95+ degrees…..90% humidity. The air was dripping wet. Just stepping outside took your breath away. ‘It’s hot! So incredibly fucking hot today!,’ I thought to myself as I smiled, so happy that I told my client I was not working today. Why should I beat myself to death in this heat? One day off in this heat was to be expected. Grabbing a cold drink I opened the back door and stepped out. Man was I right, my skin beaded up as soon as the air hit me. But there was no way I was going to stay cooped up all day inside. And that’s just when my fortune changed. I heard a splash.

‘This could be worth the day off’, I thought as I realized that my neighbor must have done the same thing, and taken a day off to enjoy her pool. I have admired this woman for the past three months after meeting her, helping her move in. She was cute! She stands about 5-4, 135 or so, blue eyes, red hair, light skinned, and a figure that made any guys, or girls for that matter, mouth water. Just enough freckles o make you smile as you eyes wandered up those firm legs, across that slightly muscled belly, and up to those small handfuls of breasts. And those nipples! Mmmmm They always seemed to be ready to go. Always poking through whatever top she wore. Damn was that ever a turn on to run into her. They just demanded attention. No matter how hard I tried to look into her eyes and talk, mine always dropped to those perky nips. And each and every time, my cock stirred.

I can feel my cock working its way up my leg now, just thinking about her and those hard nipples. Imaging her wet hair as it clings against her cute face. To top it all off, she is as sweet to talk with as she is to look at. Sipping my drink I head over to the fence to say hi. Just as my mouth opens, I can see her climbing from the pool through the fence, naked! I cannot believe it! This woman, who I’ve lusted over for weeks, is naked! We’ve talked, but we’ve never even hinted at a date. And is she incredible! His woman is so sexy.

Her breasts are so firm. There is no bounce in them. This woman will be so sexy the older she gets. Those perky nipples reaching out and saying hi to everyone, through ever outfit she wears, for the rest of her life. God, I bet other women hate her for that. But I sure love her for that. She grabs a towel to dry and turns her back to me. Her skin looks so soft, almost like satin. I can imagine tracing the lines of her curves with my fingers. Starting at her neck, I want to slowly let my fingers wander, over her shoulders, down her spine, coming to rest just above her butt. My eyes are fixed on her butt. It is even better naked. It seems to float, perched so perfectly from her thighs. My fingers unknowingly curl, squeezing, wanting to feel the soft flesh.

Knowing I should leave, after all, this woman is someone I’d like to share some time with, but I can’t take my eyes off of her. She drops the towel on a bench, sits and starts to lather lotion into that pale soft skin. I’m in a trance. Her hands fill with lotion, and then caress the skin for protection. My cock is growing harder watching this. I can’t help but image my hands rubbing this beautiful skin. Wondering just how soft and warm her skin truly is.

Her hands cup each breast, and it seems as if she is spending more than just a little extra care on them. Not that I wouldn’t do the same if those were mine. But when I see those fingers flick over each nipple, I know she isn’t just working on sun protection. She glances around and makes sure no one is there. Thank goodness this fence is big and tall. Feeling safe she lays back. My fingers are tracing the stiffness in my shorts, as she drips lotion across her belly. Lots of lotion! I can see it mixing with the beads of sweat on her skin, sliding slowly down between her legs. Her fingers are pulling hard on her nipples again. They are standing so straight they look like they should hurt. But she keeps twisting, tweaking, pinching, and squeezing them. Not even giving a thought about it, I drop my shorts, and my cock slaps hard against my belly. I look down for a brief second and see the head covered with pre-cum juices. I can’t believe just how much juice my cock drips when excited. My fingers wrap around it, and slip through the lube I’ve provided.

One hand follows that line of lotion all the way to her pussy. Not that I haven’t taken notice earlier, but she’s a natural. She only trims that bush to keep it from peeking out of her bikini. I think my cock just jumped an extra inch watching those fingers pull on that red bush. My god, this is so sexy. Watching this woman, which I’ve stroked alone about, pleasuring herself, can only get better one way. Maybe soon, but right now, I will take what I can get.

I hear a soft moan from her as her finger pulls across her clit. I can see it. I can see this woman’s clit. It is so full, hard, begging for touch. I want that little button in my mouth so bad. I want to taste her. As if she is reading my mind, I watch her fingers slip between her lips and her tongue tastes her juices. A smile comes across her lips, she loves her juices. Now I know I want to taste her. My fingers are covered with my juices; my cock is so sticky wet. My hand is stroking slowly. I want to cum with this woman. I need to pace my strokes.

Both hands find her pussy now; her fingers spread her lips wide. One finger slips inside and I watch as she curls it forward. I know the spot she is looking for. And from how she is reaching, she knows exactly where this wonderful spot is too. A gasp comes from those soft lips as her fingers tickle that heavenly button buried deep inside her. Her feet are planted firmly against the bench as she strokes a second finger deep inside. A slow upward thrust follows as a third finger slips in. Her eyes open, looking around, searching, she reaches over and takes the lotion bottle into her hands again. From as wet as she is, she can’t need more lotion I’m thinking.

Without a moments thought, she drops back flat on her back, and buries that bottle in her pussy with one full stroke. The sight is incredible. This woman has a bottle buried to the full depth of her pussy inside her, her other hand is stroking faster on her clit. Her butt…. fuck that…..her ass is bouncing off the bench like she is getting fucked hard. She’s lost in her desire to cum. Fingers are tweaking her clit, stroking it like a small little cock. Juices are dripping from her pussy. Her pussy lips are so engorged, swollen, begging to be pleased.

My hand is hard around my cock. I can feel every vein with each stroke. My balls are so full, they hang so low, waiting, hoping, begging for release. I’m matching this sweet woman stroke for stroke. Each time that bottle hits bottom, my hand is hard against my balls. Her moans turn to gasps, her gasps to words. “Fuck me! That’s it; bury that hard dick in me now!” Her hand is a blur on her pussy, as mine is on my cock. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this. ‘Please cum for me, with me’, I’m quietly begging her.

Her ass is pounding hard against the bench with each stroke. Her words become demands, loud demands. “God dammit, I said fuck me! Stick that cock deep inside me, and fuck me. Make my pussy cum. Fill me with that dick.” Her head falls back; I can see her eyes glassed over. Her strokes are harder as her legs wrap around her hand forcing them deeper inside. She’s there……I can feel it…..the bottle falls from her pussy, her fingers find her clit and stroke. Legs open wide, and spasms start deep. Her body starts to shake, her head flailing, “I’m cumming! Please fill me with your juices! Fuck me so damn hard. CUM WITH ME NOWWWWWWWWW!”

Her pussy juices gush from her, her hands find her hard nipples. Squeezing them, she cums even harder, gushes even more. My eyes widen, I am in awe of this sight. I START TO CUM! My cock’s first spurt of cum shoots out to a distance that I’ve never seen before. A second spurt follows quickly. One hand continues to stroke my cock as the other squeezes my balls. My cum oozes down the shaft over my fingers, dripping from my balls to the ground. My legs are weak. My body is trembling. I have never came so hard before.

Her twitches slowly fade, my hand drops free of my cock. I continue to watch this woman. Her glow is mesmerizing. I think to myself again, ‘I want this woman. But how do I go about getting her?’ Just as I figure, ‘Maybe tomorrow.’ I hear a soft moan and take one last peek through the fence. She’s lying on her side, facing the fence, staring right through it at me, “Are you coming over or not?” I smile, ‘I am. After all that pool may help cool things down some.’

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