….

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